Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Lose

I beat Thanksgiving but Christmas got the better of me.  I can't even attempt to log my calories over the weekend but I drank a lot of wine.  We had family here and Friday after work I tidied up the house and made sloppy joes for everyone, then cleaned the kitchen.  Saturday morning I had a cereal bar and some coffee for breakfast, a turkey pastrami sandwich for lunch, and then we made pork loin and potatoes for dinner and I cleaned the kitchen again.  We also did some last minute stocking stuffer shopping and took a walk to the park with the kids.  Sunday morning I found sugar free chocolate in my stocking and had a few pieces of that, for lunch everyone just had small snacks because we were planning on going to a buffet for Christmas dinner.  I had some cheese and crackers for my snack and at the buffet I had mostly Asian food (egg rolls, rice noodles, and tofu).  We came home and later Sunday night served up some pie for everyone.  Monday morning I skipped breakfast, had a fish burrito for lunch and then we made hash with the leftover pork loin and potatoes for supper with eggs.  I had one egg over medium with my hash.

Tuesday morning I was back with the program.  I'd spent the weekend running around cleaning mostly but not doing any real quantifiable exercise.  We had taken the dogs for a short walk to the park on Sunday, I'd single handedly taken down the christmas tree and put everything away on Monday so I was up and doing things but not traditional exercise.  Tuesday my intake was 1072.  I had the usual cereal bar for breakfast, healthy choice lunch, and 8 oz grilled skirt steak for dinner.  I did 7 sets of 30 reps each dumbbell side lateral raises, dumbbell tricep extensions, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell shoulder presses @ 10 lbs each plus 30 minutes of yoga.

Yesterday intake was 1318.  I had the usual breakfast and lunch but I had an early lunch so Snackers made grilled swiss sandwiches for a snack and then we grabbed some chicken burritos on the way home.  I had two fresco style.  I did yoga but that was it for exercise.  My bad, I know.

Today I've already started a 7x30 set of body weight squats and if work is slow as it has been all week so far I'll be doing some weighted leg lifts to work my abs also.  Two steps forward, one step back. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dropping In

Intake: 1,227
Activity: 7 reps of 30 dumbbell tricep extensions @ 10 lbs (per arm)

Intake: 1,273
Activity: 7 reps of 30 body weight squats and 30 minutes of yoga

Intake: 1,307
Activity: 7 sets of 30 dumbbell curls @ 10 lbs (per arm), 1 hour of restorative yoga, 3 sets of 10 jump squats, and 2 sets of 30 dumbbell shoulder presses @ 10 lbs (per arm)

Intake: 1,096
Activity: 7 sets of 30 jump squats and 30 minutes of yoga

Snackers said something that made me feel better last night.  I bent over to put the dog's food dish down for him and he said "I hardly recognize you from the back".  I thought maybe he was referring to the fact that I've cut and darkened my hair recently so I said something like "Is that a good thing?" (thinking maybe he didn't like it) and he said "Yeah.  You're a very sexy woman.  Even more than before."  So of course I was all melty "awwww", and all that and then he added "I can't believe how much weight you're losing."  Then later I was laying on the bed on my stomach playing on my iPad and he came into the room and said "Hi sexy butt" and gave it a smack.  Maybe TMI but c'mon ... every woman likes it when she knows her man thinks her butt looks good.  Hell, even Mike Rowe likes for his butt to look good (Lee Jeans Commercials).

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  To hell with the scale for now.  I feel stronger, leaner, clothes fit better, it's easier to just pick something off the rack than it has ever been and my hunny thinks my butt looks good.  Good enough for me.  Onward and downward! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


One thing that Snackers looooves to cook his BBQ baby back ribs.  Traditionally he bakes them for awhile and then smothers them in Sweet Baby Ray's and grills them.  I'm not a big fan of BBQ and I'm also not a big fan of Sweet Baby Ray's so it's never been hard for me to say thanks but no thanks to their rabid unhealthiness.

We recently picked up the newest "Cook This Not That" by Zinczenco and, lo and behold, there was a recipe for Dr. Pepper Ribs.  Similar recipe but you marinade the ribs before baking them and then it has it's own BBQ sauce recipe from scratch and, in true Zinczenco fashion, they're only 400 calories per serving.

OMG they were so good.  It felt like cheating.  I could have eaten the BBQ sauce with a spoon!!!  I didn't ... but I could have.  Highly recommend them.

Intake yesterday was 1,227 with 100 oz of water and a 7x30 tricep extension routine.  No yoga, carpets weren't dry before bed.

Monday, December 19, 2011

#53: 13 Miles to Nowhere

One simple thing to say:  232 lbs today.


Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well I've been saying ALL year that I was going to do the darned Rock n' Roll marathon here in Vegas.  Then I realized I couldn't justify the entrance fee and swore I would do my own, free version instead.  Well the Rock n' Roll marathon came and went two weeks ago so yesterday I did my damndest to keep my promise.

I got up, fed Vladdy an egg on his breakfast because I wanted him to have lots of calories and protein for the walk (of course, he had to go with me).  I told myself I needed to do the same as well but my motivation to eat was very low, causing me to get out of here later in the morning than I would have liked.  Eventually I had a fiber one bar, a scrambled egg with feta cheese, and a cup of coffee.  I also downed some water, filled up my water belt, stuffed a fruit bar in my pocket and off we went.  The community I live in is in a loop that is 1.2 miles long and the distance from my front door to the start of the loop is 0.3 miles.  I sent text messages to my mom with each lap and she kept me motivated and offered support as I walked.  I wanted to get pictures for you but I didn't have anyone to take them (Snackers was at work) ... sorry.

10:53 a.m. - Left the house and started out.
11:21 a.m. - I had done 1.5 miles (one lap plus distance to the loop)
11:49 a.m. - Another 1.5 miles (had to go home to use the potty)
11:53 a.m. - Left the house and started out again
12:22 p.m. - Another 1.5 miles (up to 4.5 total)
12:45 p.m. - Another lap around the loop, 5.7 miles total
  1:09 p.m. - Another lap around the loop, 6.9 miles total
Inhaled my fruit bar and watered both myself and Vladdy while walking.
  1:41 p.m. - Another 1.5 miles (up to 8.4 total)
Had to head home to drop Vladdy off because he was literally dragging his feet.  I was also very hungry so I took a minute to eat some carrots and peanut butter, as well as a snack bar, fill up my water, and gave Vladdy a scoop of food also.  Then headed out again.
  2:05 p.m. - Left the house and started out again.
  2:23 p.m. - Moving a lot slower, calves started cramping.  I kept telling myself if I kept moving they would loosen back up again.
  2:28 p.m. - 13 miles is now out of the question.  Cramps have turned into full blown charlie horses in both legs and, at this point, I'm just trying to get myself back home.
  2:36 p.m. - Made it to the end of the loop (9.9 miles), now just have to make it home from the loop ... this is around the time where I started crying from the pain.  I couldn't help it.
  2:43 p.m. - Finally made it home.

I took off my water belt and jacket, leaving them in the middle of the dining room floor, as I headed for the fridge to grab the tonic water and then straight for the tub.  After about 3 chugs of tonic, and a 30 minute soak in the hottest water I could endure, while massaging my legs, and three ibuprofin, I started to feel better.  Around 4:45 p.m. I went for another half-mile walk around Rodeo Park, just to keep the legs loose.  About half-way through the walk I heard a woman shouting, turned around just in time to see a big boxer dog breeze past me at a dead run with the shouting woman behind him.  I took off running after him and after about a half-block he turned around and did a play bow.  Whenever Vladdy gets off leash we can turn and actually run away from him and he'll chase us - which is how we catch him.  The play bow was a dead giveaway that the dog thought he was having fun, so I turned and ran in the opposite direction and sure as shit it worked.  He ran right up to me.

Then Snackers came home and offered to take me out to celebrate the walk.  We went to dinner (meatball sandwich) and then ended up Christmas shopping at the mall, Big 5, CVS, and Kohl's.  Chalk up another few miles ... wish I'd been wearing my pedometer.  We got home around 11:00 and I did 30 minutes of yoga before bed.

Total intake was 1,560.  Water intake was high but I lost exact count.

I didn't exactly make it to the finish line in time but I did do the distance - it just took me all day.  I'm feeling pretty good about it, even if it was hard to get out of bed this morning.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Checkin' In


I totally just wrote a nice little post about how awesome doing yoga is and then I hit ctrl z out of habit to undo a mistake, it erased the whole damn post and then auto saved.  I hate when it does that!!!!

Nutshell version because I don't feel like re-writing it:

Intake was low yesterday.  I ended up glued to my computer unable to tear myself away from a java assignment for most of the day and forgot to eat.  Today has been about the same but I think I've got the assignment ready for submission pending one formatting question to my instructor so if I can knock out my C++ quick and easy as I have been, I should have a free night to get up and moving.

Did 210 knee push-ups yesterday, took in just over 900 calories and 60 oz of water.  Also 30 minutes of yoga during lunch.

I skipped my 10 minute breaks today but made up for it at lunch so I've done 150 bicep curls per arm so far today at 10lbs each.  I plan on doing the other 60 after work and before bed respectively.  Intake is under 300 and it's after 3:30 p.m.  I suck, I know.  You'd be amazed how easy it is for me to get obsessed with something and just forget about everything, including food.  Water intake today is worse, only about 30 oz so far.  I'll try to make up for the water tonight but no way I'm eating an 1,100 calorie dinner.  bleh.

I had this huge awesome poo-bah typed up about how I used to be an avid yoga hater/skeptic and I thought it was lame too but I gave it a shot and I'm shocked by the results but it's gone now so I'll just say this.  If you've never done it, try it for 3 days in a row and if you don't notice improvements in how you feel you can come to my house and short-sheet my bed.  I'm including a link for the "Crunch" series "Candlelight Yoga" DVD because it's the one I started out on and it's just challenging enough to feel like you're actually doing something but not impossible for even a little chunky-butt like me to do.  It's actually quite fun.  Once I memorized the routine I started just doing it while watching TV because the soft music and tinkling bells irritate me but it's worth a shot, really.  Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick Shout

Learning graphical user interfaces at school this week and grasping it pretty easily so I have a few spare minutes to drop a line.

Monday my intake was coffee, yogurt, healthy choice lunch, a snack bar, grilled steak, red potatoes, and a 5 oz glass of dry red wine: 1,280.  I did 210 body-weight squats: 7 sets of 30 (when I woke up, one set per 10 minute break at work, one set at start of lunch and one right before it ended, one when I got off work, and one before bed).  I also cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the grout lines on the counters, cooked dinner, and then cleaned the kitchen again.  Water intake was 80 oz.

I actually woke up yesterday with some pretty sore thighs.  Weeee.

Yesterday my intake was coffee, yogurt, healthy choice lunch, a snack bar w/some peanut butter, and 11 pieces of nigiri sushi (balls of white rice with slices of raw tuna, yellow tail, and octopus on top): 1309.  I did 210 front leg-lifts: again 7 sets of 30 in the same intervals.  By the last set before bed my lower abs were screaming.  I also helped Snackers bathe Vladdy and then I spent 45 minutes training him to lay on his new pillow in the bedroom and 15 minutes playing and rough-housing with him as a reward (I know, 45 minutes seems like a lot for "sit/stay" training but he's an extremely hyperactive dog with an exceptionally short attention span.  Every time a cat walked by or Piper shifted in her bed, or Snackers got up to do something Vladdy would jump up and it was back to square one).  Water intake was 110 oz.

I woke up this morning sore in both my thighs and lower abs ... upper abs are moderately tired but not overly sore.

It's funny because they say that muscle pain from working out is always the worst on day 3.  So today I'm doing kneeling push-ups, 7 sets of 30 which means tomorrow my thighs will hurt more than they do today, my abs will hurt more than they do today, and my arms/chest will be sore.  I guess that means I'll have to be creative with what I do tomorrow - something restorative and cardio would be ideal.  I've asked Snackers for a treadmill for Christmas because it's been windy, rainy, and cold here lately but I really want to get back to walking.  Plus I can put Vladdy on the treaddy during winter because he's a bigger wuss about the cold than Piper.  No surprise really, he has zero fat, extremely thin fur, and only one jacket that I could find in his size that's not very thick/warm.  If I had more time I'd crochet him a better one...then again he'd probably just destroy it.

I found a whole slew of new quests that I can do on Fitocracy so that's highly motivational!!!  I had gotten to the part where I'd done everything that I was physically capable of doing so I was just muddling through doing whatever.  Now there are new quests (because I've leveled up I guess) that I am physically capable of doing (though I'll have to get creative on my access to weights for some of them) and I'm all stoked about it.

However, to those of you who think I am just making excuses or giving up.  I guess if you've never studied computer programming you probably can't understand how hard it can be which is why my brother, a computer programmer, is one of the few people who did understand and support my need for a break from blogging.  The simple programs you use on your computers and ipads every day that do silly, stupid, simple things are extremely complex and took a team of people weeks or even months to create.  Just writing a program that prints a single, simple line of text to the screen and does nothing else requires a half-dozen lines of code to create.  I've been trying to push myself in too many different directions and it's showing.  Last week I completed an assignment on time and submitted it on time, and wrote it correctly but submitted it to the wrong class.  I've never, in 77 weeks of class, done that before - and it's the third stupid mistake I've made in this one class.  I'm usually a very methodical, careful, precise person.  Mistakes like this can only mean that I'm trying to go too fast and I'm not taking my time or paying close enough attention to what I'm doing.  That's unusual for me - highly unusual.  Those of you who know me / went to school with me can attest to that.  Ki, for example: we were students together at George Wythe University in 2000 where we both had a 4.0 GPA because we were both extremely, obsessively, diligent in our studies.

Walk a mile folks ... that's all I'm sayin'.

p.s. 266 continued posting for almost a year after she stopped weighing.  Her posts consistently reported two scoops of ice cream every single day for months before she finally stopped posting altogether because people were saying mean, horrible things to her.  I guess I can understand why she stopped posting under those circumstances but it's harsh to start talking about "rejecting 400" considering that I haven't been eating or posting bad food and I'm not quitting on the intake/logging or the activity - just writing daily stupid posts about random shit that most of you don't really care to read anyway.  This blog spikes on Mondays and on the 14th of each month.  Weigh-in days and picture days respectively.  Which means the majority of you just pop in to see how I'm doing and don't really care about my idle prattle anyway.  I didn't post my weight this week because it didn't change (up or down) from last week so it seemed like wasted space.  I didn't post a picture last month because I hadn't made progress so it seemed like wasted space.  It doesn't mean I'm quitting, it means I'm limiting my prattle to when I actually have something worth saying instead of sitting here day-after-day trying to think of something to write about when very few people really care to read it anyway. 

Today is the 14th so I will leave it up to all of you.  I've gone nowhere in my weight efforts BUT, I'd be more than happy to have Snackers take a picture when he gets home from work (I even have a brand new camera that I picked up dirt-cheap on black Friday) and post it if you want me to ... or I can wait until I've lost enough more weight that a new picture to the collection would actually matter.  Your call.  Cast your votes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Join Me

I am going to take a bit of a break from blogging.  I'm still logging my intake on and I am still logging my daily activity on  I will also be logging my weight both places as well as updating it here.

If any of you would like to join me in either of these locations, my profile on is lady_muse and my profile on is LadyMuse82. is free and anyone can sign-up/use it.  You can add friends to watch, join conversations on public message boards, log your own journal entries, browse recipes w/nutritional info etc.  I pretty much only use it to log my caloric intake and weight though.  Occasionally I'll reply to something or post something on the message boards but it's rare (like 3 posts in the last year, rare).

Fitocracy is still by-invite only but I have an invite link that should work for the first 9 people who use it.  Fitocracy, for those of you who haven't seen my previous mentions of it, is a type of live action game where you complete physical activities like walking, squats, lifts, sports, stairs, etc. and then log the activity in Fitocracy and you earn points for everything you log.  There are activity quests that you can complete and achievement badges that you can earn for completing certain tasks or cumulative goals.  There are groups that you can join/start based on your personal interests (for example I am a member of my family's group, a group for computer programmers, and I started a group for StarTrek fans).  Some groups have their own challenges too where you try to earn the most activity points out of the group in a certain period of time.

It's fun, easy to use, and motivational.  And my favorite thing about it is that it doesn't require a lot of time to use.  You pop in, log your activity and you're done.  If you want to you can socialize and post comments or update your own comments but you don't have to do those things in order to keep earning points.  You can follow people so that what they do is posted on your main page (just like with Facebook) and they can follow you etc.  It's a really neat little community so far with a wide range of people using it and I've found that almost everyone I've come across is very warm, inviting, encouraging, and motivational.  It's not a place where the super-athletics typically pick-on or put down those of us that are struggling.  Some of the people there have accomplished some amazing things and they, especially, are extremely uplifting, inspirational, and supportive.

So if you're interested visit the link below to sign up and follow me.  Post comments to this thread to let me know if you have trouble signing up because I may actually have to send you the invite via email, I'm not sure how it works exactly.  I'll remove the link when my 9 invites have been used so if it's still here, chances are good you can get in.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not Working

Oish.  Something just isn't working.  I haven't stepped on the scale since Monday but intuition tells me it won't be good when I do.  For the first time in a long time I am consistently sleeping until the alarm goes off every morning and waking up feeling like I could still use another hour or two.  I spend my lunch breaks studying and then spend the whole night studying again too.  200 Jumping Jacks is pathetic but I can't justify taking time out to exercise when I have so much to learn.  Graduation is only four months away now (less actually!).  I'm nearing the end of my current classes and I will only have two more classes after these before it's over.  I'm starting to stress about coming up with the extra money to start paying off my loans - I'd like to get my unsubsidized loans paid off before my subsidized loans start earning interest in ten months.  I plan on getting a second job after I graduate, and I have been making payments to my loans for awhile now, but this is becoming crunch time at school and I just can't afford to blow it now.  I have to look at my priorities and, right now, the top priority after work is school.  I even feel like the time I spend writing these posts every morning and updating them every night is time I could be doing something more productive.  I haven't pleasure read a book since September.  *sigh*

This is just so frustrating.

Note: The above post was written on Thursday or Friday - I honestly can't remember which.  Aside from school this is the first time I've opened a web browser since I got off work on Friday.  I managed another 100% assignment so my grade for both classes is back up to an A+ but it's just going to keep getting harder.  I get a two-week break for Christmas, hopefully I'll be able to use that well.

I'm burned out on blogging - I'll be honest about it.  It's becoming repetitive and starting to feel more like a daily chore than the fun, motivational experience that it used to be.  I think I'm just over-stressed.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Losing Balance

I'm starting to remember why I wanted to be a runner.  I've gotten to a point where a good, solid work out takes more than an hour to accomplish now with the resources that I have available to me.  With school getting progressively harder as I near graduation I'm finding it hard to balance my time for exercise.  The jumping jacks are nice because I can pop sets of 50 in throughout my day.  I've converted my breaks at work into exercise opportunities to compensate for my lack of evening activity.  But I'm having a really hard time finding and justifying the time that I need to do, for example, a 5 mile walk.  Last night on the three week challenge (which I haven't even really started since I've not had one successful week of following it yet) I was supposed to do a 5 mile walk with sprints but after supper I thought "I'll study for awhile and then go after Snackers leaves for his concert".  He left and I continued to study - rereading my previous chapters of java, writing every sample program in the book and then trying to modify them to do different things so that I could practice my own code writing instead of just copying something out of a book that someone else wrote, and started on a program of my own (a dumb and simple one) to challenge myself.  Before I knew it Snackers was pulling in the drive-way and I thought to myself 'gee that was a short concert'.  Then I looked at the clock on my computer and realized it was midnight and I'd been at my computer for almost six straight hours and had totally spaced on exercising.

I'm so tempted to take a break.  Not give up, but put aside the blog and the weighing etc.  I stopped weighing for awhile and it didn't do me any good, I know, but I was still logging and blogging and I'm starting to just get exhausted with how much time it's taking out of my day.  On the other hand I'm afraid that if I do that I'll start gaining again, which I don't want to do.  But then there's this relatively expensive education that I'm going to have to be paying for here soon, which likely means I'll be getting a second job (or paid internship if possible) which will take even MORE time out of my day.  *sigh*.  I am so exhausted and it sucks because I've not done anything really exhausting or substantial in almost a week.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 fruit bar
1 healthy choice lunch
1 tbsp peanut butter
5 oz turkey kielbasa
1 serving rice
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,218

Jumping Jacks: 200
Another super busy day.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Fun Post

I'm borrowing today's post idea from SpunkySuzi because I am tired of whining about how I feel after being sick or how obnoxious it is that it's taking me so long to get rid of this 10 lbs that I gained back last month, or how busy I've been trying to juggle work, school, exercise, and a social life so I wanted to do something fun.  Please join in the fun and post your answers, I am looking forward to reading them.

  1. Do you have a pet(s)?  If so what is the name of your favorite pet and what kind of animal/breed is it?
  2. What is the strangest thing you've said today (intentionally or accidentally)?
  3. What color socks are you wearing right now?
  4. Close your eyes, move your head around a bit, then stop and open your eyes.  What is the first thing you see (besides your computer screen)?
  5. What is your favorite book ever?  Do you own a copy?
  6. Name a movie you thought you'd hate but you ended up actually liking.
  7. Name a movie you thought you'd like but you ended up actually hating.
  8. What is something you buy that you always save the receipt for?
  9. Is the weight on your Driver's License / ID card accurate?  If not, how far is it off and is it high or low?
  10. Nuclear war breaks out and you've been invited to stay in someone's bomb shelter.  You can bring only one electronic item.  What is it?  (You can bring other, non-electronic stuff too).
My Answers:
  1. Piper, the Miniature Pinscher is my first born and, I dare say, my favorite.
  2. "Vladdy leave the ice outside."
  3. I'm barefoot, as usual.
  4. Four AA batteries (back-ups for my wireless mouse and desk phone).
  5. Single favorite book is Watership Down by Richard Adams.  I do own a copy and it was quite expensive to boot.
  6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Dumbledore ... well, ya know.  But it was still a great movie.
  7. Twilight ... great book series but the movies were mostly a let-down.
  8. Stamps (I get reimbursed for them from work).
  9. Nope!  It says 250, 24 lbs high.  Used to be waaaaay low.
  10. My iPad.  Silly question.  I know, I asked it but really ... I'm sure someone else will bring a radio or something useful.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 fruit bar
1 healthy choice lunch
1 fish burrito
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,011

Jumping Jacks: 250
Yoga: 45 minutes
I meant to do more but Snackers went to a free concert so I took the opportunity to study all night and write practice programs in Java.  Before I knew it he was home and it was midnight.  Woops.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I thought I was feeling a lot better yesterday until I tried to do my first set of 50 jumping jacks first thing in the morning.  I made it to 25 but I was feeling weak and crappy by that time so I stopped.  I would rather give my immune system a chance to heal than worry about boosting my metabolism right now.  I managed to do three more sets of 25 here and there throughout the day, always feeling a little bit bad after finishing them but everything else is feeling more normal so at least that's good.

I'm looking forward to doing yoga today because my muscles are all sore and achy all over from being sick.  When I had a fever I was curled up in a perpetual ball and I couldn't seem to pry myself out of it so my hips had started to ache especially bad as a result.  Today they feel very tight and I even felt uncomfortable trying to soak in a hot bath last night as a result so I am hoping that yoga will help to loosen them up.

I lost some more weight, which is good.  Though I suspect that the majority of it was from being sick.  I actually gained back 1.5 lbs between Saturday and Monday morning but I am 100% certain it was hydration.  I was so bad off on Saturday that I couldn't hardly drink any water but, being sick, I was losing fluid like crazy.  Sunday I was able to keep down a bit more water and yesterday as well - though I had a very hard time even drinking my 60 oz yesterday.  I think that's probably why I'm still feeling a little bit off and I know that I need to replenish my hydration which will result in a bit of gain but it's a good, necessary type of gain.  Snackers got me a sports drink to help me with electrolytes but those things are just so sugary and gross that I can't bring myself to drink one.  I'm going to try to increase my activity today if I can do it without feeling like I did yesterday.  It doesn't help that I'm so sore everywhere though.  It makes motivation a considerable challenge.

60 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 healthy choice lunch
10 baby carrots
2 tbsps peanut butter
2 sushi rolls
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,272

Jumping Jacks: 250
Walking: 3 miles

Weigh-in #52

What a weekend.  It all started last weekend on the Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving.  Snackers and I had just gotten home from visiting my family at my mom's house when we got a text from her reporting that my dad was very ill with what she thought was food poisoning and because he and Snackers were the only ones to have eaten cheeseburgers on Friday night, she was wondering how he (Snackers) was feeling.  At the time he was feeling ok, with a little bit of tummy trouble to speak of but nothing extreme.  At midnight that night, however, he and I both realized we were in for a very long and sleepless night.  He was down right sick and I was up taking care of him ... and the assumption that it was food poisoning lived on.  By Wednesday morning they were both feeling better but by Thursday night my mom was sick with the same trouble, destroying the food poisoning theory and making it clear that it was most likely only a matter of time for me - chances were I'd already caught the offending bug.

Friday night Snackers came home with free tickets to a local hockey game.  I don't like hockey, particularly, but free is free so we went.  I ran three flights of stairs in lieu of the escalator to get to the stadium and, as our seats were about half-way down into the arena, I counted a fourth flight for the multiple times I was up to go to the restroom or get drinks.  After the game the friends we were with invited us to join them at the heart attack grill.  It's a gimmick restaurant where the host is dressed as a Dr. in a white lab coat, the male employees are dressed as surgeons in blue scrubs, and the female employees are dressed as naughty nurses.  Some of you may have seen something about it on the food network where it was highlighted in a show called "Most Extreme Pig-Outs" or something like that.  Well it's pretty extreme.  They put a hospital gown on you when you arrive which you must wear the entire time you're there and they call entering the restaurant "going in for surgery".  They only have six items on their menu.  A single bypass burger, a double bypass, a triple bypass, and a quadruple bypass, along with fries and milk shakes.  The shakes are made with pure butter fat and the fries and burgers are cooked in lard.  If you weigh over 350 lbs you eat for free (and there is a huge scale in the middle of the restaurant for proof) and if you finish an 8,000 calorie quadruple bypass burger they will wheel you out of the restaurant in a wheel chair.  So naturally, I ordered a water.

As I am sitting there sipping my water watching everyone enjoy their burgers I started feeling nauseated.  I thought it was from the smell of the lard emanating from the burgers so a polite "no thank you" was easy when Snackers offered me a bite of his double bypass with 10 strips of bacon.  The crisp, cold air outside made me feel a bit better and I'd only done 1.5 of my 3 mile goal for the day (plus a few sprints to cross the street at cross-walks) so Snackers and I bid our friends adieu and opted to walk Freemont street for a bit.  We saw Trace Atkins in an unplanned guest appearance concert, all four members of Kiss, Bumblebee from the Transformers, and a slue of other street performers in various disguises.  However, when we reached the end of Freemont street Snackers found something that's been on his bucket list for awhile - deep fried twinkies.  So after eating a 4,000 calorie burger he stepped into this seedy little hotel/casino for a Twinkie and, for me, that's when all hell broke loose.  I barely made it back to the car and home where I downed a teaspoon of MSM (an additive that the military puts in water to kill bacteria and it tastes FOUL!), a mouth full of pepto and went straight to bed, thankful I'd gotten my exercise in before the bug hit me.  3 a.m. I woke up with it in full force and the rest of the night was pure hell.

Saturday I got out of bed only four times (not counting bathroom runs) - twice to let the dogs out, once to take a hot bath, and once in the evening to attempt to finally eat something.  I ran a fever between 100.3 and 100.8 the entire day and even fell asleep on the bathroom floor because the cold tile felt too good to pass up.  My intake Saturday consisted of 3 sips of tonic water (for the stomach cramps) less than 30 oz of regular water, about 10 bites of vegetable soup, 6 saltine crackers, and two apples sliced.  I weighed myself on Friday and was still 229.5, I weighed again on Saturday around 1 p.m. and was 225.  That's a 4.5 lb loss in about 24 hours.

I woke up feeling significantly better Sunday but experience with Snackers and my dad taught me that if I wasn't careful I'd be sick again just as they both had been so my intake yesterday consisted of 2 poached eggs and a fruit cup in the morning, about 45-50 oz of water, a dry tuna sandwich, and four or five bites of tomato soup.  I tried to walk the mall a bit because I thought some fresh air and light exercise would be good for me but after only a short distance I started feeling weak and clammy and had to sit down to rest before making my way back to the car.  I'm feeling better this morning and I'm going to try to eat a bit more normally but I am going to maintain light-duty exercise, at least for the first part of the day, just to be safe because I can't afford for this to come back on me like it did Snackers and Dad.

I can tell you one thing though: I was laying in bed Saturday truly afraid, at times, of falling asleep because I wasn't entirely sure that, if I did, I would ever wake up.  It was that bad.  By far the worst virus I've ever had in my life...words can't even describe.

Weigh-in: 226.5

60 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fruit bar
1 healthy choice lunch
1 snack bar
1 serving skirt steak
3/4 cup long grain rice
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,007

Jumping Jacks: 100

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last night Snackers and I went to a free hockey game, followed by the heart attack grill where I ordered water and nothing else. Then we walked freemont street and saw Trace Atkins in concert for free. Then I got sick. Last night was hell. This morning has been hell. Can't even sip water, let alone eat. Tummy hurts too bad to sleep. Tried to fall asleep on the bathroom tile last night to bring down my fever. I'm signing out. I'll be back when I can walk again.

Weekend Plans

Well I had been hoping to either go hiking at Red Rock or kayaking at Lake Mead this Sunday but, looking out the window, I may even have to do my walking inside for the rest of the week.  It is cold, windy, and raining out.  Boooo.  I tossed Snackers a few hints on some Christmas gifts that he might be able to find affordably on craigs list for me.  A treadmill, a stationary bike (with a wide seat for my wide cheeks), and/or a punching bag.  Last year a friend of ours gave us a stationary bike that he didn't want anymore and we passed it along to my parents because we were in an apartment and didn't have room for it (and it's really good for my dad with his diabetes) but this year we have quite a bit of room in the garage for at least one or two pieces of equipment so I'm kinda thinking it would be nice to have a back-up plan for bad weather with winter here.

But for now, the question is what to do this weekend.  Snackers wants to go paint more ceramics, which I am all for but I would also like to do something physical as well.  I'm thinking bowling ... or I could always go do my walking in the mall.  Hell I should just walk to the mall and then do my walking there too ... wait then I'd still be walking in the rain which defeats the whole purpose of mall walking.  lol  Oy, I have no idea.  I CAN tell you this, and if you don't believe me go back and see for yourself.  WALKING has been the best exercise for me to lose weight with in the last year.  Go back and check my posts for the date-blocks where I've lost the most weight in a week.  Almost all of those weeks were weeks that my primary source of physical activity was walking.  I can't believe I stopped doing it for so long.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 healthy choice lunch
1 snack bar
1 panini sandwich
1 serving popcorn
1 glass of wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,307

Jumping Jacks: 300
Yoga: 45 minutes
Walking: 3.25 miles
Sprints: 5
Running Stairs: 4 flights

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Setting Things in Order

When Snackers and I first moved in to the new house in July we unpacked and put away almost everything, but there were a few little places where we had kind of slacked a bit because we didn't know what to do with or where to put certain things.  The coat closet in the living room, and the closet in the guest room became dumping grounds for those items.  My office also had two boxes of unpacked books because I couldn't figure out where to put my second book shelf and my first shelf was already full.  But we've got family coming for Christmas so last night after my walk he and I went on a cleaning binge together (I should have been studying but he was being insistent that I assist, so I did).

First we tackled rearranging my office to accommodate the second book shelf so that I could fully unpack all boxes and finally put my office in a finished order.  Next we tackled a couple of rubbermaid tubs fulls of misc. items that were hanging out by the front door because they wouldn't fit in the coat closet and made boxes to donate to good will and to the animal shelters (Vladdy's old collars that he's grown out of over the past six months mostly).  After that was done we attacked the closet, got rid of a few jackets, hung up the rest, organized the DVD and CD collections, as well as our board games and finally put the vacuum in the closet where it belongs.  After that we cleaned up some misc. stacks of papers that had accumulated on the coffee table, dining room table, and fireplace mantel.  I must say ... I'm quite proud of us.

We still have to do the closet in the guest room and a second sweep of the shelves in the garage probably wouldn't hurt but progress is progress!  Wouldn't you know it though, Snackers got me started on the project but then at 10:30 he sat down to play video games and left me to finish the rest of the mess by myself.  Figures.
P.s.: half of last night's walk was outside but the weather turned violently ugly on us and Vladdy kept spazzing out at every dry leaf that blew past or tree that gusted so I finished the rest by walking in place in my kitchen.  For some reason I always sweat more when I walk indoors than I do when I walk outside - regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside.  I think I pick my feet up higher when I walk in place and I also think I go a lot faster - probably more like a canter type pace.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 fruit bar
1 healthy choice lunch
10 baby carrots, raw
2 tbsps peanut butter (w/the carrots)
2 homemade chicken tacos
1 chocolate chip cookie
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,230

Jumping Jacks: 300
Barbell Squats: 90 @ 20 lbs
Barbell Shoulder Press: 60 @ 20 lbs
Barbell Curls: 90 @ 20 lbs
Barbell Bench Press: 90 @ 20 lbs
Butterfly Press: 90 @ 20 lbs
Crunches: 200
Knee Push-ups: 100
Leg Lifts: 90 per leg
Yoga: 45 minutes

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Shorty

Well it's Wednesday and in spite of reading 3 chapters for school yesterday and two the day before I'm still feeling like I'm behind on my school work for the week ... there's a lot to do this week.  Snackers is sick and demanded some attention from me last night so we watched Harry Potter movies while I did my exercises and then went to bed early because neither of us had been getting enough sleep this week.  So this morning I need to make up for it by getting my study on - short post alert!

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 fruit bar
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 multigrain Snack bar
5 oz lean prime rib
1 cup crab salad
1 cup veggie soup
1 dinner roll, dry
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,237

Jumping Jacks: 300
Yoga: 45 minutes
Walking: 5 miles
Sprints: 5

Warming Up

I mentioned earlier that my legs were really sore from running stadium steps on Saturday so when I suited up for last night's walk/sprints workout I was really wondering if and how I was going to be able to pull it off.  Walking is such an awesome exercise, it really is.  It's low impact but does so much good if you maintain a nice brisk pace.  I'm pretty sure my pace was closer to 3.5 mph but because I was walking around the neighborhood I kept having to stop at cross walks to wait for cars and I had to stop at a few corners to let people pass because Vladdy and I together take up an entire sidewalk so that ate some of my time.  Anyhow, another good thing about walking is that it really warms and loosens up the leg muscles ... all of them.  I wear "rocker" shoes (the ones with the rounded bottom) pretty much everywhere that I go and that helps a lot to keep me from putting too much pressure on my heels, which is something I've always had a problem with.  It didn't take long for my leg muscles to loosen up and start feeling a lot better.

I did get a major charlie horse in the arch of my foot shortly after I got home but a swig of tonic water fixed that right quick and my legs feel a lot better today.  I did have to adjust the sprints though.  Running as fast as I can until I can't run anymore and then stopping to catch my breath before doing it again greatly reduces the number of sprints that I can do at a time.  I managed five sprints last night but I ran at least twice the distance per sprint that I was running back when I was doing 20 at a time and I did them without Vladdy so I was also able to significantly increase my speed.  Note: Running with Vladdy can be hazardous.  He still thinks it's fun to run in front of me and try to trip me or nip at my legs as we're running.  One of these days I am going to have to figure out how to fix that because it's pretty annoying.  I keep hoping he'll grow out of it.

I drank a little bit more water yesterday because of the walk/run and I feel nice and hydrated this morning so I guess that's probably a good balance.  I sat down at 8 p.m. to log my calories and was at just under 900.  CRAP!  That's even WITH a yogurt, a calorie bar, and some peanut butter earlier in the day!!!  So I ate another calorie bar and a fruit bar.  I don't love fruit and right now the produce at local stores is HORRIBLE but I might invest in some of those little mixed fruit cups so that I have one more option for boosting intake without boosting carbs.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 Fruit bar
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 Snack bar
1 serving grilled skirt steak
>> w/1 serving A-1
1 cup salad
>> w/1 tbsp vinaigrette
1 serving movie popcorn
(started the Harry Potter movie marathon tonight!!!)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,293

Jumping Jacks: 300
Barbell Squats: 90 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Shoulder Press: 60 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Curls: 90 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Bench Press: 90 reps @ 20 lbs
Sit-ups: 200
Knee Push-ups: 100
Laying Flyes: 90 reps @ 10 lbs (each arm)
Leg Lifts: 90 reps (each leg)
(Didn't get the yoga in.  Snackers and I ended up watching Harry Potter movies until bed time.)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weigh-In #51

We had a fun Thanksgiving.  The dogs certainly love going to my mom's house, aside from the fact that they both have to be in their kennels most of the time.  We took them on lots of walks and Vladdy enjoyed playing with my dad's yellow lab, Bo.  Actually, we took them for more walks than they could stand in the long run.  Saturday morning Vladdy started walking like his back legs were really stiff so I put him on my shoulders and carried him for a little while.  Bo was practically having to be dragged on his leash because he was moving so slowly and then when we got in the car this morning both Vladdy and Piper crashed in the back seat and slept through the entire three hour drive home.

When we got home we let them into the back yard to do their thing and when we let them back in Vladdy went into his kennel on his own and laid down to go back to sleep.  When we got home from grocery shopping I let him out again but he came in and wanted to go back to bed and I even had to wake him up to get him to eat his dinner.  It's crazy but I think we might have cured him of whining while we were at my parent's house - he's been an exceptionally good dog since we've been home ... or maybe he was just too tired to care.  We'll see.

So I'm home and back with the program - today is day one of the three week plan so wish me luck.
p.s. Weigh-in = 229.5 ... ^_^ ... HUZZAH!!!!!

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 Healthy Choice lunch
2 - 100 Calorie Snack bar
1 tsp peanut butter
1 can turkey chili w/beans (low fat)
1 fruit bar
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,221

Jumping Jacks: 300
Walking: 3 miles in 53 minutes and 15 seconds (includes time waiting at crosswalks)
Sprints: 0.3 miles in 1 minute and 33 seconds
NOTE: Ok I know I said I was going to do 20 sprints on Mondays but I also said I would sprint till I couldn't sprint anymore and call it 1 instead of sprinting for a predetermined distance.  These two claims do not jive.  Sprinting till I can't sprint anymore, stopping to catch my breath, and then doing it again means I can only handle about 5 at a time before I am seriously exhausted ... which is good, but 20 is out of the question, for now.  I will just start either running farther as I get in better shape, or doing more of them as I increase my stamina ... or both.

Weekend @ Moms

I'm home, safe and sound. I didn't get any of my 3-week plan days done so I guess I'll be starting it fresh tomorrow. I did do ok on both intake and activity though ... ok but not good. We had drive-through on Wednesday night, in the car, while driving to moms. Then I took Vladdy for a 0.6 mile jog when we got there to stretch his legs before putting him and Piper in their kennels for the night. Thursday the family took a 2.2 mile walk together with the dogs and then Snackers and I did our annual seek-and-destroy black Friday shopping the next morning.

Snackers and I don't black Friday shop like most. We hunt on the night before to figure out which stores we're going to and exactly what we're getting from each store - we even make a list. Then we go out in the morning when we get up, early but not butt crack of dawn early. We hit precisely the stores on our list, we get in, get what we're after, and get out as quickly as possible. We even power walk the stores to avoid the temptation of browsing for things that aren't on our list and then over spending or spending way more time than we wanted shopping in the hectic mess of black Friday. This year all of our stores except one were in the same intersection so we found a parking spot near the middle and walked to each store, dropping items off at the car as we went. It's a very athletic experience for us and if there is something on our list that we don't get because we didn't get up at 3 a.m., oh well.

When we got home we found that the rest of the family had gone for another walk up Rockville hill so we set out and met up with them on their way back. Saturday morning Snackers and I got up and went for another walk with my brother, sister-in-law and the dogs and then Saturday evening I went for another walk with the family to the amphitheater in Springdale where I ran 160 stadium steps before walking back. Then this morning we pretty much loaded up the car, came home, unpacked everything and started a load of laundry and then went to do our weekly grocery shopping. After that I gave Vladdy a bath before finally sitting down to relax. Oh and, my room at mom's was on the second floor so I went up and down quite a few flights of stairs over the weekend. Not bad all in all.

I did have a slice of cheesecake last night and a little stevia pudding cup with thanksgiving dinner (a non-traditional overly healthy meal at an up-scale health food spa in St. George) but I was pretty smart about my breakfast choices (mostly fruit and eggs, one pancake this morning, one piece of french toast yesterday), skipped lunch most days, and made up for it at dinner without going overboard. I'm actually pretty pleased with myself and looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in. Though I have to admit my legs are KILLING ME today from those stadium steps. That was tough stuff.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three-Week Plan (Take 2)

I'm a day late but I'm going to create the plan today anyway as opposed to putting it off until next Monday and risking flaking out on it.  I'll also be at my mom's from Wednesday night until Sunday morning so sticking to the plan this week will be hard.  I'm gonna try anyway, BUT, if I do a crappy job this week I'll just make it a four-week plan instead. :)  And, I am going to continue to commit to a minimum of 300 Jumping Jacks on each day in addition to the routine.

Monday: Walk 3 miles and do 20 sprints
Tuesday: Lifting routine and 45 minutes of yoga (see below for routine)
Wednesday: Walk 5 miles and do 10 sprints
Thursday: Lifting routine and 45 minutes of yoga
Friday: Walk 3 miles and do 20 sprints
Saturday: Sprint for 1 mile (not straight, of course)
Sunday: Open

  • Sprints: No more picking a distance and calling it a sprint.  1 sprint = sprinting till I can't sprint anymore and have to stop and take a breather.
  • Lifting Routine:
    • 3 sets of 30 barbell squats @ 20 lbs
    • 2 sets of 20 shoulder raises @ 20 lbs
    • 3 sets of 30 barbell curls @ 20 lbs
    • 200 crunches
    • 3 sets of 30 bench presses @ 20 lbs
    • 2 sets of 20 butterfly's @ 10 lbs (per arm)
    • 3 sets of 30 leg lifts @ 10 lbs (per leg)
    • 100 knee push-ups
  • Yoga: Crunch candlelight yoga on Netflix
  • 1-mile Sprint: I can't do a single 1 mile sprint but I'm going to Map-quest a 1/2 mile route and then sprint as far as I can.  Stop and walk in place until I catch my breath, then sprint as far as I can again, etc. Until I make the 1/2 mile mark.  Then I'll turn around and do it again to get home.
  • Open:  My decision last time I did the 3-week plan to keep Sunday's open because they're the only day that I know Snackers will be home was a good one.  We almost always end up doing something active whether it be walking/shopping, kayaking/fishing, or hiking.  And if we don't do something active together then I'll take some time to do something active by myself but at least I am leaving myself open to Hiking/Kayaking/Bowling etc. by not pinning down this day.

90 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt cup
1 Healthy Choice lunch
3 Turkey and herb Bratwurst links
>>w/sauerkraut, mustard, and franks red hot
1 s'more cause Snackers made it for me
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,207
(Note: Per today's comments I tried to up my intake.  I ate a yogurt cup for breakfast and I literally forced a third turkey brat for dinner.  Sure, a serving of veggies would have been better, but we didn't buy any veggies grocery shopping this week because we're leaving tomorrow night after work and won't be back till Sunday so I went with what I had.)

Jumping Jacks: 300
Walking/Packing: (Walked to the mailbox to check the mail and ran around the house getting everything together and ready for the trip tomorrow so we can throw it all in the car as soon as I get off work.  I still have one assignment to finish, two chapters to read, and four posts to write for school this week and chances are I won't have internet for the next four days while I'm at my mom's so instead of working out I have to finish school.  IF I get it done at a decent hour I'll do my lifts but it's 9:00 p.m. and I still have to finish packing once the laundry is done so it's not looking good).

Lo-Down and Catch Up

Here's the lo-down and the catch up based on yesterday's comments to answer some questions and acknowledge some of the most wonderfully supportive friends a girl can have.  I love you all.  You're amazing people.

Hormones:  My Dr. is confused just like me.  I'm on Depo Provera, I've been on it for years and yes, it causes weight gain.  In October 2009 I started experiencing all the classic symptoms of early menopause, which does run in my family.  Night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, thinning head-hair and sprouting hair everywhere else (even a course gray whisker on my cheek that keeps coming back).  This spring I finally had my hormones tested and my OBG-YN declared that I was experiencing pre-mature perimenopause.  Menopause, technically is the state a woman is in AFTER she's been "menopausal" for several years.  It's the end result when you stop having cycles, hot flashes, etc. and you're free to be a happy, sterile old lady.  Perimenopause is the time before full menopause when women are miserable, cranky, and hormonal.  It's caused by dropping estrogen levels and my Dr. said my estrogen was all but non-existent so she put me on supplements and assured me that "most people LOSE weight on estrogen".  Now, on Nov. 1st of this year I went in for my regular depo (I'm not sterile yet) and my clinic had a new OBG-YN who looked at my chart and said "Why are you on depo AND estrogen?"  So I explained it to her and she said "Well Depo is PURE progesterone and that's probably why your estrogen is so low.  If you're having symptoms of menopause it could just be the depo, we need to get you on a non-hormonal form of birth control and off the hormones so you can lose weight" ... YAY she seems like a much smarter Doc!!!  So Monday of last week I dropped the estrogen.  I slept good, had more energy, got more done, and felt good until about Friday (it takes time to build up and leak out of the system, hence the delay).  Friday was hot flash city.  So I started taking them again.  I have an appointment in January to get an IUD.  Birth control without hormones.  No progesterone, no Depo, no estrogen supplements (hopefully).  Until then I guess I'll take the estrogen on an as-needed basis because school is starting to get really stressful and I need to be able to sleep so that I can concentrate.

So for those of you asking - that's the full blow-by-blow.

Giving up: You re ALL right.  I took your advice Dr. Swan and something even more interesting popped out at me that I hadn't even realized.  I've stopped eating breakfast.  I don't know when it happened but aside from my Sunday morning breakfasts with Snackers I've completely stopped eating until my Healthy Choice lunch at 1 p.m.  That's my bad.  I've also grown accustomed to drinking a gallon or more of water a day which, during the summer, was good but now that it's winter and I'm not really sweating much, I think it's overkill.  I upped my sodium as a result of my increased water intake.  I need to lower them both - I mean it's 50 flippin' degrees outside and I've had these little blinders on because I'd become obsessed with routine.

I've also started to think that 50 jumping jacks 5 to 6 times a day is the best exercise ever.  It's not.  It's a super great boost but I need to get back to walking.  I've notice MOST of my exercise now for months has been muscle-building exercise.  No, I haven't gained 10 lbs of muscle.  My brother tells me in the body building world professional lifters are lucky to gain 2 - 3 lbs of muscle a year.  BUT I've all but given up on good old fashioned cardio.  I started to get obsessed with wanting to run and then when I got shin splints from it I just pretty much gave up.  My goal is to run after I'm under 200 lbs so I'm jumping the gun there.  I was losing the most weight when I was walking 3 -5 miles a day.  I need to get back to that - and I am sure Vladdy will appreciate it too.

The hardest part right now is school.  It's gotten really hard.  I just got the first C on an assignment that I've ever gotten in my life.  I've never even gotten a B before in my life and I got a C last week.  I know it sounds dumb but that is emotionally devastating to me.  I need to get over it.  Last night I stayed in my office after work for 3 hours working on an assignment and when I finally stopped working on it I was psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and (for some strange reason) even physically exhausted.  I'm finally working classes that focus on my major instead of gen-eds and that added stress is eating at my drive to exercise in the evenings.  Anonymous is right.  Somehow I have got to find a way to get my butt up and get it moving again.

How I feel:  Several of you addresses how I feel.  Here comes the uplifting part.  I feel awesome.  I feel stronger, more confident, I have higher stamina, and I find myself wanting to dress nicer and take better care of myself than my usual pony tails and no makeup because I FEEL like I LOOK better.  Well I do look better.  At the start of that hike in Red Rock last weekend I was afraid of my own legs.  I wouldn't hike that rock ridge with Snackers and Vladdy because I didn't trust my legs to carry me.  Half way through I swallowed my fear and tried it out and I felt like I was 15 again!  It was beautiful!  I used to get winded trying to climb the stairs at my apartment one time.  When we moved I was up and down those stairs like a jack rabbit on crack and I loved it!

The conclusions:  You're all right.  I can't give up.  Failure is temporary.  Quitting makes it permanent. 
  • Maybe the hormones are playing a part - if that's the case I need to power through and fight to keep my weight at least stationary until January.  
  • Maybe school is part of it - if that's he case I need to power through and do as much as I can until I graduate in April and will have a bit more free time (which I might use to get a second job to pay off student loans depending on how big my raise at work is and, if I do, I'll get something physical like busing tables or something).  
  • I probably need to go back to eating something small in the morning whether it be a Fiber One bar or a yogurt or something.  
  • I need to cut back on my water - the Mayo clinic recommends approx 96 oz and I've been drinking between 120 to 140 oz which can cause the cells in the body to swell.  (Dangerous levels of swelling are extremely rare and it is called water intoxication, I'm not to that point but I could be retaining too much water due to an excessively high water intake and not being active enough to actually sweat).  
  • Actually, that's another interesting fact from looking back on the early posts of this blog.  When I first started to increase my water I was sweating profusely all of the time, even just sitting at my desk.  Whether that's the hormones or something else, I've stopped sweating recently except at night (yeah still get night sweats from time to time) and I'm not going to the bathroom more so where is all of this water going?
  • The three-week plan was really helpful.  It gave me goals to accomplish and a routine to follow.  I am routine-centric.  I tend to have a higher drive to follow routines than I do to just "wing it".  Lately I've been winging it and getting nowhere, I need to get back on a routine.

So I am posting this post for now in response to your comments, I will post another post tonight with food/activity.  Thank you all for your support.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Verge of Quitting

It's been suggested, numerous times, that the reason I'm not losing weight anymore is because my calories are too low.  I have an issue with that because I was eating more calories when the loss first stopped and that's why I dropped back down.  It's being suggested that I should be eating 2,000 calories ... which is the regular recommended daily intake for maintenance not weight loss.  That's not gonna happen.  3,000 calories in or out equals approximately 1 lb.  So that said there's not logical way that a person should gain wait if they're eating 1,000 calories and exercising daily - especially not 3 lbs per week.  But here I am, again, with yet another Monday morning gain and I am starting to get really pissed off and frustrated and ready to just quit.

Before I started this blog I had let myself believe that I was "born to be fat".  That it was genetic and there was nothing that I could do about it.  The day that I started this blog I'd had en epiphany that that was a bunch of bullshit and if I wanted it bad enough there wasn't any reason that I couldn't be skinny just like anyone else.  And what did I do?  I lose over 60 lbs in less than a year.  AWESOME!

Yet here I am now gaining weight for no apparent reason.  233.5 this morning.  I've gained back 10 lbs now despite being active and counting intake.  Do you have any idea how frustrating this is?  I thought it was bad when I was weighing and not going anywhere but now to be going in the opposite direction ... I just can't even put it into words.  I feel helpless.  I feel like I'm on my way back to 287 and there's not a damned thing that I can do to stop it.  I'm pissed today.  Really pissed and I'm starting to crack.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
8 oz baked chicken
1 cup parmesan noodles
Daily Caloric Intake: 843

Jumping Jacks: 250

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Strangest Thing

So the lowest I've weighed since I started this blog was 223 and my last weigh-in put me back up to 230.5 so that's a "gain" of 7.5 lbs.  Now I know that, at my size, 7.5 lbs probably isn't enough to really notice a different in how I feel or how my clothes fit but get this:

I feel like I've lost weight, rather than gained it.  Even my newest pairs of pants feel more loose on my hips than I think they used to, my arms seem smaller to me, and in general I just feel lighter.  Now ... that said - remember those brand new size 36C bras that I bought last month?  Well the other day I put one on and it felt a little tighter around the ribs than I remembered.  Later that day I bent over to pick something up and when I stood back up again something didn't feel quite right so I looked down and, lo-and-behold, half of my right tata was hanging out of the cup of the bra.  Odd ... that didn't used to happen.  Now ladies, we know that sometimes you just forget to do the bra jiggle when you put it on and thinks don't always end up where they're supposed to be so I assumed that was all it was...but then it happened again.

Now I feel like I can't wear the new bras out in public because I would be mortifed if that happened in front of people.  I mean, my shirt was still covering everything so it wasn't like I was baring myself or anything but there was a distinctive lump under my shirt that shouldn't have been there - I'm sure ya'll know what I'm talking about.  So ... is it possible that at least some of my weight is in my chest and around my rib cage?  I mean the Dr. did put me on estrogen supplements a few months ago - very strange.

I am pleased to report that I've been off the estrogen since Monday and I'm still sleeping well.  Maybe I can stay off of it until I start noticing a problem again and then take a bit.  Maybe the dosage was just too high or something.  I dunno but I have a feeling that Monday's weigh-in is going to be a good one.  Cross your fingers for me.

80 oz of water
2 cups of coffee w/creamer
1 egg white burrito w/turkey bacon
1 serving champagne shrimp
>>w/lentil soup
Daily Caloric Intake: 991

Walking: 4.8 miles (pedometer tracked); Christmas and grocery shopping - literally ALL DAY LONG!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dreaded Phone Call

Background:  When I was with my ex I didn't have a car and he did so I drove his car whenever I needed to go somewhere that he didn't want to go.  One night I was headed to the gym and my cell rang so, like a good responsible driver, I pulled over on the shoulder of the road just around the corner from home to answer the cell, plug in my hands free set and put my ear buds in my ears.  It was just a quiet little neighborhood so pulling off on the shoulder seemed perfectly safe.  As it turned out, the caller was a friend with bad news so I stayed parked to talk to her.  As I was parked a car came around the corner and pulled into a driveway directly across the street from where I was parked.  A few moments later the car backed out again, straight out, without looking, and right into the driver's side door of my ex's car (the other driver was sixteen).  So then I had to make a horrible phone call to my ex to tell him "Hi, I just got in an accident in your car."

Call me crazy but every so often when Snackers takes my car I think back on that phone call and hope that he never ever has to make that call to me.  So last night my phone rings, Snackers is at football, I'm at home studying, and I say "Hi hunny how are you?".  He says "Not good."  I INSTANTLY think "oh shit this is 'the call'" and ask "What's wrong?"  He says "I had an accident" and I think "CRAP!  How messed up is my car?" then he continues to say "...and I cut the top of my thumb off" so then I think "CRAP!  How am I going to get to the emergency room?".  Just then ... T-Mobile drops the call.  Ya'll, I can't make this shit up.  I tried to call him back but I had zero bars.  I hadn't even been moving, I was sitting with my iPad in my lap the entire time!  So I jump up and run into the office to call him back from the office phone and just as I get into my office my phone rings ... oh look, I have bars again.

So I answer it and ask if he's going to the emergency room and he says he doesn't know.  I ask if he's called the police to report the accident and he says "No, why would I?".  DUH BECAUSE IT'S THE LAW!  Ok well turns out it wasn't a car accident - thank you for the heart attack!  He was putting together some piece of metal equipment at football practice and one piece slipped and gouged a chunk out of the tip of his thumb.  He opted to stay at football practice for another two hours so really there was no point in calling to scare the hell out of me other than he felt like it.  Geeee thanks.  He said "I'm gonna finish practice and then we might need to go to UMC."  I said "If you're able to finish practice first then it's not bad enough that you NEED to go to UMC".  Checked it out when he got home, the 'tip of his thumb' was not cut off.  Whatever it was gouged about 10 layers of skin out of the tip of his thumb but it was a gouge not a laceration so they wouldn't have been able to sew anything back on or even put stitches in it.  All that can be done is to clean it, lubricate it, wrap it, and wait for the skin to grow back.  *sigh*.  Oyvey.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 veggie sub
1 cup of coffee w/coacoa powder and brandy
(nightcap to get warm after the dog park)
Daily Caloric Intake: 853

Jumping Jacks: 300
Walking: 1.2 miles at the dog park

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marathon Study Day

It's a good thing I got my jumping jacks in, peppered throughout the day!  I woke up at 6 a.m., studied until work at 7, studied during lunch from 1 to 2, and then studied after work from 4 till 8:30 when I finally completed a very difficult assignment and turned it in for school.  It was a highly stressful, exhausting day and I still have three more chapters to read and two more assignments to do by Sunday.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fruit and yogurt parfait
1 Healthy choice lunch
1 bowl of veggie chilli
1/2 can of tuna
Daily Caloric Intake: 912

Jumping Jacks: 400

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday.  In spite of that I think I did well on my calories.  I told Snackers a bazillion times that I didn't want a cake because even if I splurged and had one piece for my birthday, there would still be left over cake that I wouldn't be able to resist for days after.  So he got me a cup cake from the Cupcakery!  What a genius idea!  Of course no cake would have been fine too but with a cup cake I was able to cut it in half, he ate half and I ate half and now it's all gone and there is nothing left behind to tempt me.  Genius! 

I worked, ate my usual coffee, healthy choice lunch, and water and did my jumping jacks during the day.  When he got home we made dinner reservations for an Italian restaurant nearby and then headed to a local ceramics shop to paint our own ceramics. 

We had so much fun painting them that we decided to skip our dinner reservations and stayed at the ceramics place until they closed.  I painted a dog figurine to look just like Piper (our Min-Pin) and he painted a coffee mug with a cat on it to look just like Casper (our Birman Seal Point).  We had to leave them there when we were done painting so that they could be fired.  We should get them back sometime between now and Sunday so I will post pictures of them when we get them.  We then came home and I had a leftover fruit and yogurt parfait from the fridge and my half-a-cupcake and went to bed early (which was something I really wanted for my birthday).  It was fun!  Actually, it was probably the most fun birthday I've had in a very, very long time!!!

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 healthy choice lunch
1 fish burrito
6 dried chaerries
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,041

Jumping Jacks: 300

Weigh-In #50

This post was written on Monday but blogger has been down since Monday night so I am only now able to publish it.

Sunday Snackers and I took the dogs to Red Rock Canyon just outside of Vegas to go hiking.  You can't see him very well because he blends in with the rocks but the picture to the left is Snackers and Vladdy on top of an escarpment.  Vladdy got a little scared about half-way up but Snackers refused to let him turn around and run back and he adjusted to it pretty quickly.  We did three trails and some body climbing, with the dogs.  We discovered that Vladdy thinks hiking is the greatest activity ever, Piper is part mountain goat, and my leg strength just isn't what it used to be.

When I was younger I used to go hiking all the time and I would have no problem climbing big steep mountains with drop-offs on both sides (like Angel's Landing in Zion).  Last time I tried to hike Angel's I got scared and made the whole group turn around and go home because it was snowing and I didn't want to slip and fall on my tail bone.  Yesterday I was scared to go up on the escarpment with Snackers and Vladdy and I realized that it wasn't because of the heights, it was because I don't trust my own legs the way that I used to.

Later, on a different hike I decided to swallow my fear and climb this rock face.  It wasn't a full 90 degree wall but it was pretty darn close.  Piper zipped up it no problem, shocking the hell out of everyone, so then I had to go up there and get her.  Of course then Vladdy decided that he wanted to go too and, before long, we were all body climbing this wall, lifting the dogs from ledge to ledge.

At one point we did a trail that when down through a wash in some trees and, at one point, I ran into a sawed-off branch that was sticking straight out toward the path.  I was focused on showing Vladdy the rock stairs that had been placed on the trail because he was trying to climb a huge, slick boulder instead and having a hell of a time of it.  Next thing I know, WHAM, speared right in the shoulder.  It hurts like hell today and I bled all over the inside of my shirt. :(

As a side-note, today's weigh in was 230.5 so that's another 2.5 lb gain.  That does it, I'm going off the estrogen supplements.  I would rather have night sweats and hot flashes than gain back all of the weight that I've lost so far.  Stupid effing hormones!!!!!!

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
6 dried cherries
1 healthy choice lunch
1 serving italian veggie soup
2 slices of toast
Daily Caloric Intake: 977

Jumping Jacks: 300

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday was game one of the playoffs for Snackers' football team and they won.  Yay them!  It's single elimination so next week will be the deciding factor as to whether or not they play in the local championship.  If they make it there, and win, we'll have to go to LA for the regional championship and then from there to Chicago for the national game.  I hate to say this but I hope they lose the local championship.  I don't want to go to LA or Chicago again.

100 oz of water
1 fruit and yogurt parfait
3 oz tater tots>>
(Snackers made lunch, he was very pleased with himself)
1 cup chicken tortilla soup
1 flautas
3 dried cherries
1/2 serving mini fried ice cream>>
(it came with my birthday dinner)
Daily Caloric Intake: 934

Walking: 1 mile @ 3mph
(shopping, parking lots)
Hiking: 3 miles
(moderate to steep hills, lots of large boulders and steps)
Body Climbing: 45 minutes
(w/o equipment, extremely steep but not straight up)
Lifting: 6 reps @ 10 lbs
(had to lift Piper up and down to Snackers on some ledges)
Lifting: 3 reps @ 82 lbs
(also had to lift Vladdy up to Snackers on some ledges)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Again?

It seems like the days are just flying by.  Every Saturday feels like it comes up so fast that I can't hardly remember making it through the week and every Monday feels like it's skipped Sunday just to get here.  My parents warned me that this would happen as I got older.

80 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fiber one bar
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 serving greek chicken
1 small dinner salad
1 boiled potato
1 cup mixed grilled veggies
1 - 100 calorie snack bar
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,050

Walking: 2.5 miles
Stadium steps: 3 flights
Barbell Squats: 2 @ 10 lbs
Barbell Squats: 4 @ 82 lbs
(bathed the dogs: piper = 10 lbs, Vladdy = 82 lbs.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Like a Baby

Wow did I sleep good last night ... I mean really, really good.  Snackers was watching Vietnam in HD on this history channel (one of the best docs I've ever seen, btw) and he fell asleep but I stayed up to watch the end.  I kept falling asleep during commercial break and then waking up again when I would realize it was back on.  It ended around 11 p.m. so I turned off the TV and must have been asleep pretty fast because I don't even remember putting the clicker on the night stand.

This morning when I woke up I realized that my body is FULL of aches and pains but, fortunately, none of them woke me up during the middle of the night so I feel really refreshed and well rested.  My morning jumping jacks were hard to do because my body is so stiff and sore but I did them anyway.  My right shoulder hurts especially and I suspect that, because I'm left handed, my left arm is handling my barbell lifts better than my right arm - or it could be leftover soreness from bowling since I bowl right handed.

The weather is going to be pure crap this weekend which saddens me because I would love to get out on the kayaks again on Sunday.  Snackers' football team has their first playoff game tomorrow and it's right in the middle of the day.  He'll probably want to spend Sunday at home watching football so I'm thinking I might try to find access to a treadmill and see if I can't get some real distance in at some point this weekend.  It just hurts my shins way too much to run on the sidewalk.  :(

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 rainbow roll
8 pc sashimi
2 - 100 calorie snack packs
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,136

Jumping Jacks: 250
Walking: 1.5 miles

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fitful Dreams

I had some absolutely horrible dreams last night and I can't even remember them now.  I just know that I woke up several times in the middle of the night, upset about something.  They weren't scary - I woke up feeling like I'd been fighting with someone and getting nowhere in the process so I was frustrated and angry.  I would wake up, realize it was a dream, go back to sleep, and be awake again within an hour because of another dream - or maybe it was the same dream and I just kept picking up where I'd left off every time I went back to sleep.  I'm not sure because I never remembered exactly what the dreams were about.

It's funny because I honestly can't remember the last time I had an actual scary dream.  For years my nightmares have been centered around arguing with various people because they weren't grasping a concept that was incredibly simple.  Instead of jerking awake in fear I always wake up angry and aghast that whomever I'm arguing with in my dreams could be so daft.  I'm not sure why I've been having dreams like that - they say dreams are the brains way of dealing with subconscious situations but I don't feel overly frustrated with anyone and I'm always arguing with someone different in each dream (when I can remember them, that is).

I had a dream once a few years ago where some strange guy showed up with a kid, claiming it was mine, and my mom just openly accepted that as fact.  So I was frustrated and pissed off because I couldn't make either of them understand that if I had a kid I WOULD know about it because I would have been the one that would have had to give birth to it! lol.  When I woke up and calmed down it was hilarious but during the dream, which seemed so real, I was furious!  I'm sure Freud would have had a field day analyzing my crazy messed up dreams if he'd had the chance.  Ah well.  I'm awake now and all is well.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice Lunch
1 bowl of chili w/lime and cayenne
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
Daily Caloric Intake: 937

Jumping Jacks: 300
Running: 0.6 miles
Yoga: 45 minutes

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Study Day

Hi everyone.  I have two chapters to read and an assignment to write before work this morning so today's post is gonna be short and sweet.  Mwah!

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 Tbsp of peanut butter
1 fish burrito
1 ear of corn
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,056

Jumping Jacks: 300
Walking: 0.53 miles
Barbell Squats: 3 sets of 30 @ 20 lbs
Barbell Shoulder Press: 2 sets of 30 @ 20 lbs
Barbell Curls: 3 sets of 30 @ 20 lbs
Barbell Bench Press: 3 sets of 30 @ 20 lbs
Crunches: 4 sets of 30
Dumbbell Flyes: 2 sets of 30 @ 10 lbs (each arm)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bad Bowling

Last night Snackers had his bowling league and neither of his two teammates showed up so the lanes let me sub for one of them just for fun.  We bowled three games and I gotta tell ya, those were the three worst games that I have ever bowled.  After the first few frames I had to chew my thumbnail off because I kept ripping it a little bit more with every throw.  I did get two strikes in one game, one strike in the third game, and a few spares here and there but I also got a whole lotta gutter balls.

Oh well, practice makes perfect.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
4 oz steak - rare
1 lobster tail, no butter
1/3 ear of corn w/salt
1 charity chocolate bar
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,063

Jumping Jacks: 300
Walking: 1.3 miles
Deadlift: 1 rep @ 82 lbs (lifted Vladdy like a barbell to weigh him on the scale with me)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Backfired Weigh-in #49

Well my plans to take a month off from weighing in seem to have backfired.  I'm up 2 lbs from when I weighed a month ago.  I guess I'm not surprised.  I've been working out even more over the last two weeks than I did when I was losing the most weight but it's been mostly muscle building exercise and my diet has completely sucked.  I've managed to keep my intake relatively low but my choices have sucked.  I'm having a hard time taking control over my cravings.  I'm frustrated but not surprised.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
6" subway club sandwich (leftover)
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 can light progresso soup
>>w/shredded cheese
1 serving cheese and pretzel thins
Daily Caloric Intake: 977

Jumping Jacks: 300
Bowling: 3 full games

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gone Fishin 2

Woke up at the butt crack of dawn this morning, loaded up all of the fishing gear, cooler, dry bag etc. in the car and headed for WalMart to get a one-day fishing license.  We then came home, loaded up the kayaks, grabbed some subs on the way out of town and hit Lake Mead.  It was bitter cold and lightly raining but we put the boats in the water none-the-less and found a cove.  It was a bit of a challenge trying to fish from a kayak but it was a fun challenge.  You row to a spot, cast and reel a few times, then you have to row back to your spot because the wind/current has pushed you a half-mile from where you started.  We were out there for about 3.5 hours before we got so cold that we started to hurt and decided to head in.  We didn't catch anything, again, though people all around us were catching.  That's how it was last time we went fishing too yet we're using the same lures everyone said they were using ... guess we just suck.

We did have fun though, and got lots of exercise.  After we came home and dropped off all the gear we decided to check out a lead we heard on a really affordable back yard fire pit.  We got a nice fire pit and four chairs for a killer deal, then we headed to Best Buy because Snackers wanted to pick up my birthday present.  Now we're at home, getting warm, spending time with the animals, and watching football.  Not a bad day - even if we didn't catch any fish.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fruit and yogurt parfait
1 foot long chicken sub
>>the usual
2 fire roasted turkey dogs
>>w/mustard and franks red hot
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,104

Walking: 2.84 miles
Stepping x 12: Climbed up on the car to put each of the four cradles for the kayaks on the roof racks, again to add the straps to tie the kayaks down, and again to take each one down when we got home.
Lifting 15 lbs x 8: Lifted each of the 30 lb kayaks up on the car with Snackers to load them and unload them both at home and at the lake.
Weighted Squats 15 lbs x 2: Moved both kayaks from the ground by the car to the ground by the water with Snackers' help.
Lifting/Other 30 lbs x 1: Carried my own kayak from the water to the car when we got done all by myself!!!
Kayaking: 3.5 hours of actual paddling time (estimated)
Fishing: 30 minutes of cast and reel time including one brief battle with a large fish that did, eventually get away.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pain Pays

Sometimes it really is best to rest an injury and give it time to heal.  Sometimes the old adage "walk it off" is appropriate, depending on the nature of the injury.  Yesterday when I woke up my foot hurt bad but I swore I would do JJ's as soon as I woke up so I did them.  At 9:00 a.m. on my first 10 minute break I did ten more and it hurt, but when I stopped doing them and walked into the kitchen for water I was surprised to find that my foot hurt less than it had before I did the JJ's.  At 11 a.m. on my second 10 minute break I did 50 more, then more at 1 when I went to lunch and more just before my break ended at 2 and then 50 more when I got off work.  By the time I did my last set of 50 right before bed I was barely limping at all.  This morning, no pain.  It's still super bruised but the swelling is mostly gone and I feel no pain at all.

I guess it's like the PF.  Stretching it in the morning hurt but, ultimately, helped it heal overall.  I'm now thinking maybe I had jammed my toes and the jumping jacks helped stretch them out.  I did that with my thumb once playing softball and my dad grabbed it and yanked on it and I was SO PISSED at him for doing it (I was like ... 7, tops) but it instantly felt better.  Odd sometimes how our bodies work.  I'm glad I'm not down for recovery though - I was going to be really pissed if I woke up hurting this morning.

108 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
3 oz thinly sliced prime rib
>>over poached eggs, toast
>>tomato slices, and salsa
1 homemade turkey chili dog
1 calorie free virgin margarita
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,202

Jumping Jacks: 50
Walking: 2.8 miles

Friday, November 4, 2011


Last night I decided to try to do some more planks to work my abs and just as I got into the position for a front plank, my feet slipped backward on the carpet.  I dropped to my elbows in an attempt to catch myself and, instead, succeeded in hyper-extending two of the toes on my right foot.  I instantly hurt like hell and I rolled to my side as fast as I could to alleviate the pressure from them but it was too late, the damage was already done.

They started to purple within 20 minutes and it's actually the bones in my foot right by those toes that hurt, not the toes themselves.  I figured I could sleep it off and be fine by morning but no such luck.  I woke up in the middle of the night to investigate a loud noise (the cats knocking Vladdy's choke chain off the counter and onto the tile floor) and pain shot half way up my shin when I tried to stand on it.

This morning it's a little bit better, I was able to do jumping jacks as soon as I got out of bed, but it hurts pretty bad.  I had to just grit my teeth and force through them to get them done.  This close to pseudo-marathon time I can't afford to be injured.  I'm kinda pissed at myself.  I probably should have realized that my ab muscles were too sore and tired from the previous day's workout to support me in something as demanding as a plank.

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 healthy choice lunch
1 homemade wrap
>>6" flour tortilla, salami, provolone, and franks
1 white grapefruit
1 glass red wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 875

Jumping Jacks: 350

You Know When...

Everyone ever heard Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." jokes?  Well I have a new one, maybe they're not jokes but they should be entertaining none the less.

You know you've had a good workout when...

"You have to bend over in order to pull your shirt over your head because you can't lift your arms."
"You try to chug water and it makes your ab muscles hurt so much that you gag on it."
"You start to stand up and your thigh muscles tell you to piss off."
"You have to wake yourself up every time you want to roll over in bed."

Now you try!

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 healthy choice lunch
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 fish burrito
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 oz beef jerkey
Daily Caloric Intake: 981

Jumping Jacks: 200

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Choice to be Made

I made some bad choices yesterday that I need to account for.  First of all, I chose to sit on my hiney while my food was cooking instead of doing jumping jacks.  Then I chose to sit on my hiney a little longer even after I finished eating lunch.  Eventually I opted to get up and do some lifting but by the time I made that decision my lunch break was more than half over so I didn't get nearly as many reps done as I'd wanted to.

At football last night I chose to sit on my hiney and freeze it off when I should have gotten up and jogged around the park.  It would have been good for me and it would have kept me warm but nope ... bad choices.

When we got home I chose to take a nice long soak in a hot bath after helping my mom with some computer questions when I should have done some more exercises and yoga.  I will begin my weekly weigh-ins again soon and I'm worried about them.  Not knowing has been almost as crappy as knowing every week but not getting anywhere.  How am I going to feel knowing I've been working out every single day if that damn scale still says 230?

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 serving leftover goulash (the last of it)
6 oz lean steak, broiled
1 cup spanish rice
1 last piece leftover birthday cake
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,162

Jumping Jacks: 100
Walking in circles: Had a dr. appointment today, walked circles outside while waiting
Barbell Curl: 50 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Press Behind Neck: 50 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Tricep Extension: 50 reps @ 20 lbs
Crunches: 200
Planks: 3 @ 10 seconds each
Side Planks: 3 @ 10 seconds each
Barbell Bench Press: 50 reps @ 20 lbs
Dumbbell Butterflyes: 50 reps @ 10 lbs per arm
Knee Push-Ups: 100
Front Leg Lifts: 10 (last thing I did, ran out of steam)