Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gone Fishin 2

Woke up at the butt crack of dawn this morning, loaded up all of the fishing gear, cooler, dry bag etc. in the car and headed for WalMart to get a one-day fishing license.  We then came home, loaded up the kayaks, grabbed some subs on the way out of town and hit Lake Mead.  It was bitter cold and lightly raining but we put the boats in the water none-the-less and found a cove.  It was a bit of a challenge trying to fish from a kayak but it was a fun challenge.  You row to a spot, cast and reel a few times, then you have to row back to your spot because the wind/current has pushed you a half-mile from where you started.  We were out there for about 3.5 hours before we got so cold that we started to hurt and decided to head in.  We didn't catch anything, again, though people all around us were catching.  That's how it was last time we went fishing too yet we're using the same lures everyone said they were using ... guess we just suck.

We did have fun though, and got lots of exercise.  After we came home and dropped off all the gear we decided to check out a lead we heard on a really affordable back yard fire pit.  We got a nice fire pit and four chairs for a killer deal, then we headed to Best Buy because Snackers wanted to pick up my birthday present.  Now we're at home, getting warm, spending time with the animals, and watching football.  Not a bad day - even if we didn't catch any fish.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fruit and yogurt parfait
1 foot long chicken sub
>>the usual
2 fire roasted turkey dogs
>>w/mustard and franks red hot
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,104

Walking: 2.84 miles
Stepping x 12: Climbed up on the car to put each of the four cradles for the kayaks on the roof racks, again to add the straps to tie the kayaks down, and again to take each one down when we got home.
Lifting 15 lbs x 8: Lifted each of the 30 lb kayaks up on the car with Snackers to load them and unload them both at home and at the lake.
Weighted Squats 15 lbs x 2: Moved both kayaks from the ground by the car to the ground by the water with Snackers' help.
Lifting/Other 30 lbs x 1: Carried my own kayak from the water to the car when we got done all by myself!!!
Kayaking: 3.5 hours of actual paddling time (estimated)
Fishing: 30 minutes of cast and reel time including one brief battle with a large fish that did, eventually get away.

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