Friday, December 23, 2011

Dropping In

Intake: 1,227
Activity: 7 reps of 30 dumbbell tricep extensions @ 10 lbs (per arm)

Intake: 1,273
Activity: 7 reps of 30 body weight squats and 30 minutes of yoga

Intake: 1,307
Activity: 7 sets of 30 dumbbell curls @ 10 lbs (per arm), 1 hour of restorative yoga, 3 sets of 10 jump squats, and 2 sets of 30 dumbbell shoulder presses @ 10 lbs (per arm)

Intake: 1,096
Activity: 7 sets of 30 jump squats and 30 minutes of yoga

Snackers said something that made me feel better last night.  I bent over to put the dog's food dish down for him and he said "I hardly recognize you from the back".  I thought maybe he was referring to the fact that I've cut and darkened my hair recently so I said something like "Is that a good thing?" (thinking maybe he didn't like it) and he said "Yeah.  You're a very sexy woman.  Even more than before."  So of course I was all melty "awwww", and all that and then he added "I can't believe how much weight you're losing."  Then later I was laying on the bed on my stomach playing on my iPad and he came into the room and said "Hi sexy butt" and gave it a smack.  Maybe TMI but c'mon ... every woman likes it when she knows her man thinks her butt looks good.  Hell, even Mike Rowe likes for his butt to look good (Lee Jeans Commercials).

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  To hell with the scale for now.  I feel stronger, leaner, clothes fit better, it's easier to just pick something off the rack than it has ever been and my hunny thinks my butt looks good.  Good enough for me.  Onward and downward! :)


  1. scale doesnt really mean anything, its about how you feel, like you said. as long as you feel your are making progress, and your fitness level is increasing good for you!!
    u should see some drops on the scale soon. stick to it.

  2. You are amazing! I haven't logged in here for quite some time. Congratulations on the healthy weight loss and continually improving.