Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weigh-in #52

What a weekend.  It all started last weekend on the Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving.  Snackers and I had just gotten home from visiting my family at my mom's house when we got a text from her reporting that my dad was very ill with what she thought was food poisoning and because he and Snackers were the only ones to have eaten cheeseburgers on Friday night, she was wondering how he (Snackers) was feeling.  At the time he was feeling ok, with a little bit of tummy trouble to speak of but nothing extreme.  At midnight that night, however, he and I both realized we were in for a very long and sleepless night.  He was down right sick and I was up taking care of him ... and the assumption that it was food poisoning lived on.  By Wednesday morning they were both feeling better but by Thursday night my mom was sick with the same trouble, destroying the food poisoning theory and making it clear that it was most likely only a matter of time for me - chances were I'd already caught the offending bug.

Friday night Snackers came home with free tickets to a local hockey game.  I don't like hockey, particularly, but free is free so we went.  I ran three flights of stairs in lieu of the escalator to get to the stadium and, as our seats were about half-way down into the arena, I counted a fourth flight for the multiple times I was up to go to the restroom or get drinks.  After the game the friends we were with invited us to join them at the heart attack grill.  It's a gimmick restaurant where the host is dressed as a Dr. in a white lab coat, the male employees are dressed as surgeons in blue scrubs, and the female employees are dressed as naughty nurses.  Some of you may have seen something about it on the food network where it was highlighted in a show called "Most Extreme Pig-Outs" or something like that.  Well it's pretty extreme.  They put a hospital gown on you when you arrive which you must wear the entire time you're there and they call entering the restaurant "going in for surgery".  They only have six items on their menu.  A single bypass burger, a double bypass, a triple bypass, and a quadruple bypass, along with fries and milk shakes.  The shakes are made with pure butter fat and the fries and burgers are cooked in lard.  If you weigh over 350 lbs you eat for free (and there is a huge scale in the middle of the restaurant for proof) and if you finish an 8,000 calorie quadruple bypass burger they will wheel you out of the restaurant in a wheel chair.  So naturally, I ordered a water.

As I am sitting there sipping my water watching everyone enjoy their burgers I started feeling nauseated.  I thought it was from the smell of the lard emanating from the burgers so a polite "no thank you" was easy when Snackers offered me a bite of his double bypass with 10 strips of bacon.  The crisp, cold air outside made me feel a bit better and I'd only done 1.5 of my 3 mile goal for the day (plus a few sprints to cross the street at cross-walks) so Snackers and I bid our friends adieu and opted to walk Freemont street for a bit.  We saw Trace Atkins in an unplanned guest appearance concert, all four members of Kiss, Bumblebee from the Transformers, and a slue of other street performers in various disguises.  However, when we reached the end of Freemont street Snackers found something that's been on his bucket list for awhile - deep fried twinkies.  So after eating a 4,000 calorie burger he stepped into this seedy little hotel/casino for a Twinkie and, for me, that's when all hell broke loose.  I barely made it back to the car and home where I downed a teaspoon of MSM (an additive that the military puts in water to kill bacteria and it tastes FOUL!), a mouth full of pepto and went straight to bed, thankful I'd gotten my exercise in before the bug hit me.  3 a.m. I woke up with it in full force and the rest of the night was pure hell.

Saturday I got out of bed only four times (not counting bathroom runs) - twice to let the dogs out, once to take a hot bath, and once in the evening to attempt to finally eat something.  I ran a fever between 100.3 and 100.8 the entire day and even fell asleep on the bathroom floor because the cold tile felt too good to pass up.  My intake Saturday consisted of 3 sips of tonic water (for the stomach cramps) less than 30 oz of regular water, about 10 bites of vegetable soup, 6 saltine crackers, and two apples sliced.  I weighed myself on Friday and was still 229.5, I weighed again on Saturday around 1 p.m. and was 225.  That's a 4.5 lb loss in about 24 hours.

I woke up feeling significantly better Sunday but experience with Snackers and my dad taught me that if I wasn't careful I'd be sick again just as they both had been so my intake yesterday consisted of 2 poached eggs and a fruit cup in the morning, about 45-50 oz of water, a dry tuna sandwich, and four or five bites of tomato soup.  I tried to walk the mall a bit because I thought some fresh air and light exercise would be good for me but after only a short distance I started feeling weak and clammy and had to sit down to rest before making my way back to the car.  I'm feeling better this morning and I'm going to try to eat a bit more normally but I am going to maintain light-duty exercise, at least for the first part of the day, just to be safe because I can't afford for this to come back on me like it did Snackers and Dad.

I can tell you one thing though: I was laying in bed Saturday truly afraid, at times, of falling asleep because I wasn't entirely sure that, if I did, I would ever wake up.  It was that bad.  By far the worst virus I've ever had in my life...words can't even describe.

Weigh-in: 226.5

60 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fruit bar
1 healthy choice lunch
1 snack bar
1 serving skirt steak
3/4 cup long grain rice
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,007

Jumping Jacks: 100

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  1. hope ur feeling better, i had the same thing for about 2 days.. mine wasnt nearly as severe as yours but i just had the nausea and stomach pains. it sucked tho. i can only imagine how ur feeling. get better soon!