Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Warming Up

I mentioned earlier that my legs were really sore from running stadium steps on Saturday so when I suited up for last night's walk/sprints workout I was really wondering if and how I was going to be able to pull it off.  Walking is such an awesome exercise, it really is.  It's low impact but does so much good if you maintain a nice brisk pace.  I'm pretty sure my pace was closer to 3.5 mph but because I was walking around the neighborhood I kept having to stop at cross walks to wait for cars and I had to stop at a few corners to let people pass because Vladdy and I together take up an entire sidewalk so that ate some of my time.  Anyhow, another good thing about walking is that it really warms and loosens up the leg muscles ... all of them.  I wear "rocker" shoes (the ones with the rounded bottom) pretty much everywhere that I go and that helps a lot to keep me from putting too much pressure on my heels, which is something I've always had a problem with.  It didn't take long for my leg muscles to loosen up and start feeling a lot better.

I did get a major charlie horse in the arch of my foot shortly after I got home but a swig of tonic water fixed that right quick and my legs feel a lot better today.  I did have to adjust the sprints though.  Running as fast as I can until I can't run anymore and then stopping to catch my breath before doing it again greatly reduces the number of sprints that I can do at a time.  I managed five sprints last night but I ran at least twice the distance per sprint that I was running back when I was doing 20 at a time and I did them without Vladdy so I was also able to significantly increase my speed.  Note: Running with Vladdy can be hazardous.  He still thinks it's fun to run in front of me and try to trip me or nip at my legs as we're running.  One of these days I am going to have to figure out how to fix that because it's pretty annoying.  I keep hoping he'll grow out of it.

I drank a little bit more water yesterday because of the walk/run and I feel nice and hydrated this morning so I guess that's probably a good balance.  I sat down at 8 p.m. to log my calories and was at just under 900.  CRAP!  That's even WITH a yogurt, a calorie bar, and some peanut butter earlier in the day!!!  So I ate another calorie bar and a fruit bar.  I don't love fruit and right now the produce at local stores is HORRIBLE but I might invest in some of those little mixed fruit cups so that I have one more option for boosting intake without boosting carbs.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 Fruit bar
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 Snack bar
1 serving grilled skirt steak
>> w/1 serving A-1
1 cup salad
>> w/1 tbsp vinaigrette
1 serving movie popcorn
(started the Harry Potter movie marathon tonight!!!)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,293

Jumping Jacks: 300
Barbell Squats: 90 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Shoulder Press: 60 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Curls: 90 reps @ 20 lbs
Barbell Bench Press: 90 reps @ 20 lbs
Sit-ups: 200
Knee Push-ups: 100
Laying Flyes: 90 reps @ 10 lbs (each arm)
Leg Lifts: 90 reps (each leg)
(Didn't get the yoga in.  Snackers and I ended up watching Harry Potter movies until bed time.)

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