Friday, November 18, 2011

Dreaded Phone Call

Background:  When I was with my ex I didn't have a car and he did so I drove his car whenever I needed to go somewhere that he didn't want to go.  One night I was headed to the gym and my cell rang so, like a good responsible driver, I pulled over on the shoulder of the road just around the corner from home to answer the cell, plug in my hands free set and put my ear buds in my ears.  It was just a quiet little neighborhood so pulling off on the shoulder seemed perfectly safe.  As it turned out, the caller was a friend with bad news so I stayed parked to talk to her.  As I was parked a car came around the corner and pulled into a driveway directly across the street from where I was parked.  A few moments later the car backed out again, straight out, without looking, and right into the driver's side door of my ex's car (the other driver was sixteen).  So then I had to make a horrible phone call to my ex to tell him "Hi, I just got in an accident in your car."

Call me crazy but every so often when Snackers takes my car I think back on that phone call and hope that he never ever has to make that call to me.  So last night my phone rings, Snackers is at football, I'm at home studying, and I say "Hi hunny how are you?".  He says "Not good."  I INSTANTLY think "oh shit this is 'the call'" and ask "What's wrong?"  He says "I had an accident" and I think "CRAP!  How messed up is my car?" then he continues to say "...and I cut the top of my thumb off" so then I think "CRAP!  How am I going to get to the emergency room?".  Just then ... T-Mobile drops the call.  Ya'll, I can't make this shit up.  I tried to call him back but I had zero bars.  I hadn't even been moving, I was sitting with my iPad in my lap the entire time!  So I jump up and run into the office to call him back from the office phone and just as I get into my office my phone rings ... oh look, I have bars again.

So I answer it and ask if he's going to the emergency room and he says he doesn't know.  I ask if he's called the police to report the accident and he says "No, why would I?".  DUH BECAUSE IT'S THE LAW!  Ok well turns out it wasn't a car accident - thank you for the heart attack!  He was putting together some piece of metal equipment at football practice and one piece slipped and gouged a chunk out of the tip of his thumb.  He opted to stay at football practice for another two hours so really there was no point in calling to scare the hell out of me other than he felt like it.  Geeee thanks.  He said "I'm gonna finish practice and then we might need to go to UMC."  I said "If you're able to finish practice first then it's not bad enough that you NEED to go to UMC".  Checked it out when he got home, the 'tip of his thumb' was not cut off.  Whatever it was gouged about 10 layers of skin out of the tip of his thumb but it was a gouge not a laceration so they wouldn't have been able to sew anything back on or even put stitches in it.  All that can be done is to clean it, lubricate it, wrap it, and wait for the skin to grow back.  *sigh*.  Oyvey.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 veggie sub
1 cup of coffee w/coacoa powder and brandy
(nightcap to get warm after the dog park)
Daily Caloric Intake: 853

Jumping Jacks: 300
Walking: 1.2 miles at the dog park

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