Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend @ Moms

I'm home, safe and sound. I didn't get any of my 3-week plan days done so I guess I'll be starting it fresh tomorrow. I did do ok on both intake and activity though ... ok but not good. We had drive-through on Wednesday night, in the car, while driving to moms. Then I took Vladdy for a 0.6 mile jog when we got there to stretch his legs before putting him and Piper in their kennels for the night. Thursday the family took a 2.2 mile walk together with the dogs and then Snackers and I did our annual seek-and-destroy black Friday shopping the next morning.

Snackers and I don't black Friday shop like most. We hunt on the night before to figure out which stores we're going to and exactly what we're getting from each store - we even make a list. Then we go out in the morning when we get up, early but not butt crack of dawn early. We hit precisely the stores on our list, we get in, get what we're after, and get out as quickly as possible. We even power walk the stores to avoid the temptation of browsing for things that aren't on our list and then over spending or spending way more time than we wanted shopping in the hectic mess of black Friday. This year all of our stores except one were in the same intersection so we found a parking spot near the middle and walked to each store, dropping items off at the car as we went. It's a very athletic experience for us and if there is something on our list that we don't get because we didn't get up at 3 a.m., oh well.

When we got home we found that the rest of the family had gone for another walk up Rockville hill so we set out and met up with them on their way back. Saturday morning Snackers and I got up and went for another walk with my brother, sister-in-law and the dogs and then Saturday evening I went for another walk with the family to the amphitheater in Springdale where I ran 160 stadium steps before walking back. Then this morning we pretty much loaded up the car, came home, unpacked everything and started a load of laundry and then went to do our weekly grocery shopping. After that I gave Vladdy a bath before finally sitting down to relax. Oh and, my room at mom's was on the second floor so I went up and down quite a few flights of stairs over the weekend. Not bad all in all.

I did have a slice of cheesecake last night and a little stevia pudding cup with thanksgiving dinner (a non-traditional overly healthy meal at an up-scale health food spa in St. George) but I was pretty smart about my breakfast choices (mostly fruit and eggs, one pancake this morning, one piece of french toast yesterday), skipped lunch most days, and made up for it at dinner without going overboard. I'm actually pretty pleased with myself and looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in. Though I have to admit my legs are KILLING ME today from those stadium steps. That was tough stuff.

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