Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Lose

I beat Thanksgiving but Christmas got the better of me.  I can't even attempt to log my calories over the weekend but I drank a lot of wine.  We had family here and Friday after work I tidied up the house and made sloppy joes for everyone, then cleaned the kitchen.  Saturday morning I had a cereal bar and some coffee for breakfast, a turkey pastrami sandwich for lunch, and then we made pork loin and potatoes for dinner and I cleaned the kitchen again.  We also did some last minute stocking stuffer shopping and took a walk to the park with the kids.  Sunday morning I found sugar free chocolate in my stocking and had a few pieces of that, for lunch everyone just had small snacks because we were planning on going to a buffet for Christmas dinner.  I had some cheese and crackers for my snack and at the buffet I had mostly Asian food (egg rolls, rice noodles, and tofu).  We came home and later Sunday night served up some pie for everyone.  Monday morning I skipped breakfast, had a fish burrito for lunch and then we made hash with the leftover pork loin and potatoes for supper with eggs.  I had one egg over medium with my hash.

Tuesday morning I was back with the program.  I'd spent the weekend running around cleaning mostly but not doing any real quantifiable exercise.  We had taken the dogs for a short walk to the park on Sunday, I'd single handedly taken down the christmas tree and put everything away on Monday so I was up and doing things but not traditional exercise.  Tuesday my intake was 1072.  I had the usual cereal bar for breakfast, healthy choice lunch, and 8 oz grilled skirt steak for dinner.  I did 7 sets of 30 reps each dumbbell side lateral raises, dumbbell tricep extensions, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell shoulder presses @ 10 lbs each plus 30 minutes of yoga.

Yesterday intake was 1318.  I had the usual breakfast and lunch but I had an early lunch so Snackers made grilled swiss sandwiches for a snack and then we grabbed some chicken burritos on the way home.  I had two fresco style.  I did yoga but that was it for exercise.  My bad, I know.

Today I've already started a 7x30 set of body weight squats and if work is slow as it has been all week so far I'll be doing some weighted leg lifts to work my abs also.  Two steps forward, one step back. 

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