Monday, December 12, 2011

Join Me

I am going to take a bit of a break from blogging.  I'm still logging my intake on and I am still logging my daily activity on  I will also be logging my weight both places as well as updating it here.

If any of you would like to join me in either of these locations, my profile on is lady_muse and my profile on is LadyMuse82. is free and anyone can sign-up/use it.  You can add friends to watch, join conversations on public message boards, log your own journal entries, browse recipes w/nutritional info etc.  I pretty much only use it to log my caloric intake and weight though.  Occasionally I'll reply to something or post something on the message boards but it's rare (like 3 posts in the last year, rare).

Fitocracy is still by-invite only but I have an invite link that should work for the first 9 people who use it.  Fitocracy, for those of you who haven't seen my previous mentions of it, is a type of live action game where you complete physical activities like walking, squats, lifts, sports, stairs, etc. and then log the activity in Fitocracy and you earn points for everything you log.  There are activity quests that you can complete and achievement badges that you can earn for completing certain tasks or cumulative goals.  There are groups that you can join/start based on your personal interests (for example I am a member of my family's group, a group for computer programmers, and I started a group for StarTrek fans).  Some groups have their own challenges too where you try to earn the most activity points out of the group in a certain period of time.

It's fun, easy to use, and motivational.  And my favorite thing about it is that it doesn't require a lot of time to use.  You pop in, log your activity and you're done.  If you want to you can socialize and post comments or update your own comments but you don't have to do those things in order to keep earning points.  You can follow people so that what they do is posted on your main page (just like with Facebook) and they can follow you etc.  It's a really neat little community so far with a wide range of people using it and I've found that almost everyone I've come across is very warm, inviting, encouraging, and motivational.  It's not a place where the super-athletics typically pick-on or put down those of us that are struggling.  Some of the people there have accomplished some amazing things and they, especially, are extremely uplifting, inspirational, and supportive.

So if you're interested visit the link below to sign up and follow me.  Post comments to this thread to let me know if you have trouble signing up because I may actually have to send you the invite via email, I'm not sure how it works exactly.  I'll remove the link when my 9 invites have been used so if it's still here, chances are good you can get in.


  1. Hi,
    Oh sure just when I get caught up with reading your posts that I missed you decide to leave!!! J/k, you need to do what is right for you, and if blogging has become a chore then it is time to stop. You are suppose to be doing this for you after all, the rest of us might miss your posts, but, hard to believe I know, we will somehow manage.
    I wish I could somehow send this to you privately, but I don't know how, so I will just have to post it here. I, like many have been very concerned with your low calorie intake. I know you say you aren't hungry, and I believe that to be true. After awhile our bodies and mind go into survival mode and we don't feel it any more. This happens to people that are starving by choice and those in 3rd world countries that are just starving. I'm not suggesting eating junk to get your calories up, but maybe scheduling times to eat every few hours, not a lot, just a piece of fruit, or something. I am concerned that you are messing up your metabolism for life. The fact is the larger we are the more energy it takes to move us, just like a compact car needs less fuel than a semi. Not calling us, or anyone semi's, lol, but you get what I mean. The other thing is our bodies are amazing machines, and if we aren't getting enough fuel, it will steal the fuel it needs from other sources, and because fat doesn't contain what our bodies need, it will steal some fat, but it will also steal some protien from muscle, and calcium from bone, etc. This amazing machine will also adjust the amount of fuel it will burn in order to stay alive, so your resting metabolic rate keeps getting lower and lower.
    I am not suggesting that I think anyone should get this product, it personally isn't something I would do, although I know lots have, but I was looking at the "Slimband" website because I read about it on another blog, and they are saying that even after you get the band if you weigh less than 275 lbs you should be eating between 1200 and 1400 calories per day.If you weigh more they suggest more calories. Pretty much all successful and sound weight loss programs, (ie: weight watchers) advocate that you need to eat more calories to lose weight that you are currently consuming. You are such a smart woman, that is so obvious by the way you write, the courses you are taking, the marks you are getting and all the rest. However, I wonder if you are like I was and feel like you can do this your way? Just as you are taking courses from people that have more knowledge than you with regard to your degree maybe you should consider taking some advice from others, (not me) that are real experts in weight loss, weight management and good health.I know that there are other potiential difficulties for you with the meds you take, but there has to be a way to get the meds you need and lose and control the weight. I feel I need to mention this, mostly because I feel like I messed up my metabolism when I was about your age, and I have spend the better part of my life dealing with that.

  2. (You know your post is too long when you need to split it up...)
    You have done so freaking amazing with your lifestyle change so far, I know you will achieve the goals you want to, but like any job you need the right tools. Even though I agree that we know ourselves better than anyone, sometimes we get so determined to do it one way, we don't see that we need to re-evaluate. You have done that now in that you feel the blogging has become a chore and it isn't working for you right now, might it be time to consider if the super low calorie intake is something you need to re-assess? You have a determination that I wish I had. I know you will be successful in whatever endeavour you choose, becoming more fit and achieving the body you want is no different.
    Sorry this is so long, and preachy, it really isnt my intent. Even though we have never met, I really do care about you and the journey you are on.Because this is so long I haven't got time to go back and edit. Sorry for spelling, and fragmented sentences, and all the rest, I'm betting you get the idea... I'm hoping that you understand that this was written out of concern, admiration, and wanting to be a cheerleader.
    Wishing you all the best,

  3. Seriously? More crap about eating MORE calories? I've already upped from 800 to 1200! Eating MORE to lose weight makes no sense at all. 2000 is average daily maintenance and some of you are suggesting I should be eating 2000 +? I'm starting to think you're just morbid people who want to see if you can get me to fail by insisting that I'm not eating enough. I didn't get fat on a 4000 calorie diet. I already feel like I'm eating more now than I did when I didn't care and ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. No possible way that gorging myself is the path to weight loss. Look at my actual food...not the calories, the FOOD! It's more than average. I feel like I'm eating all day as it is. I'm so done. Something else that was different between now and when I was losing, I didn't have a bunch of Wormpudges whispering in my ear that I should EAT MORE FOOD if I want to lose weight. Absurd. Look into why gastric bypass/lap band is considered a cure for diabetes in most cases. Talk to a Dr. About why the new recommendations for controlling type 2 diabetes includes a LOW CALORIE diet. Show me one person, my size or smaller, who lost weight on a 2000 calorie diet without drugs or killing themselves at the gym every day.

  4. seems like your quitting. might as well change the title of ur blog to rejecting 400. ur inspiration came from the blog 266.. let that be your inspiration then, because if you read her blog once she stopped caring and trying, she gained quite a few lbs back, and then just finally QUIT.. dont let that happen to you. bloging makes u accountable and stay focused. plus we all like hearing from you!