Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weigh-In #50

This post was written on Monday but blogger has been down since Monday night so I am only now able to publish it.

Sunday Snackers and I took the dogs to Red Rock Canyon just outside of Vegas to go hiking.  You can't see him very well because he blends in with the rocks but the picture to the left is Snackers and Vladdy on top of an escarpment.  Vladdy got a little scared about half-way up but Snackers refused to let him turn around and run back and he adjusted to it pretty quickly.  We did three trails and some body climbing, with the dogs.  We discovered that Vladdy thinks hiking is the greatest activity ever, Piper is part mountain goat, and my leg strength just isn't what it used to be.

When I was younger I used to go hiking all the time and I would have no problem climbing big steep mountains with drop-offs on both sides (like Angel's Landing in Zion).  Last time I tried to hike Angel's I got scared and made the whole group turn around and go home because it was snowing and I didn't want to slip and fall on my tail bone.  Yesterday I was scared to go up on the escarpment with Snackers and Vladdy and I realized that it wasn't because of the heights, it was because I don't trust my own legs the way that I used to.

Later, on a different hike I decided to swallow my fear and climb this rock face.  It wasn't a full 90 degree wall but it was pretty darn close.  Piper zipped up it no problem, shocking the hell out of everyone, so then I had to go up there and get her.  Of course then Vladdy decided that he wanted to go too and, before long, we were all body climbing this wall, lifting the dogs from ledge to ledge.

At one point we did a trail that when down through a wash in some trees and, at one point, I ran into a sawed-off branch that was sticking straight out toward the path.  I was focused on showing Vladdy the rock stairs that had been placed on the trail because he was trying to climb a huge, slick boulder instead and having a hell of a time of it.  Next thing I know, WHAM, speared right in the shoulder.  It hurts like hell today and I bled all over the inside of my shirt. :(

As a side-note, today's weigh in was 230.5 so that's another 2.5 lb gain.  That does it, I'm going off the estrogen supplements.  I would rather have night sweats and hot flashes than gain back all of the weight that I've lost so far.  Stupid effing hormones!!!!!!

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
6 dried cherries
1 healthy choice lunch
1 serving italian veggie soup
2 slices of toast
Daily Caloric Intake: 977

Jumping Jacks: 300


  1. Ouch. Yeah. Hiking. People think it's a low risk thing.

  2. My mom had a serious concern that I was being abused by Snackers because of all of my injuries lately. I had to force myself to stop laughing so that I could very seriously tell her "No mom, I'm being abused by Vladdy, not Snackers". lol