Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekend Plans

Well I had been hoping to either go hiking at Red Rock or kayaking at Lake Mead this Sunday but, looking out the window, I may even have to do my walking inside for the rest of the week.  It is cold, windy, and raining out.  Boooo.  I tossed Snackers a few hints on some Christmas gifts that he might be able to find affordably on craigs list for me.  A treadmill, a stationary bike (with a wide seat for my wide cheeks), and/or a punching bag.  Last year a friend of ours gave us a stationary bike that he didn't want anymore and we passed it along to my parents because we were in an apartment and didn't have room for it (and it's really good for my dad with his diabetes) but this year we have quite a bit of room in the garage for at least one or two pieces of equipment so I'm kinda thinking it would be nice to have a back-up plan for bad weather with winter here.

But for now, the question is what to do this weekend.  Snackers wants to go paint more ceramics, which I am all for but I would also like to do something physical as well.  I'm thinking bowling ... or I could always go do my walking in the mall.  Hell I should just walk to the mall and then do my walking there too ... wait then I'd still be walking in the rain which defeats the whole purpose of mall walking.  lol  Oy, I have no idea.  I CAN tell you this, and if you don't believe me go back and see for yourself.  WALKING has been the best exercise for me to lose weight with in the last year.  Go back and check my posts for the date-blocks where I've lost the most weight in a week.  Almost all of those weeks were weeks that my primary source of physical activity was walking.  I can't believe I stopped doing it for so long.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 yogurt
1 healthy choice lunch
1 snack bar
1 panini sandwich
1 serving popcorn
1 glass of wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,307

Jumping Jacks: 300
Yoga: 45 minutes
Walking: 3.25 miles
Sprints: 5
Running Stairs: 4 flights

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  1. good job with your calorie intake. seems like your doing alot better. that was wise u went thru and checked the weeks u had the most weight loss and noticed it was due to walking. exercise is sooo important in losing weight, plus you dont wanna lose a bunch of weight and be all saggy like an old lady :p dont forget simple toning too. u can just do standing squats and walking lunges in your living room. those are 2 good ones. i sent u a few anonymous comments before about calories and planter fasciatis ill include my name so u know who i am.. anwyways just wanted to tell you your doing great~~amanda