Thursday, December 15, 2011

Checkin' In


I totally just wrote a nice little post about how awesome doing yoga is and then I hit ctrl z out of habit to undo a mistake, it erased the whole damn post and then auto saved.  I hate when it does that!!!!

Nutshell version because I don't feel like re-writing it:

Intake was low yesterday.  I ended up glued to my computer unable to tear myself away from a java assignment for most of the day and forgot to eat.  Today has been about the same but I think I've got the assignment ready for submission pending one formatting question to my instructor so if I can knock out my C++ quick and easy as I have been, I should have a free night to get up and moving.

Did 210 knee push-ups yesterday, took in just over 900 calories and 60 oz of water.  Also 30 minutes of yoga during lunch.

I skipped my 10 minute breaks today but made up for it at lunch so I've done 150 bicep curls per arm so far today at 10lbs each.  I plan on doing the other 60 after work and before bed respectively.  Intake is under 300 and it's after 3:30 p.m.  I suck, I know.  You'd be amazed how easy it is for me to get obsessed with something and just forget about everything, including food.  Water intake today is worse, only about 30 oz so far.  I'll try to make up for the water tonight but no way I'm eating an 1,100 calorie dinner.  bleh.

I had this huge awesome poo-bah typed up about how I used to be an avid yoga hater/skeptic and I thought it was lame too but I gave it a shot and I'm shocked by the results but it's gone now so I'll just say this.  If you've never done it, try it for 3 days in a row and if you don't notice improvements in how you feel you can come to my house and short-sheet my bed.  I'm including a link for the "Crunch" series "Candlelight Yoga" DVD because it's the one I started out on and it's just challenging enough to feel like you're actually doing something but not impossible for even a little chunky-butt like me to do.  It's actually quite fun.  Once I memorized the routine I started just doing it while watching TV because the soft music and tinkling bells irritate me but it's worth a shot, really.  Let me know what you think.


  1. I like bob harpers weight loss yoga! LOVE IT! It's not all hippiedippy and he's super adorable. ;)

    Also, fatties are doing it since it's biggest loser. woot.

  2. Thanks Willpower! I'll have to look into that! I noticed the same girl that did the Candlelight video has a weight loss yoga video too so I was also considering checking that out. Have you tried any others besides Bob Harper? For some reason male yoga instructors kinda ... creep me out a little. I had this am/pm yoga tape years ago that someone gave me and the am yoga was instructed by this Asian guy in bicycle shorts. It was disturbing).