Friday, November 4, 2011


Last night I decided to try to do some more planks to work my abs and just as I got into the position for a front plank, my feet slipped backward on the carpet.  I dropped to my elbows in an attempt to catch myself and, instead, succeeded in hyper-extending two of the toes on my right foot.  I instantly hurt like hell and I rolled to my side as fast as I could to alleviate the pressure from them but it was too late, the damage was already done.

They started to purple within 20 minutes and it's actually the bones in my foot right by those toes that hurt, not the toes themselves.  I figured I could sleep it off and be fine by morning but no such luck.  I woke up in the middle of the night to investigate a loud noise (the cats knocking Vladdy's choke chain off the counter and onto the tile floor) and pain shot half way up my shin when I tried to stand on it.

This morning it's a little bit better, I was able to do jumping jacks as soon as I got out of bed, but it hurts pretty bad.  I had to just grit my teeth and force through them to get them done.  This close to pseudo-marathon time I can't afford to be injured.  I'm kinda pissed at myself.  I probably should have realized that my ab muscles were too sore and tired from the previous day's workout to support me in something as demanding as a plank.

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 healthy choice lunch
1 homemade wrap
>>6" flour tortilla, salami, provolone, and franks
1 white grapefruit
1 glass red wine
Daily Caloric Intake: 875

Jumping Jacks: 350


  1. Not to nag--but I'm gonna. Please be careful on your toes--if the injury is a dislocation or a damaging strain (as in the ligaments or tendons are torn, not just stretched) then working them could really really complicate recovery.

    And you don't want that. Just trust me on this one.

  2. Actually, good news today!!! The more I did Jumping Jacks yesterday the less my foot hurt. This morning I woke up with no pain at all so I'm thinking I jammed them and the JJ's helped stretch them back out maybe? There's still severe bruising and it's in a spidery formation but there's little to no swelling left.