Monday, January 31, 2011

Twelfth Weigh-In & Renaming "Temptation"

Although he is still a tempter, he has his moments and I've decided that he's not intentionally trying to tempt me, he just can't help himself.  So I have decided to rename him to something a bit more fitting; something that still describes him but is a more accurate description of his interaction with my diet: "Snack Monkey".  This should also be less confusing for new readers.

Yesterday Snack Monkey had elaborate pre-arranged plans to engage in a paintball war with several of his friends (I bought him 6 sessions of paintball for Christmas).  He doesn't own a single piece of outdoorsy type clothing so I loaned him all of mine; my camo pants are from my skinnier days and I always preferred to buy them a few inches long so they fit him perfectly.  I also have a camo chem jacket that was my oldest brother's during desert storm, two camo do-rags, a green (without the camo pattern) sweat shirt, and even two military style berets in red and blue.  I have too many hats to list: I think I've mentioned that here before.

Snack Monkey (right) w/friend
Anyhow, when we first arrived he had the pants, jacket, do-rag, and a blue beret on and he got some really fweaky looks at the donut shop.  He insisted on taking donuts for everyone because he knew they'd all get hungry quickly.  He could have picked something better than donuts, I know, but I'm trying not to be a total food natzi.  So he went into the donut shop and I stayed in the car, thinking he would be smart enough to find me something semi-decent for breakfast like a croissant or a bagel or something.  When we get to the paintball place though, oh no, just donuts all frosted and glazed.  THANKS SNACK MONKEY!  Oh well, turns out they're only 250 calories and I've definitely made bigger mistakes than a single donut so no biggy.

Snack Monkey and a big group of friends
So Snack Monkey decided that my jacket was too cumbersome so he loaned it to our friend who was playing paintball for the first time, along with my spare camo do-rag.  The friend in the photo above brought his girlfriend, one of my very best friends, and she and I hung out, kept an eye on their gear and watched them all shoot each other.  Snack Monkey had a war hero moment during a round where the two teams started on opposite sides of the field an equal distance from a big pit in the center.  In the pit was a metal case with an air horn in it (the "bomb) and the two sides had to try to get to the bomb before the other side in order to win.  Snack Monkey dodged his way forward from one barrier to the next until he was in position but seven or eight feet of open space stood between him and the bomb.  I thought for sure he wasn't going to make it.  His team mate called "I'll cover you!" and off he took, ducking and jumping before making a hop-dive into the pit.  My heart thrummed as I felt certain he'd been hit by enemy fire crossing the distance but then I saw the top of his head peek ever so slightly from the pit and knew that he was still alive.  Suddenly the loud obnoxious sound of an air horn pierced through the barrage of popping sounds and my sweetie pie emerged victorious.  YAY SNACK MONKEY!

After a bit the other girlfriend and I got bored and went to find some healthy lunch options; when the boys were done with their war games we headed home and I hit the gym to pump some iron.  The bones in my feet hurt too bad, after the five mile walk on Saturday, to do the treadmill but I wanted to do something so I focused on my abs and arms instead.

Dinner was leftover soft taco mixture, rolled up in corn tortillas and placed in a lightly oiled (EVOO) pan; drizzled with salsa verde and sprinkled with colby.  The colby/sauce adds an extra 100 calories per serving plus I couldn't help but toss on the last of the pico and a few dabs of Franks.  They were good but, I have to be honest, they weren't as good as the taco's were the night before.

Snack Monkey and I also spent about an hour in the kitchen together making the key lime pie recipe that we got from Cook This, Not That! Easy & Awesome 350-Calorie Meals and I have to admit, it was kind of fun to work together.  It had to set for two hours and by the time we finished juicing and zesting 10 freakin' limes it was past 9 so we just put it in the fridge and went to bed.  If I'm good today I'll have a little slice for dessert tonight to see how we did with it but I'm not really a fan of key lime pie usually.

OH and P-Freakin-S: I LOST FOUR-AND-A-HALF POUNDS THIS WEEK!   And the crowd goes wild!!!

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
2 leftover enchiladas (no pico, it's gone :( )
1/2 veggie enchilada
1 slice key lime pie (from the book)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1415

Hit the jogging trail at the park tonight for an hour (2 laps = 2 miles).  It took longer than walking 2 miles on the treadmill because it had this exercise stops at intervals along the trail so Snack Monkey and I stopped to do each one of those the first time around, then did the second lap just straight around at a brisk pace.  It felt good!  (Pictures of us doing the work-outs will post tomorrow)

New Playlist Additions
I added some new songs to my playlist but they'll be mixed in with my others so I figured, instead of posting a nightly playlist, I'd just post 10-15 of the new additions each night.

Alanis Morisette: Ironic
Alanis Morisette: Pocket
Alanis Morisette: You Learn
Alanis Morisette: Head Over Feet
Apocalyptica: Enter Sandman
The Bangles: Walk Like an Egyptian
The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations
The Beach Boys: Kokomo
The Beach Boys: 409
The Beach Boys: Barbara Ann
The Beach Boys: Be True to Your School
The Beach Boys: California Girls
The Beach Boys: Catch a Wave
The Beach Boys: Fun, Fun, Fun
The Beach Boys: Help Me Rhonda


  1. Congrats! That's great, I just hit 45 lbs lost today! woooo! :)

    We rock \m/

  2. Sounds like you had fun..Glad you did not get a croissant! Those things are fattening!!!! You would have been better off with a donut! next time seee if he will take you to Subway for their egg white breakfast sandwhiches.
    4 POUNDS!! Way to go! You are doing such a great job!


    . . .

    (Snack Monkey? Lol! Love it.)

  4. Awww, I liked Temptation (lol). The crowd is going wild. WTG.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you all! I just did the math and January was the most pound lost in a single month for me at 15 lbs! That's not shabby at all! If I could maintain that kind of loss I could hit my goal by the end of this year. That's almost impossible to even fathom; I thought for sure I was going to be cutting it close by setting a goal of July, 2012. At any rate, I'll be thrilled to reach my goal early but if it doesn't happen I won't beat myself up. I know the loss is going to probably slow down once I'm closer to my goal. Everyone always talks about how "the last 20 lbs are the hardest to lose" and all that.

  6. temptation sounded sexier. and somehow . . .black. Why is that?

    Anyhoodle. I like snack monkey!