Monday, January 17, 2011

Tenth Wigh-In

I was a little bit worried about the weigh-in this morning because ... at the risk of sharing too much information, I've been a little "plugged" over the last couple of days if you know what I mean.  I was relieved when that problem resolved itself first thing this morning but also realized that it's time for mother nature's monthly visit ... out of the frying pan and into the fire I suppose.

The problem with this time of the month, for me, is that I am on Depo Provera so I don't exactly have a "normal experience".  People think Depo prevents all the symptoms but I can tell you that, for me at least, that's not the case.  I still have the bloating, the cramping, and the nausea ... just not the rest.  I slept like the dead last night and woke up feeling dead this morning.  My mouth and the back of my throat were dry indicating that I'd been snoring which is odd because I really am not a snorer usually.  My eyes, skin, and hair feel extremely dry in spite of having had five healthy glasses of water yesterday, and I have these insane dark circles under my eyes that are so bad it almost looks like I've been punched in the face.  Do cucumber slices really work?  Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting rid of them that are inexpensive and affective?

I went to bed around 10:30 and woke up at 6:45 when the alarm went off so that seems like it should have been plenty of sleep right?  I've actually been sleeping pretty good since we got the new mattress so I'm somewhat surprised by the circles.  I would have expected to have them when I was sleeping like crap, not now.  There's little bags under my eyes too which makes me think of "Miss Congeniality" when the pageant guy puts hemorrhoid ointment under Sandra Bullock's eyes.  I'm not sure I have the stones to try that on myself, to be honest. lol

I'm a little irritated with my body right now because even though I'm excited about losing weight (and I have no doubts at this point that I can go all the way, considering the success I've had) it seems like everything else is falling apart.  My cheeks are breaking out and looking blotchy, there's the bags and circles under my eyes, all the walking is turning my feet into calloused hooves, and it seems like no matter how many times I shower per day or how much deoderant I use, my pits are smelly.  I know that the body stores toxins in fat cells and that a lot of these problems are likely the result of those toxins coming out as I burn fat but GRRR right?  I'm doing this to feel better about myself and yet, here I am, feeling even more like a troll than I did when I was 25 lbs fatter.

I can't afford to do it just yet but I'm thinking after my next really good check comes in I am going to get everything I need to go on a week long cleanse and do a home spa day.  Nothing but fruit, fruit juice, non-starch veggies, and water for a whole week!  Plus a pumice stone, a really good mud mask for my face, some cucumber slices, a small tube of really quality conditioner for my hair, etc.  Honestly it wouldn't be the first time; I've not done a cleanse in YEARS but I have done them and I know I have the will-power for them but they're not cheap.  I can't imagine it would be all that difficult while counting calories since most fruits and veggies are extremely low in that area.  Feel free to share your own home-remedies, recipes, thoughts and suggestions regarding this subject.

5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 banana
1 whole wheat bagel
2 laughing cow light cheese wedges
1/2 grilled chicken salad w/balsamic
2 egg rolls
Daily Caloric Intake: 939

Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.3 mph
Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.5 mph
Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.3 mph w/ 30% incline
Caloric Burn: (just for fun) 410 oh yeah!

Today's Playlist:
Bon Jovi: Have A Nice Day (Album Version)
Klaus Badelt: He's A Pirate (techno remix/AWESOME)
B*Witched: Mickey
Day of Fire: Hole In My Hand
Pussycat Dolls: Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)
Love Spit Love: How Soon Is Now
T.A.T.U: How Soon Is Now?
Nickleback: How You Remind Me
Living Syndication: Hubris
Apocalyptica: I Don't Care
Pussycat Dolls: I Don't Need A Man
Chumbawamba: Tubthumper (1 penny download!)
Will.I.Am: I Like To Move It
Godsmack: I Stand Alone
Smashmouth: I'm A Believer


  1. Hey good job on the weigh-in! :)
    Glad to also hear the cycling is still working out for you.

    One note: 5 glasses of water may not be enough... in fact, back in the Navy the serious lifters and exercise-types I associated with almost all said even 8 glasses wasn't enough. Many drank a gallon of water a day -- especially those who were working on losing weight. The argument is that without a large amount of water, your body can't flush the toxins well enough and you lose less weight and experience more problems (like the ones you are complaining about).

    Before the holidays (when Heather and I were doing better eating-wise and losing a fair amount of weight) Heather and I experienced what you are experiencing. My problem was most noticeable and frequent -- about every other week I'd get a few really large and painful pimples somewhere on my body (generally on my thigh or side-chest); that's odd for me b/c I've never been the pimple-type. Pretty sure it was just toxins. Part of the course, I guess.

    I have spoke to my dad at-length about that issue as well as others I've had and Heather's too -- mostly minor skin problems like rough, unhealthy-feeling skin, always feeling tired, etc. Very similar in nature to your complaints. He has always told me it's a product of your blood being too acidic -- which, it turns out, is extremely easy to achieve eating typical modern foods. Dieting often can aggravate the problem b/c sometimes the easiest diet-foods are also some of the most processed -- and apparently all processed foods are highly-acidic. He recommended a concoction (which I won't go into here) you drink throughout the day to add more alkaline into your diet to balance your blood's PH-levels out.

    Immediately on starting it, Heather noticed her skin got a LOT healthier -- and sleep has gotten much better for both of us. Without going into all of the details, here's the ingredients I recommend you research and consider adding to your daily regimen -- I'm positive they help the body because I feel better on them. Research into them has also shown me how important they really are -- and almost no one gets anywhere near enough.

    These aren't all the ingredients, just the ones I know from research are a lot more important than we realize -- the other ingredients I'm not mentioning here are because I don't know enough about them yet.

    Vitamin D
    Trace Minerals
    A good multi (liquid/gelcap, NOT tablet/capsule)

    I'm not kidding, as soon as we started taking these we noticed a difference. Only been on them for maybe 45 days, but just ask Heather... within 1 week she noticed a big difference in her skin. And I have a toenail that has been splitting and not healing for almost 2 years that within 3 weeks I could tell was finally healing. I'm convinced we were mineral-deficient.

    I would also think that supplementing with these things, while not solving all problems, will make it easier for your body to adjust -- and facilitate your weight-loss while supporting your body so these negative-effects aren't as bad.

  2. fyi, it took me this long to realize your play list is in alpha order. wtf is wrong with me?

  3. Brandon: funny you should mention alkaline because Shawn's boss has started drinking alkaline infused water (which to me tastes like colodial silver a little bit) and insists that it has cleansed him to no end since he started drinking it. He pays $1 a gallon for it though and every time I see him he pushes me to try it but if Shawn and I were drinking the recommended gallon each per day we'd end up spending over $700 a year on water which I really can NOT justify.

    Now on the concoction you've mentioned: I take Calcium w/ Vitamin D because it is recommended for women on birth control due to the threat of bone mass density loss. I did pick up a gelcap multi-vitamin but continually forget to take it. I do have a bottle of Vitamin C chewables but I haven't been taking them daily because I thought I'd heard that it's bad to have too much Vit C and I wasn't sure what "too much" was so I only munch 'em when I'm getting sick.

    I know that I should be drinking a gallon but honestly ... 5 or 6 glasses is REALLY HARD TO DO! I honestly don't know how people can drink so much water, I really don't. I had two glasses yesterday before the gym, a glass with dinner last night, then forced myself to drink another full glass before jumping in the shower and then downed the fifth after the shower and I felt like I was drowning myself; plus I wake up to pee two or three times a night drinking just 60 oz of water and that's less than half of what's recommended. Other than water I only drink 6 oz of coffee per day so grand total I'm only bringing in 66 oz of fluid on an average day. I want to drink more, I know I should drink more, but I just don't see how it's possible ... is this something I have to train for or ???

    Lanie: lol yeah that way I get variety. My Mp3 player either plays songs by artist or by title, title is better than shuffle because I don't have to worry about repeats. I also find myself looking forward to hitting the letter in the alphabet that means I'm getting close to a song I really want to here. lol I'm such a dork.

  4. It can take a while to get use to sleeping on a new mattress..Also being on a diet your body is already getting rid of all those toxins and that can be what is happening whith your skin and hair!

  5. I am going to post something that you probably won't agree with but it's just my opinion and so I am going to throw it in here. I realize everyone has their own way of doing things and knows what makes them feel good or not good. But I think you aren't consuming nearly enough. I have been thinking that ever since your calories went down into the 900's. And the things that you do consume could be more health concious...less starchy, more fresh veggies or fruit. I know it's hard to do. So many other things are so much more appealing. But I believe you are starving yourself and more than likely forcing your metabolism to an absolute crawl.

    I am more than thrilled at the weight you have lost and believe you are showing your true willpower. But when you mentioned the dark circles I began doing a little research and learned that of many many things that can cause them, malnutrition is one and it seems as if you haven't noticed it until now. If you are still working out the way you were previously as well as walking on the treadmill or cycling I think your body could still tolerate consuming 1400-1600 calories and still lose well.

    Take what you may and leave the rest. I know it's just my opinion. I do wish you well and hope to see a continued downward trend with you but I also hope it's done in the healthiest possible manner.

  6. OH YEAH, and at the sake of being the big drama mama I am.....I am just DYING to be nosy and see what this "jackass whisperer" has written about you. I have noticed two different people refer to him and I can't figure out how to search through people to find out who it is. Yesssss, I am nosy and love a good gossip read! Wanna share??

  7. Misty: His blog is called almostgastricbypass. I am not sure on the URL but I would assume it's Just please refrain from sharing anything you read on his blog with me. I'm trying really hard to just avoid the negativity and focus on myself.