Monday, January 3, 2011

Eigth Weigh-In

Today I return to school after the holiday break and I have to say that I am rather looking forward to it.  It will be good to return to my usual early morning routine; even better when the new mattress arrives because last night "Temptation" and I both slept like crap and woke feeling like zombies.  I am still in Psychology and Critical Thinking classes, they didn't end last year just took a little break right after mid-terms.  I'll be happy when they're over and my first programming class beings: intro to SQL.

A half pound gain from two weeks ago followed by a two-and-a-half pound loss this week means that I ultimately lost about 3 lbs over the Christmas holiday season.  Not too shabby.  I'm giving myself one more week to officially consider the holidays "survived" because "Temptation" still has an awful lot of holiday candy around the house and even though I've been very good up to this point, it's not over till it's over.

I took a quick inventory of snags, scrapes, cuts and bruises from yesterday's carpentry project.  You know, projects like that were a lot easier when I lived at home with my parents because my dad has every tool you could ever want for any purpose.  He bought me a table saw once for my birthday but a former roomie stole it and pawned it and I never got it back.  It's frustrating because I used to do projects and build things all the time and I was really good at it; my father taught me very well.  But when I try to do projects like that now I always realize at the last minute that I am missing a vital tool such as a staple gun, a proper sized drill bit, or a drummel for rounding off the edges.  Just one more day until the new mattress arrives, I'm so excited I can't hardly sit still.

Well I guess I'd better go see what my school assignments are this week.

5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 banana
1 whole wheat bagel
2 light laughing cow cheese wedges
6 oz pork loin w/1 tbsp A1
2 fresco steak soft taco's
2 fresco chicken soft taco's
Daily Caloric Intake: 1302

Treadmill 2 miles @ 3.2 mph
Today's Playlist:
Rammstein: Du Hast
Korn: Freak On A Leash [Explicit]
T.A.T.U: Friend or Foe
Nelly Furtado: Get Ur Freak On
Love Spit Love: How Soon Is Now?
T.A.T.U (Encore Cover): How Soon Is Now?
Apocalyptica: I Don't Care
Drowning Pool: Tear Away
Godsmack: I Stand Alone
Meredith Brooks: Bitch
Apocalyptica: I'm Not Jesus


  1. That is so awesome you are getting a new bed. 2 years ago my husband bought us a new bed. We had a room set on layaway and almost had it paid off. Someone called and said that they were confirming delivery for the next day. This was Christmas eve 2 years ago. I was like?? I asked Jack. He said Merry Christmas. They were to NOT have called. he was surprising me with a new mattress that I did not think we were getting for quite a while.
    We paid about %1500 and already need another new one!!!
    They just dont make good mattresses anymore!

  2. If you decide to look into a new mattress see if you have a Big's Furniture in your area. We are paying $999 for ours, it's an individually wrapped coil spring with a memory foam pillow top and has a 15 year full replacement warranty. Originally we weren't planning on spending that much but when we heard the warranty we just couldn't resist.

  3. Hi! I see you took my advice and quit worrying about how many calories you are burning. Just move and sweat as much as possible every. single. day. I hope it's simplified things for you a bit :o) And excellent job on your workouts!! Keep it up! Good music is vital to a good workout.. at least it is for me. If I forgot my player I don't even know if I would bother working out lol. The cool thing about music is, once you put that first song on you automatically switch into workout mode.. your body knows its gonna work and is ready for it. Muscle memory? keep going keep going keep going!!!

  4. Good job!

    Saw you listening to quite a bit of music that I like too -- you should check out my new favorite band:

  5. They're not bad, a little mellow for working out but I would image they'd be great for the post work-out stretch and relaxing phaze

  6. Yeah, sorry -- didn't intend for them to be work-out tunes. :)

    For working out, Rammstein, et al would be much better. In fact, for working out I really like Type-O Negative -- if you haven't heard them, check them out! (warning: though I doubt you'll mind, they may be a bit offensive for other people)

  7. I love Type O, they're on my play list but I haven't gotten to any of their songs yet. Christian Woman should come up in the next day or two though since my songs are in alphabetical order on my Mp3 player. You introduced me to them when I was 15 and I spent those two weeks with you in Murray. Remember, you didn't want me to know their name because you were afraid I would listen to them when I went home to mom and dad's and then they would get mad at you for exposing me to that kind of music? ;)