Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost and Gone Forever

I am sure that the following piece of news will thrill my mother to no end (that is if she's still lurking): I have lost my last nose ring.  I wear a nose ring, usually delicate little studs with silver balls or glass chips on the end, preferably the kind with the bead at the end of the post so you can push them in and out without having to worry about twisting and turning them etc.  They tend to stay in better.

Well in December I lost my last one of those while washing my face in the tub and it ended up down the drain before I realized it was missing so I put in my back-up, the kind with the L shaped post and a big blue ball at the end (not my favorite but was a freebie).  Tuesday night I lost it at the gym while wiping sweat off my face with a towel and I wasn't about to go crawling around on the floor looking for it in a crowded gym so it's gone and I've been three days without one.

Now I have a dilemma; I could just go get a new nose ring, obviously, but the last two both met their demise from my wiping my face with a rag and since I'm going to be going to the gym at least 5 times a week I anticipate that being a frequent thing.  So should I risk spending money on another ring only to lose it the same way I lost the last two?  Or I could just go without but there's an unsightly little hole in my nose when I'm not wearing a stud that seems far more obvious to me than I think it should be.  The problem with nose studs is that they're not cheap; at least not anywhere that I've found.  Hot Topic has the best selection and they want $7-$10 for them which, in my book, is insane!  I wouldn't mind if the hole just grew in but I've had it for so long that I doubt that's going to happen.  "Temptation" still has a hole in his tongue from when he pierced it 12 years ago even though he hasn't actually worn a stud once since I've known him.

Decisions, decisions.

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Newton's fig crisp
1/2 cup edamame
5 oz Prime Rib (dry)
>>2 oz red beans
>>2 tbsps red wine vinegar
>>2 oz sliced olives
>>4 oz pickled beets
>>2 oz red onion
>>2 cups mushrooms
Daily Caloric Intake: 899

Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.3 mph
Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.5 mph
Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.3 mph w/ 30% incline

Today's Playlist:
Rammstein: Mein Teil
Nickleback: Mistake
E Nomine: Mitternacht
Rammstein: Moskau
The Killers: Mr. Brightside
E Nomine: Nebelpfade
Nightwish: Nemo
T.A.T.U: Not Gonna Get Us
Erasure: Oh L'Amour
Three Days Grace: Pain
Finger Eleven: Paralyzer
T.A.T.U: Perfect Enemy


  1. Perhaps and actual nose ring? A hoop? Less likely to fall out.

  2. $10 i snot bad at all but doing that over and over would get costly! maybe wait a bit and see if it closes up..if once you lose all your weight and you decided that you would still like to have it and it has NOT closed back up then put on back in..maybe if you look at one that cost a bit more you can find one that will stay in.
    I had a belly ring years ago and it just would not heal. I did not know then that I was allergic to the metal in jewlery. I still have a scar. But it did close up.

  3. Count me in with mom!
    Not a fan of facial-piercings.

    My understanding of piercings is that once you've had them long enough they develop scar-tissue and won't grow back together. I did just a little bit of googling and found an author (and apparently an expert on the issue) who said that if you take it out it might grow back (or at least shrink) after a few weeks/months -- but that if it does not (and as long as you've had yours, it indeed may not), the only option is (as she put it) "expensive cosmetic surgery" -- she didn't define "expensive".

  4. Oh yeah... I vote for "lose the ring". :)
    What about one of those clear-posts you just insert in-place of actual jewelry... will that stretch the hole out while still filling-it and make it look more normal???

  5. Ki: I would like a hoop, I've always thought those were pretty neat looking. I had one briefly but it was too big around (it was thin metal, just too long so the ring made too big of a circle) so I tried to cut it down and ended up ruining it on accident.

    Brandon: I am hoping that it will shrink, at least. I unintentionally gauged it (bought new studs without paying attention to size) a couple of years ago. Even if it doesn't totally grow in, shrinking would be good.

    Renea: Yeah I think I'm with you on this one. Give it time, hope it shrinks and then if it doesn't close up just get a new one once the weight is off. I like having one, I think it looks cute on me but if it did close up I probably wouldn't be all broken up over it.

  6. I have to admit i love my nose studs :) But i do have a very small hole that nobody can actually see unless i have a stud in! Mine are actually a lot cheaper than that so i've never cared if i lose them.

  7. I tried to do the actual ring once and thought that on me it looked very tacky. But, on a side note I am a big fan of piercings so I would encourage you, if you still like it, to try something that may work and stay put such as an actual ring. I have had multiple piercings, some of which I wouldn't want to list and at this point the only still remaining are my nose and my ears (guess I am growing up! LOL!) and I am sometimes saddened by it. However if you would have no regrets with it being gone, then go for it. I don't like the studs with the little ball or the L shaped ones. I have always preferred the pigtails. They stay in place (to me) the best.

    Now on a different topic. I am joining the journey (whole-heartedly, not just half-assed) and was wondering if maybe I should start a blog. Would you have any interest in reading? I guess I use you as inspiration and motivation. And it's always better to do things along with someone because you can encourage each other. I don't know anyone else to discuss the subject with so.....I sound pitiful huh!

  8. Suzi: you'll have to tell me where you get your rings so cheap, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

    Mysti: of course I would want to read and, if you want, would add you to the PR list on the side of my blog too. You've seen the kind of crap that can come on someone's head for weight-loss blogging but if you're up to ignoring/overcoming it it can be very rewarding. Especially the weekly logging and monthly pictures. They're motivational

  9. I can only share that I really miss mine. Maybe redoing it could be a weight loss reward!

  10. Hey here is your "lurking" mother and I agree with B, just lose it. It will just shrink and grow scar tissue, the it will look like a cute little freckle, right?

  11. also from your "lurking" mother, this would be one of the BEST "Happy Birthday's" to dad, right??