Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Shmaturday

I should enjoy Saturday's more than I do, I'm off work, I usually finish and submit my school work for the week on Friday and ... well it's the weekend right?  So why don't I adore Saturdays?  Because "Temptation" has to work and I usually don't...which means I stay home for the better part of the day, alone, watching TV, cleaning the house, working on various projects, studying Italian, yadda yadda.  Basically doing anything I can to keep myself entertained and away from/out of the fridge.  I'm a boredom eater and ever since I started this commitment to weight loss Saturday's and Sunday's have typically been the hardest to behave on.

I dropped "Temptation" off at work this morning, gassed up the car and then hit the gym.  Did my 2.7 miles which completes my 10 mile goal for this week plus a little extra, YAY!, and then stopped in to enjoy 6 minutes in the free tanning beds that are included in the gym membership "Temptation" got me for Christmas.  I have to say, $20 a month no contract with tanning and massage chairs included is not a half bad deal!

So now it's 10:30 in the morning and I guess I'll start a load of laundry and work on the last panel of the blanket I'm crocheting for "Temptation".  I have the song "I feel Good" stuck in my head which is odd because I haven't listened to it and don't even like it. lol

9:32 pm - I made the conscious decision to indulge in some nacho's for lunch today (tortilla chips, cheese, salsa, olives, jalapinos, grilled chicken) because my caloric intake all week has been either very close to or below 1,000 calories which average out to about 600 calories less, per day, than my goal.  I'm trying to "trick" my body to avoid another plateau as many of you have suggested.  They may not have been the healthier calories but I wanted them and I don't see anything wrong with enjoying foods that I love every once in awhile.  Anyway, then we took pizza and chicken wings to our friend's house for dinner; I originally had no intention of eating either but over the course of five hours I caved and ate one slice of pizza and two buffalo wings.  Still ... added up my calories for the day and came in under 1600 but managed to give my body a few hundred more than what it's become used to this week so hopefully I'm keeping my tummy on it's toes. :)

5 glasses of water
1 breakfast sandwich
1 banana
1 fat free yogurt
1 serving nachos
1 slice pizza
2 buffalo chicken wings
Daily Caloric Intake: 1470

Treadmill: 2.70 miles @ 3.2 mph

Today's Playlist:
Flyleaf: Beautiful Bride
Nickleback: Because Of You
Pussycat Dolls: Beep
KT Tunstall: Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
Bon Jovi: Blaze Of Glory
Perfect Circle: Blue
Evanescence: Bring Me To Life
Nickleback: Burn It To The Ground
Queens of the Stone Age: Burn The Witch
The Used: Burning Down The House
Pussycat Dolls: Buttons
Rammstein: Buck Dich
B*Witched: C'est La Vie


  1. Hey, you spelled "Schmaturday" wrong.
    (I have amused myself to no end with that comment)

    Weekends are tough, especially when we have these bad habits ingrained in our fat little brains. Sounds like you're making lots of positive new habits though.

    I hope the nachos were worth it. I totally want cookies.

  2. Congrats on meeting your 10mile goal, plus a lil more!
    temptation on the weekends is sooo hard
    glad you enjoyed your "splurge"

  3. Lainie: lol that was a great laugh first thing in the morning. The nachos were amazing ... they would have had sour cream on them but I told the waitress to use extra pico instead, and I encouraged "Temptation" to eat as much of them as he wanted. He's handy to have around in situations like that. :) Over Christmas I had a cookie in my hand and he walked up to me and opened his mouth, I thought twice about just eating it myself, then shoved the whole cookie in his mouth and walked away quite proud of myself. lol

    Susie: Aye the same friends want us to watch football with them tonight at buffalo wild wings. Aside from not really having the money (because that place is not cheap) I know it would be a huge source of temptation so I'm thinking we may decline. One "splurge" every so often can't hurt but two in a row would be very bad for my resolve.

  4. I totally reccomend carrying some Cliff Bars or some equivalant with you at all times. It will save you from making hundreds of bad food choices. Yes, they get boring and are no where near as delicious as a cheeseburger.. but they are only 240 calories or so and will tide you over till you get home and can eat something sensible. The more nachos, buffalo wings, pizza, sugar, and refined carbs you consume, the longer it will take you to reach your goal. No, they will not help you with any potential plateaus. In fact I wouldn't worry about that at all till it happens and then analyze what you're doing so you can change it up. Using what might possibly happen in the future as an excuse to justify eating crap is how I got over 240 lbs in the first place. I was "afraid" I would be hungry lol. And yes, I did suggest that you quit worrying about how many calories you are burning, but you should be aware of it. Specifically .. how long does it take for you to burn off xxx calories. When I think about how many times I have to run around the track to burn off whatever evil food it is, I almost always reconsider. It isn't worth flushing all my hard work down the drain. I've eaten enough ice cream, pizza, brownies, you name it, for 30 lifetimes. It tastes exactly the same as it used to and it will be there for me in the future should I decide to eat it. But for right now it gets in the way of me wanting a nice tight ass. I've got my booty into a size six and pizza (which I do miss sometimes) would only push me back into needing a size 8 and there's no way in hell I'm buying bigger pants. I would suggest making a concious decision to cut out sugar and refined carbs from your diet. You can't do it all at once, but you can gradually and it will change your metabolisim and your life. I promise!!

  5. Yeah, don't get in the habit of splurging or you will undo all your hardwork before you know it.

  6. Lisa: Please review my articles of faith here ( Completely cutting food that I love out of my diet is not part of my plan and never has been. It makes no difference if calories come from cheese burgers or grapes, calories are all the same, they are all created equal. Eating too many calories creates fat. Eating fewer calories than you burn leads to weight loss. The only thing that It is beneficial to eat healthier calories for a lot of reasons such as vitamins and nutrients, and the fact that they tend to be more filling whereas empty calories lead to usually feeling hungry a short time later; but as long as I don't go over 1,600 calories a day, the occasional nachos pizza and buffalo wings will make no difference on my diet. The formula is calories in minus calories out = weight loss and the formula makes no stipulation as to where the calories come from. The efforts I have made to eat healthier while simultaneously counting calories have been solely for the fact that I desire healthier skin, hair, nails etc. which come from the vitamins and nutrients found in the healthier foods. The changes to my diet that I am making now are changes that I plan to keep long after the weight is off. That means finding a balance between food I love and food that is good for me. Eliminating food that I love now just to lose weight quicker will only lead to a massive binge and rebound once I've lost it. I know this how? Because this is not the first time that I've gained or lost a lot of weight. I've yo-yo'd my entire life up and down and up and down because I went on drastic diet changes to lose, deprived myself of food I loved, spent the entire time thinking about "once I've lost the weight I can't wait to eat X again" and then the next thing I knew I was over 200 lbs again. This time I am going to teach myself how to enjoy the foods I love but do so in occasional moderation so that by the time the weight is off I will have developed a habit of enjoying the foods I love in moderation and I will carry that habit with me through life after weight loss.

    Also, I realize you're fairly new to the blog so you may have missed my first plateau. It did already happen and the calorie trick did exactly as those who suggested it said it would. It prevented my body from getting comfortable with X number of calories.

    Finally, to answer your other question: even though I am no longer posting calories burned I am aware of them. The treadmills at my new gym factor in weight, height, age, speed, distance, and heart rate when I use them. Yesterday I burned 389 calories walking 2.7 miles which I did in just over 50 minutes. I realize burn will go down as I lose weight and decrease my BMI but yes, I am still aware of burn.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and comments. Although I may not always agree with all of my readers (truly it's impossible because sometimes my readers don't even agree with each other ;) ) I do, always appreciate insightful, intellectual comments; including yours above. I hope my response didn't come off to cold, I know sometimes without vocal inflection it can be easy to sound offensive in text without intending to so I want you to know that if I sound upset, defensive, or snotty it is not my intention. :)

    The important thing to bear in mind is that, although my vitamin and nutrient intake was low in comparison to my calories (due to eating a lot of empty calories), my caloric intake was still within range of my goal and my cravings were, once again, sated and satisfied so that they will leave me alone for awhile. Today's food list is filled with healthier choices that I think you will all be quite proud of! :)