Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Full Evening

Hello friends!  This morning I am very excited to share with all of you the events of last night.  I got paid yesterday and we needed to go shopping badly so I skipped the gym and we headed straight for the book store where we gathered up every low calorie cookbook we could find and then took the pile to a couple of chairs so that we could thumb through them.  We picked one off my Amazon wish list: Cook This, Not That! Easy & Awesome 350-Calorie Meals.

Next we stopped off at Sears and traded the rice cooker we got for Christmas in for a George Foreman grill.  We really wanted a rice cooker but the one we got burned rice every single time.  We tried trading it for another rice cooker, thinking the first one was just faulty, but the second one burned the rice too so we decided that it's just a bad brand.  My brother gets really good cookers from Costco so we'll pick up a better one next time we're there with friends but, for now, we're both really excited about the grill.  Oh!  I should mention that while we were at the book store "Temptation" noticed these little chocolate bars on the counter by the register labeled "Emergency Chocolate".  I asked him how many calories were in it and he said 160 so then I laughed and said "How many servings per bar hunny?"  When he said one I snatched the bar out of his hand to look for myself because that seemed just too good to be true.  See for yourself:

Back View
Front View

So I decided to buy it and try it.  Somehow I managed to only grab one bar and then paid for it and the book and split before I could go back for three or four more.  Anyhow, on with the evening.  So after Sears we hit my favorite sushi restaurant and it was just the pick-me-up I needed.  I realized something really cool at this point in the evening: Sushi restaurants aren't nearly as expensive when you're counting calories and trying to lose weight.  We used to drop $40-$50 at the sushi restaurant easy, every time we went there; so we didn't go there very often.  Last night, however, "Temptation" ordered his usual $10 meal and I got two hand rolls and a rainbow roll.  The hand rolls are pretty small which is why I got two but after eating everything I realized I could probably even get by with one hand roll and the rainbow roll.  Our bill was only $25 + tip and the fish was so fresh that even the raw salmon tasted good to me.

While waiting for our order we broke out the new book and started going through recipes while putting together our grocery list.  We've got four recipe's from the book that we're going to try this week including Key Lime Pie (which is for "Temptation's" sweet tooth, not mine, since I usually don't even like Key Lime Pie).  I'll keep you posted on the recipes we try and what we think of them though I won't be posting the ingredients etc. here because I am concerned about copyright infringement.  From the looks of it so far, though, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone trying to cook and eat healthier; it has a Scallopini recipe and a recipe for stroganoff too!  Even if you're not trying to count calories it's just a great way to get fresh ideas for some of your favorite restaurant foods but with healthier alternative ingredients.

So at the store I decided to pick up some new work-out clothes because I have been in desperate need.  I grabbed a new pair of work-out pants in a size 16-18 and ... drum roll please: THEY FIT!  I'll admit they're a little more snug than I like but I don't have to tug and huff and puff to pull them up or anything.  "Temptation" says they make my butt look good (he said it just like Mike Rowe in those Wrangler commercials he does which made me laugh to no end).  I also grabbed a three-pack of sports bras size 38 (down from 42) and they ALSO fit!  WEEEEEEEE!  I got an aromatherapy bath ball for stress relief and a tube of clay face mask as well but they were out of pumice stones so that's still on my list along with socks.  (I have a gift card coming from Payless Shoes for socks because I bought some but the clerk didn't put them in my bag and then when I realized it and went back to get them she told me no and wouldn't tell me how to contact her manager.  So I called customer service for their website and they said they would send me a gift card to replace the socks that the clerk apparently stole from me.)

After I added up my calories for the evening and saw that I was all good I opened the candy bar and *cue choir of angels* it is divided into 10 squares.  I broke off two little squares, wrapped up the rest and put it on top of the fireplace mantel where I am most likely to forget about it for a day or two (I hope) and divided 160 by 5.  It is really tasty chocolate and two squares were just enough to tickle my sweet tooth without making me insane and drooling for more.  All-in-all, last night was a great night.

6 glasses of water
1 large cup of coffee w/creamer ("Temptation poured it for me today")
1 Fiber One bar
1 can hearts of palm (a veggie btw)
44 berry poppy seed crackers
1 home-made cheese burger
>>1 Hawaiian roll
>>4 oz patty cooked on the new foreman grill
>>1 roma tomato sliced
>>1 slice of onion
>>1 Tbsp Frank's red hot (0 cal and DELICIOUS!)
>>(no mayo, no ketchup, no mustard)
Daily Caloric Count: 1125

Treadmill: 2 miles @ 3.3 mph w/30% incline
Treadmill: 1.38 miles @ 3.5 mph w/10% incline

Tonight's Playlist:
My Mp3 player started over from the top with #1 Crush (by Garbage) today and I haven't added any new tunes so unless there are objections I figured there's no point in posting it all again right?


  1. I've been considering getting that cookbook because i love the "eat this, not that" books. I'll wait to hear your reviews before i make up my mind.

  2. I want to share this website with you. I used it sevearl years ago when attempting to be more orgainzed, but of course I dropped it. time to pick it back up. Would be more fun with a friend!