Sunday, January 2, 2011

Headboard Project

Later this evening I will be posting details regarding this headboard project but I wanted to post the pics now so that I don't forget.  A thick piece of plywood, two king sized pillows, 7 feet of black vinyl, 7 upholstery nails, some duct tape, and a whole lot of staples created this classy/modern looking headboard piece to add to my custom-made iron bed frame.

After cutting the wood, drilling the 1/4 inch bolt holes and duct taping the bolts in place from the inside I taped the pillows to the plywood so that they wouldn't move as I covered them with the vinyl.

Next I added the vinyl and put the upholstery nails in place between the two pillows.  Then came the hard part: with "Temptation's" help we stretched the vinyl tight over the pillows and ply wood and stapled it extensively along the back, cutting slits so that the bolts could go through on the back for fastening the whole thing to the frame when finished.

And this is the final project after it has been bolted to the frame and the mattress pushed up in place against it.  Now all we have to do is survive on our crap-tastic mattress for less than 48 more hours until the new one arrives.  Once it's here I'll make the whole bed up all nice and pretty and share a picture.

I am really excited, this is a project we've wanted to get done ever since we first got the custom frame.  It will be great to have a mattress set that actually fits properly inside the frame, and to have a cohesive color scheme from sheets to headboard.  We really want to paint the frame black (right now it's kind of a wine/maroon color) but it's so heavy and hard to move/assemble that we're not going to do that until we have to take the stupid thing apart the next time we move.  I also want to make heavy black curtains to go on the iron runners that go all the way around the top of the bed (about 7 feet tall)