Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Motivating "Temptation"

So last night "Temptation" went to the gym with me again.  Yay right?  Not quite.  You see, he said he wanted to go to the batting cages because softball season starts at the end of next month so I told him to drop me off at the gym, hit the cages, and pick me up when he was done.  I even took the house key so that I could walk home from the gym after if I needed to (just a smidgen over 1 mile).  For reasons unknown, however, he ended up parking the car after dropping me off at the door and decided to just come inside with me.  Oooookey dokey.

Here's the thing: I don't care if "Temptation" goes to the gym or not, I really don't.  He pays $20 a month for my membership and I can take a friend for free any time I want so we're not paying for him to be there at all; if we were paying for a membership that he wasn't using then I might be a little miffed but we're not.  He works a physical job all day long six days a week and can gain or lose 20 lbs like it's nothing.  Which he does, by the way, 20 lbs up and 20 lbs down all the time but never really more than 20 lbs in either direction.  He gains and loses it all in his tummy and when he's at his heaviest he's got a little bit of a belly but nothing that "turns me off" and when he's thinnest he still has a teenie weenie little bit of a belly that I find rather cute so he really doesn't need to do the gym thing in my eyes.  I would have been perfectly fine if he'd gone to the batting cages, in fact it was my idea.  I would have been ok with going to the gym and leaving him home to play video games if that's what he'd wanted; but he made the choice to come to the gym with me all on his own.  Spiffy.

But he gets on a treadmill right next to me and walks at 0.5 mph for about 8-10 minutes, then steps off and hits the men's room.  He comes out and walks again at 0.5 for about 3 minutes, then stops the tread and just stands there on it for a few minutes staring at me.  Then he steps off and starts a leisurely stroll around the gym, not really stopping to do anything.  At this point I decided to stop watching him and just focus on my own work-out and when I get done I find him parked in the massage chairs with a vitamin water watching ESPN.  I'm not upset ... but I am confused.  Why would he come home and immediately get dressed in gym clothes and load his baseball bats in the car, only to sit at a gym in massage chairs that he doesn't even have tokens for (they're members only)?

Then after the gym, and after picking up Panda Express for supper, he decides he wants a Cinnabun (I may have previously mentioned his addiction to these things).  The nearest Cinnabun is in the mall so he finds a parking space and I stay in the car while he runs inside to get a sticky-roll.  That's when I realize that he's walking faster to get to the Cinnabun then he even considered walking on the treadmill and then it hit me; I need to put a sticky bun on a stick and dangle it in front of his face just out reach like they do with carrots and donkeys.  THAT is his motivation. LOL

Last night's fortune cookie, which I opened today and fed to the dog: The clouds will rain down success on to you.

5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 cup whole wheat noodles
1/2 cup spaghetti sauce w/turkey
1 cup home-made chicken and pasta
1 slice texas toast
Daily Caloric Intake: 937

Bailed on the gym, the bones in the tops of my feet are just too sore so it was easy to let "Temptation' talk me out of going tonight.  I did, however, do two loads of laundry, cooked a home-made dinner, cleaned up after, and did a whole lot of crocheting.  p.s. I have chicken breasts marinading in a white whine and basil concoction over night, going to break out the bag of frozen broccoli and some rice-a-roni with them for dinner tomorrow.


  1. Ok.. Now I know that you get to read this before anyone else does so you can choose to post it or not..Up to you! I am JUST being honest here. But it does not seem to me that he is being very supportive what so ever!! Panda express and cinnabon after you just worked your ass off at the gym..Hello..Who does that?? I kinda get it though. Where did you go for your first date? What do you eat on friday night? I dont know about you but on friday night me and Jack love to eat panda and actually you can get the veggies,green bean chicken and it s pretty healthy just has a bit of sodium but if you plan your day out it IS doable. But that is NOT what we would get. WE got orange chicken and the fried crab ragoons and fried shrimp and OMG i am getting hungry..But anyways.. Maybe he is missing that person that you were and in his own way he seeing if he can break you? I am sure he loves you and wants to see you be a success. Jack does the same things..he wants me to be healthy and hot but he is torn because he also wants me to be able to go and have mexican food with him and sit and have a big bowl of ice cream with him every night while we watch a movie. I have recognised these things so I have tried and made alterations that he would like. The apple crisp that is on my blog. I came up with that when I was trying to think of somthing that I could eat and that he would like. I put a little ice cream on it and a bit more on his then mine it is really good! You will both love it. So try it if you have not yet!We are going from one person that they are use to. To this completly different person.
    Even in my mind sometimes I wonder how things will be different. many years ago my husband jack did the body for life. Have you ever heard of it? Well he did it and did it well. I did not. But I think if I had he would have stuck with it. I kinda felt guilty about that! AS soon as he finished and took his pictures he went right back to eating crap WITH ME!!!
    I am sure over time both our spouses will adjust and realize that this is the new way. But we are also going to have to help them along the way. jack had dinner tonight and proceedes to get a bowl of cereal RIGHT after!!! Just after today he was telling me he need to lose his gut! I think when summer rolls around and none of HIS clothes fit and I get to buy all smaller clothes then maybe it will click with him.Ok enough rambling and I am NOT spell checking here..hahah

  2. You know... you really ought to lose the broccoli... that stuff is horrible for you! Do you know the toxins that get embedded in that stuff from the dirty air while it's growing??? Go with fries instead -- much less toxins, they grow in the ground!


  3. I was always distracted when my man came to the gym with me too...just because I would usually just pop on the headphones and 'get in the zone' and he interrupted my "FLOW" lol. Maybe Temptation wants to spend more time with his honey!

  4. Renea: I did orange chicken, broccoli beef, and half of my veggie chow mein at panda. I had the calories for the day that it worked out ok. The Cinnabun thing isn't a temptation for me because I don't like them at all but I do see your point and I think you're spot on with your assessment. This is more or less why I am still calling him "Temptation"; the things he does are things that he thinks are ok for him to do - like get a Cinnabun and suggest panda. But if he saw me about to eat a cookie he would recognize that it's bad and offer to eat it instead as a way to save me. He's funny like that, like a bodyguard throwing himself in front of a bullet to save me but it's food not gun fire. He gets the Cinnabuns because he knows there's no danger of me wanting one. But much of what he thinks is ok is just a lack of education which I think comes from his ability to drop 20 lbs like it's nothing. I don't think he realizes how much harder it is for me so he doesn't understand my need to be so strict. He thinks I should eat the occasional cheeseburger because he just doesn't understand. He can't grasp why spaghetti is "ok" (not great but ok) but fettacini (sp?) is not.

    Brandon: Thanks for the humor, I needed it. Riddle me this, why are all veggies that grow under ground full of starch? (Beets, Potatoes, Carrots, Turnips) I've always wondered that. ;)

    Ariel: One theory I had was maybe a little bit of jealousy? I'm losing weight and tanning and he's worried I'll be scoping out guys at the gym if he's not there with me? Or is that wishful thinking on my part? ;)

  5. I guess maybe I should have spell checked but I think you got what i was saying. We USE to eat panda on friday nights. We dont now. But if we did I woukd make sure I had the calories for it and IT IS doable they have some low calorie but high sodium stuff!

  6. Don't know... the thought never occurred to me.

    Maybe it's a form of natural selection... since starchy-vegetables tend to be sweeter and higher in calories, perhaps they are sought-out more by animals and so the ones that start to evolve into an above-ground variety aren't able to survive long enough to become a viable species. I guess follow-up questions to consider is: is it true that *all* underground-vegetables are starchy (or does it just seem that way b/c that's the ones we are familiar with???), and what can we say about the few starchy vegetables that live above-ground (like corn)???

    Good question. I have no clue.

  7. On further thought (albeit only a few seconds more), I'm going with the evolution-idea for now (though now that you've mentioned it, it'll bug me forever unless I come across a firm answer somewhere).

    Maybe it's difficult for vegetables to evolve into starchy-varieties... and so the ones that make it tend to be ones that are difficult for most animals to reach, ie: underground for roots, tubers, etc, and high-up for things like corn.

    Fruit, on the other hand, seems to be totally different since lots of varieties grow right at ground-level.