Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Little Something New

So last night Snack Monkey wanted to go to the batting cages and he wanted me to go with him.  Originally I was affronted, thinking: 'but I MUST go to the gym and there's simply not enough time in the day to do both!' but then I decided that the batting cages could be my work out; I don't HAVE to sit on my ass and watch Snack Monkey get all the exercise right?  So I told him that I would go with him but when we got there they were closed.  Joy of joys.  On the way home from the batting cages is Sunset park which has a 1 mile long jogging track around a lake with these exercise stops along the way.  We had one of these in a park near where I grew up in Roy so I thought it would be something fun and new for me to try; plus it was a beautiful night so the temptation to be outside, even though it was after dark, was just too high to ignore.  It was really dark and Snack Monkey's flash on his camera phone leaves something to be desired but here are some pics of last night's work-out.

Monkey Bars


Climbing Wall
Parallel Bars
Balance Beam

Snack-Monkey: Pull-Ups
He was, once again, late getting home and with rush-hour traffic it took us almost another hour to get to the batting cages, then we spent an hour at the park so by the time we got done it was much too late to cook/eat dinner and we were pretty surprisingly pooped.  We stopped in at a little Mexican restaurant on the way home and I ordered a veggie burrito; this place is so authentic that I can't even read 80% of the menu so, needless to say, I was surprised when it came out enchilada style with green sauce and cheese all over it.  I decided immediately, upon looking at it, that I was only going to eat half - and half was really plenty so I'm glad I stuck to my guns.  It tasted AMAZING and came with a side of sliced tomatoes and pico instead of sour cream or guac so I actually felt pretty good about it.  I brought the other half home for lunch today but I left a big pile of melty, gooey, delicious looking cheese behind on the plate.  I don't know how I did it, I guess I have more will-power than I thought.

About an hour or so after we got home Snack Monkey decided it was time for that Key Lime Pie we made the night before out of our Cook This, Not That! recipe book so I made sure that I did the slicing ... Snack Monkey thinks pies should only yield four servings instead of 8.  It wasn't too bad for Key Lime ... I'm not a pie fan anyway, especially key lime, but I have to confess I thought it was good.  And Snack Monkey, who is a key lime expert, said it was the best key lime pie he'd ever had (and he was pretty proud of himself for having made it from scratch).  At 330 calories per serving it's practically a meal all of itself so I don't expect it to be a regular part of my menu but it was a nice treat.  I felt like I was cheating but didn't feel guilty about it at the same time; it was rather nice.  He's planning on taking a few slices to work for his boss and his boss' wife which is fine with me.  Let's get as much of it out of the house as quickly as possible!  P.s. the recipe called for low fat condensed milk but I got the fat free.  It also called for whipped cream and I grabbed "light" whipped cream.  I think that might be why it looks a little runny in the pic but that's the whipped cream sliding off the pie.  The filling itself was actually normal for a pie and the sprinkles you see on top are actually grated lime peel/zest.

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1/2 leftover veggie burrito
1/4 Lb Coffee Flank Steak (another Zinkzenco recipe)
1/2 cup chicken Rice-A-Roni
1 Tbsp A-1 steak sauce
4 oz White Zinfandel
Daily Caloric Intake: 965

Stationary Bike: 12 miles (random difficulty intervals)

More Playlist Additions:
Jimmy Soul: If You Wanna Be Happy
The Exciters: Tell Him
Billy Joel: Start The Fire
Billy Joel: Uptown Girl
Blues Traveler: Most Precarious
Brian Setzer: Jump, Jive, & Wail
Cherry Poppin Daddies: Zoot Suit Riot
Citizen King: Better Days
Coolio: Gangsters Paradise
Dead or Alive: You Spin Me (Ride Round)
Eagle Eye Cherry: Save Tonight
Lou Bega: Mambo Number Five
Green Day: Come Around
Moby: James Bond Theme
Natalie Imbruglia: Torn


  1. I just picked up the two cook this not that books at the library. I'm definitely going to buy them!

    Way to go on getting a good workout in and dealing with the food that was presented to you.

    Have a great, healthy day!

  2. Hi Suzi, If/When you do buy the 300 calorie book be sure to pick it up from Amazon. Currently (as of 02/02/11) it's approximately $10 less than what I paid for it at Border's. I place links on my site pretty much every time I mention it. (I'm obligated by Amazon to mention that this price is subject to change though so be sure to check it to confirm when you decide to buy the book).

  3. It's fun doing something different! I love that you have a park like that!

  4. I'm in Canada so i'll order it from Amazon.ca! Yes i figured they'd be cheaper than chapters etc.

  5. I picked mine up at Walmart the other day and it was a good price (altho I can't remember exactly how much).

    Sounds like an action-packed day for you and the pie sounds tasty!