Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Award

I was granted a new award today by my favorite friend in the blog world Renea!  Thank you chica!  So the rules are that I have to share 7 things about myself and pick 15 people to pass this award on to.  First, let's see the award right?

Next: Seven things about myself.
  1. I have two brothers and one sister, all older than me.
  2. I am irrationally afraid of ultrasound pictures and don't really know why.
  3. I'm not a natural red head.
  4. I sing a mean karaoke act.
  5. I once went three days without so much as whispering.
  6. I still harbor a secret appreciation for the Backstreet Boys.
  7. I have a massive hat collection.
And finally, 15 people to whom I wish to pass on this award (in no particular order):
  1. Bitch Cakes!
  2. So Over Fat
  3. He Took MY Last Name
  4. SpunkySuzi
  5. Auntie Mandy
  6. My Heavy-Weight Battle
  7. Healthy Schmelthy
  8. Incremental Improvements
  9. 119 Days
  10. The Swan in Me (love the name change!)
  11. "Big Girl" no more!
  12. Nothing Rhymes with April
  13. The Tortoise
  14. Linzerello
  15. Like a fat kid loves cake
Recipients: Per the rules be sure to mention and link back to this blog, list seven things about yourself, pass the award on to 15 of your fellow bloggers, and notify them of the award on their blogs.


  1. well, wait a minute... now for an inconvenient fact: you actually have 2 brothers and *3* sisters. silly girl.


  2. Um ... guess mom never told you but I don't claim the oldest two sisters, ever. I barely claim Ron because, over the past few years he's been half-way decent and quite supportive of mom and dad. The other two, on the other hand ... I know the rest of the family is working on making amends with them but I've not seen either one of them since I was like 7 and have no desire to change that. Heather and Angie are more my sisters than those two, especially Heather.

  3. Just a friendly piece of advice: Careful with the knee. You might want to get it checked out by an orthopedic surgeon. What you're describing sounds like a knee problem that's much more common amongst women than men. One of the major symptoms is the kneeing "going out of joint". This is NOT something that you can correct with more exercise.

  4. Mean karaoke? I want live performance posted on YouTube! Make this happen!

  5. Just Concerned: I am fairly certain that me knee problem is the result of previous injury. A 1,000 lb horse fell on that knee when I was 15 and it swelled up the size of a basketball. It's been a problem ever since.

    Ki: "Temptation" actually tried to film me singing Flyleaf at a karaoke bar in San Diego during our Christmas trip but the audio is complete garbage. Apparently his mic on his phone can't deal with really loud music because it sounds like someone is using a wheat grinder right next to the camera.

  6. Thanks so much!

    You're doing a great ob!