Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogging on the Fly

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I usually write my posts in the morning and then add food and activities throughout the day.  This morning blogger apparently was having issues because every time I tried to start a new post it just spun and spun.  So here it is, 2 in the afternoon and I am finally able to write down a few thoughts.  The problem?  My creative juices seem to work best in the morning when my thoughts are fresh and I haven't had a chance to weigh myself down with other information and worries like work, school, and bills.

That said this one is short and sweet.  I find it ironic that I didn't feel hungry even once pretty much all of last week, including Sunday, then had an extremely awesome weigh in yesterday morning, and have felt like I'm constantly starving ever since.  PROOF that a significant factor in hunger pains is all in our minds.  Last week I felt so frustrated about the plateau I was in that I subconsciously divorced myself from food other than the purpose of sustenance.  Then this week I am, apparently, on such a high over yesterday's weigh in that I subconsciously think I deserve to go ape-crazy with it.  Well good thing I know better huh?

I'll fight it, and I'm sure eventually the hunger pains will go away ... again. 
Last minute note: went grocery shopping after the gym and found these adorable little teeny tiny 5 oz ice creams/yogurt blends that are 100-200 calories each and just happened to find the coffee flavored one that I used to buy in pints before the diet.  They're so cute and delicious all in one.  I only bought two: one coffee and one brownie.  Had the coffee tonight and am going to try to save the brownie for this weekend.

2 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Newton's cereal bar
1 cup leftover stir-fry
1 foot long chkn sub o/wheat
>>light mayo
>>no cheese
5 oz coffee flavored frozen yogurt
Daily Caloric Intake: 1197

Treadmill: 2 miles @ 3.2 mph

Today's Playlist:
Flyleaf: Chasm
Type O Negative: Christian Woman
Chevelle: Closure
Evans Blue: Cold (But I'm Still Here)
Chevelle: Comfortable Liar
Kid Rock: Cowboy [Explicit]
Cloud Cult: Da Dum
Evans Blue: Dark That Follows
E Nomine: Das Omen
E Nomine: Das Tier in Mir (Wolfen)


  1. You are doing a great job..!
    I buy the no sugar added half the fat ice cream. You can get it at walmart for $3.50 Then I weigh it. So for 1/2 a cup it is 100 calories. I prefer Vanilla bean. Money wise this works for me..Those little things are a rip off! Do you own a scale? But then having a half gallon can be tempting!
    Hey shoot me an email would yah..reneasskinnylove@gmail.com and then I will give you my real one..( ;

  2. No, no food scale. I'd like to have one, it's on my wish list but I haven't gotten it yet. You're right, the little ice creams are obscenely priced but I look at that as one more piece of insurance that I won't go ape crazy with ice cream ... because I just can't afford it. We've had a thing of ice cream in the fridge since long before I started this blog, well two things of ice cream actually, but I haven't touched either because the calories are just so much higher than these ice cream/yogurt blends and because they are flavors I don't really care for anyway. "Temptation" bought them and then decided he didn't like them. I think he used the last of one of them to make himself a shake earlier today before I got off work. I emailed ya.

  3. "... PROOF that a significant factor in hunger pains is all in our minds."

    And here you thought it was all caused by uncontrollable and unchangeable hormones and genes... silly girl!


    PS: I no longer remember the source -- but years ago when I very first started researching health/exercise/food issues I came across a guy who wrote about his experience changing from a fat guy who only ever craved hamburgers to a ripped and buff guy who ate mostly vegetables and lean meats. In his experience (keep in mind, he was extremely-dedicated and I still haven't achieved his result, though I have certainly improved) it took him about 1 year of dedicated exercise and good solid eating to really see *dramatic* change. He saw progress all along the way, but it was at about 1 year where he said it was like a "switch" got flipped and the progress really started happening radically. By the end of the 2nd year he was a completely new person -- I mean, you just about didn't recognize him. And he said his *natural* cravings and interests had also completely changed.

    So, hormones/chemistry are neither as powerful nor as permanent as we are generally told. And how did he change them??? With good, hard, dedicated thought -- followed by intentional, purposeful action.

    For the last year or two I have developed a semi-habit whenever eating something that's not really the best choice to allow myself to indulge in it, but remind myself that I am eating poison. I have noticed that while not all of my cravings have yet changed, many times I find I actually *want* healthy food choices over my old unhealthy ones -- so something is definitely changing.

  4. Yeah, I just love coffee ice cream! :)
    It's poison, but it's the best way to kill yourself!

  5. I wish I could find coffee flavored frozen yogurt. The nutritional values of frozen yogurt really aren't bad at all. For a sweet frozen treat it's actually surprisingly well balanced. Maybe I'll try making my own coffee flavored yogurt. Get some molds, brew some super strong coffee mix it in some plain yogurt, freeze it up and see what happens. lol Who thinks this sounds like a good idea?

  6. Yeah, I've always wanted a coffee frozen yogurt.

    Not sure you can just make it that easy, though. Seems to me like there has to be a different yogurt being used in frozen yogurt than your standard yogurt.


  7. Renea: fixed, thanks for the heads up. Not sure what I was doing there, my count in caloriecount was right but wrong in the recipe here.

    Brandon: You're right, traditional frozen yogurt like out of a machine is not the same kind of yogurt that you get from Yoplait but if you've ever gotten those gogurt sticks and frozen them ... normal yogurt frozen is not half bad. The internet is full of frozen yogurt recipe's and I have an ice cream maker ... or I thought I did. "Temptation" loaned it to our sister last summer (your sister and my sister) and I don't think we've ever gotten it back.