Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Picture Day!

Upped my treadmill speed last night for two reasons: 1) I wanted to get my two miles done quickly and get home because "Temptation" we being awfully lovey when I left and it made me want to come home and spend time with him.  2) As my weight goes down my burn goes down; the treadmill only counts weight in increments of 5 lbs so I entered 260 as my weight which means I only burned about 250 calories in 2 miles.  I really think that this is why so many people stall out.  They don't realize that as they get lighter their burn drops so if I were to keep walking 2 miles a day at the same speed eventually that would become "breaking even" for me.  As I lose weight I have to increase intensity.  The added speed caused a little stiffness in my thighs; that and the fact that I couldn't stretch until I got home because three girls were using the yoga mat at the gym as their own personal conversation circle.

The TV's at the gym show a lot of commercials for weight-loss products, I think one of them is even on some kind of perma-infomercial channel or something.  They all make the same claim "LOSE WEIGHT FAST!".  Well that leaves me with a philosophical question.  Overweight people, like myself, don't typically become overweight fast right?  I know I didn't.  It took years of slowly gaining to get where I'm at and then I've been overweight for a very long time ... this is true for most right?  So why is everyone suddenly so desperate to lose it quickly?  Is this some kind of instant gratification ritual?  We didn't get fat fast, what makes us (as a society) think we can get thin fast?  I mean I'm sure we can if we torture ourselves but why?  What's the rush?  Surely someone who has spent years living with excess weight can afford to take their time losing it within healthy parameters right?

I dunno I'm just confused I guess.  I'm not trying to lose a lb-a-day.  In fact I'd be worried that if I did lose weight that fast I might have excess skin to deal with but if I lose it slow and steady it will give my skin a chance to "bounce back" right?  Sure, I could deprive myself of anything even remotely resembling flavor and eat protein shakes and salads every day of my life to lose weight more quickly but why would I do that?  What's the rush?  I know from experience that if I completely eliminate my favorite foods now then when I've lost the weight I'll probably end up going on a "foods I've missed" binge and gain it all back.  Isn't it better to find balance while losing the weight, slowly, than trying to find it once the weight is gone and risking binge eating?  I dunno ... some of the dogma and myths around dieting just don't make sense to me.  Too many people buy into hype without using their brains to really think things through intellectually.

This is an important aspect of me, of who I am, so please take note.  I am not dieting right now, I am changing.  Dieting usually means drastic measures and desperation.  I'm not desperate, I am determined.  I have all the time in the world.  Changing means finding balance, harmony, and peace.  Diet food is not balance, harmony, or peace for anyone regardless of what they say.

Well here we go, picture time.

November, 2010: The Beginning
January, 2011: Current

Not much of a difference but I'm progressing ... it'll start to show eventually.

5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 pack Newton's Fruit Crisps
1 cup artichoke stew
2 slices bread
1 serving greek salad (1/2 the dressing)
2 cups cooked broccoli
Daily Caloric Intake: 1036

Treadmill: 2 miles @ 3.5 mph

Today's Playlist:
Living Syndication: Fight or Flight
Nickleback: Figured You Out
Korn: Freak On A Leash [Explicit]
Cranberries: Free To Decide
Rammstein: Freiflug
T.A.T.U.: Friend or Foe
Nightwish: Gatekeeper
Nelly Furtado: Get Ur Freak On
Rob Zombie: Girl On Fire
Evanescence: Going Under


  1. I see quite a bit of difference!! Have you had to buy new bras? It seems like the area right below the boobage has shrunk a lot. I ask because as I lose weight a good fitting bra is totally elusive! Anyway, I definitely see a difference!

  2. Not much? I see a huge difference in your shoulders, waist and hips! Good job!

  3. I have not yet bought new bras but I am going to need to soon. I'm trying to hold out buying new anything for as long as I can because, as I keep losing, I'm going to go through a lot of new clothes if I'm not as frugal as possible with them.

    Thank you both for the encouragement, I suppose I am my own worst critic.

  4. I've given up hope of ever finding a bra that fits right lol. You can also up your incline on the treadmill and keep a normal pace and it will actually burn more calories than going at a faster pace. If you can get it up to around 15% incline, keep it there as long as possible and then go down to around 8-10%, you will actually feel like you are walking flat lol. It also does fantastic things for lifting your buns!

  5. I see a huge difference too!! You are doing awesome! I love your philosophy on weight loss. Very refreshing and so true!! You are right - why the big rush and risk feeling deprived and unhappy?!!

    Keep up the awesome work!! =)

  6. There is a huge difference in your picture! Great job!!!

    Wait as long as possible to buy new clothes. I just went on my 3rd round of buying new stuff, it is sososo expensive! But so worth it! seriously though, awesome job!

  7. Lisa: That is an awesome suggestion, I will definitely try it! Today I went walking around Town Square here in vegas with a friend. We kept a pretty continual pace, climbed a few flights of stairs, rested, walked, rested, walked. It was nice.

    Eve: YAY I am so glad you agree, it makes me feel much better that someone understands what I was thinking.

    Teresa: Yeah I am going to try even doing some home tailoring if I can and take in the things I have also. When I do have to buy new clothes I'll buy them a little on the tight side so that as I lose I can shrink into them before shrinking out of them. ;)

    THANK YOU ALL for the positive comments. It helps so much!