Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Stout Little Turtle

Well guys and dolls I have been flirting with being able to say the words "I've lost 20 lbs" now for several weeks.  I doubt that it would have taken me this long to get this far were it not for the fact that I started my little lifestyle revolution just days before my birthday, followed by thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, followed by New Years.  But hey, I figure if I can walk through the hell fires of the holidays and come out on top right off the bat like that it just means I'll be that much stronger for the rest of 2011 right?!  Kind of like those baby turtle's you see on the Discovery channel all the time that are dumped on a beach by their mother and then they have to hatch, dig their little butts out of the sand and waddle 50 feet or so to the water only to risk being snagged by a multitude of hungry predators anticipating their arrival in the shallow water.  I'm one stout little turtle if I do say so myself!  :)

It didn't kill me so it must have made me stronger.  I decided last night that when I lose 100 lbs I am going to reward myself with a custom-made T-shirt that says "I've lost over 100 lbs!" and I'm going to wear that thing until it's a holy hot mess!  I want to do something nice for myself when I finally ditch the last half/pound between now and the 20 lb mile marker but I can't decide what.  I know I don't want it to be food related because that just seems counter productive to me; I've been tossing around a few ideas though.  Perhaps getting myself something from my WishList, maybe a new pair of pants, or maybe I'll buy myself some tanning sessions to prepare for the coming swimsuit weather.  Actually, I really like that last idea, that's not half bad.

In other news, 2.11 miles last night; approx 40 minutes of walking.  Stretched before and after, was going to 2.5 miles but the gym was invaded by a couple and their teenage kid and I could tell the wife wanted the treadmill because she was "hovering" so I let her have it.  My quad-femur muscles were tight last night but feel good this morning so I think I'm gonna do two more tonight.  I want to revamp my Mp3 player tonight but I'm going to do it after the treadmill because I'm fairly certain that if I try to mess with it before I will end up turning it into a four hour project that results in my not working out at all.  I had to fast forward a CRAP LOAD of songs that were just too slow (lots of Dido) for working out.  I used to use the Mp3 player in the car for my long drives to Utah but my new car doesn't have a jack for me to plug the player into the stereo so, other than treadmill time, it's been in a closet for months.  I figure if it's going to become my work-out buddy there's no reason to have fluffy songs on it anymore right?  Of course that means I need to compile every CD I own and every MP3 we have (over three computers) to load it up good.  One song I really want that I don't have, and I know you're all going to laugh at this, is Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by CC Music Factory.  It's a classic right?  It has, quite possibly, the best rhythm for exercise of any song I can think of!


3 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee with creamer
1 banana
22 berry poppy seed crackers
1 rice and bean burrito
8 oz baked chicken
1 cup white rice w/lemon pepper
Daily Caloric Intake: 1399

nothing.  I had the worst possible day that I could have imagined short of finding out someone died and I'm going to go to bed early and cry myself to sleep.


  1. Way to go!!! I love that song too lol. Makes u move!! Congrats on 20lbs!!!

  2. First off..If I were you i would ditch those crackers. They seem to be eating up a lot of your calories! Just an opinion!
    Tonight I get a semi NEW bed! My grandmother bought one of those foot thick memory foam things that cost $500 at COSTCO and she used it for 2 weeks and does not want it. So she gave it to us. Jack went and got it..Is on his way home..YEAH!!!
    Great job on the treadmill!
    I am also sitting just at 20 LBS lost 19.5 and then 19..Tomorrow is weigh day so we will see. I have not even really thought about the number 20 till I read your post. Not sure why..I am more focused on getting into the 70's..I so badly want to be in the 70's.
    Your doing a great job!

  3. You are one of the bravest little turtles that I know!

    Keep up the amazing, fantastic, phenomenal work on losing the weight you want. When you put your mind to something you wish to accomplish, you do it. KUDOS TO YOU!

    I hope that what happened in your life today will only make you stronger. Hugs from afar.

  4. I think you should stay away from a food related reward... but that is just me. I try to get other things, like new workout stuff, a new purse, new earrings, or even a day off from cleaning!! That one is my favorite! Not the hubbys though.. LOL ;)

  5. susie: Thank you sweets!

    renae: the crackers are 130 cals for 22 crackers and are surprisingly filling. My calorie problem yesterday was the burrito ... 530.

    April: thanks. We shall see what the future holds for me but whatever it is, I won't let it stop my path for a new life.

    Trisha: I agree whole heartedly on the counter productivity of food rewards. I liked the tanning idea for myself. I'm not big on purses and jewelry but tanning sessions sound really nice right now.

  6. When I reach my goal, and you can see my awesome bicep when I flex--I'm getting an arm band tattoo. Yup.

  7. I want a tat of Piper's little paws on the front of my left shoulder just above my bra-line and below my rotater cup

  8. That's a pretty decent cracker!! Where do you get them??

  9. The brand name of the crackers is world table. They have several flavors but the mixed berry and poppy seed seemed to have the best, overall, nutritional values. And they will make you drink a whole glass of water or more in just the 22 because, even though they're tasty, they're pretty dry. But I find that to be a plus since I have a hard time drinking as much as water as I should or would like. I got them at Wal-Mart.

  10. Go 20, go 20...WTG.

    I love that song too. Great for working out.