Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feelin' Groovey

I started the day out really good today, I hope I can keep up the momentum!  I woke up, drank a 12 oz glass of water, then had a 6 oz cup of coffee, then had "Temptation" drop me off at the gym on his way to work.  Now I only had to do two miles today to meet my goal but I wanted to make sure I still did some good burning so I decided to ask one of the gym guys that's there all the time for a little help/advice.

I want to continue working my abs but I am so burned out on floor exercises and it takes me something like 300 crunches to even make my tummy tired anymore so he pointed me to two different ab machines.  Did reps on those and while I was doing that I watched a lady doing a standing arm exercise so I decided to try that too.  Then I did my time on the treadmill and then I walked home and drank another 12 oz glass of water before jumping in the shower.  Not too shabby huh?!

Even better: This morning before we left for the gym/work I went out for my morning smoke, sat down on my smoking chair and for the first time in I don't know how long I realized that I could no longer see my stomach sticking out beyond my boobs.  Now, standing up my boobs have stuck out farther than my stomach for a long time but sitting down has been a totally different story for too long to even guess at.  I wasn't sucking it in at all but I was sitting up straight, which is something I haven't really done in a long time and it seemed to just come naturally.  I used to have really great posture but ever since I started the weight yo-yo I've had to consciously force myself to sit up straight or even stand up straight but now that I'm working and feeling better about myself it seems like my shoulders are always back ... I think they call that confidence. :)

124 oz water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 pack Newton's fruit crisps
1 cup "prison soup" (lunch)
1 turkey sandwich on rye (no mayo)
2 oz saurkraut
1 cup steamed broccoli
1 Reese's 100 calorie snack pack
Daily Caloric Intake: 992

Ab Curls: 90 reps @ 50 lbs
Ab Twists: 60 reps each side @ 30 lbs
Arm thingies: 20 reps each arm @ 4 lbs
Treadmill: 1.13 miles @ 3.5 mph
Walking (Street): 1 mile + @ unknown speed

Today's Playlist:
E Nomine: Schwarze Sonne
The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army
Erasure: Ship Of Fools
T.A.T.U: Show Me Love
The Killers: Somebody Told Me
Living Syndication: Something More
Rammstein: Sonne
Puscifer: Sour Grapes " Legend of the Mix"
T.A.T.U: Stars
Evans Blue: Stop and Say You Love Me
Pussycat Dolls: Sway
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
Erasure: Take A Chance On Me
Puscifer: The Mission (feat. Milla)


  1. OMG! You drank 124 oz of water today??? That's a HUGE difference from what you normally in double the amount! You musta been thirsty! Good for YOU! You are really doing great.

  2. I'm glad you had a good day! I love it when little changes to our body take us by suprise and make us feel amazing!

  3. I just have to ask why you are consistantly eating less than 1000 cals per day. A completely sendentary female needs at least 1200 per day just for basic body functions and you are much more active than that. I am concerned that you are going to cause your metabolism to slow way down and your weight loss will slow/stop if you keep this up. Also it is impossible to get proper nutrition with these few calories. You should probably be eating 1600 at least. I am 5'5" started at 227, currently weigh 145 and eat 1500-1600. I'm not trying to be critical, I just noticed this trend in the last few weeks on your blog and had to say something. It may seem "logical", eat less, lose more but over the long term, it is not healthy.

  4. Misty: Yes increasing my salt has helped me to increase water. Plus we went to a restaurant that had 32 oz cups and I ended up drinking two of those full of water with no ice. As much as I would like to say it's a new trend I can't guarantee that it will be consistent.

    Emma: Thank you so much for the encouragement!

    Anonymous: I don't really feel like I'm eating less but I think because I' choosing lower calorie options that makes for a lower count. I do have "cycle" days, like today, where I increase intake but the under 1,000 trend hasn't been by design, it's just been working out that way on it's own.