Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out and About

Today was lovely.  I met up with an old friend from college (from my first time in college about 10 years or so ago) and we walked around Town Square here in Vegas with her awesome dog.  We walked a lot, and for the sake of walking rather than window shopping as one might expect at Town Square.  We kept up a pretty healthy pace the entire time, did 2 flights of stairs, and enjoyed catching up on conversation in the process.  We started around 9:30 and called it a day around 1:30 which is 4 hours, though we did take approx. 1 hour to grab a bite and two 15-20 minute breaks to let the dog get some water and play with his toy.  All in all I feel quite confident that we did at least 2 miles, possibly more.  I know our pace was slower than my usual pace of 3.4 because we were chatting as we walked but we weren't moseying either.  Even at 2 mph, which feels like crawling to me when I do my "cool-down" on the treadmill every day, we would have done 2 miles in 60 minutes (obviously), but we walked for at least 2.5 hours so I'd say we probably did even better than planned.

Tomorrow is cycle day which means I can eat a little more (calorie wise) than I have the rest of this week but I still don't want to go over 1,600.  Cycling is a way to revitalize the metabolism with a few extra calories so that it doesn't get "comfortable" with a low calorie diet and slow down as a result.  I've stayed under or extremely close to 1,000 all week so I'm very happy with myself for the second week in a row.

Tia: Thank you for getting out walking with me today and giving me an excuse to drag myself out into the real world for a few hours.  Working from home and going to school on the internet means that the only time I really leave the house anymore is to do the shopping, eat out, and go to the gym.  It was really nice to engage in a grown-up conversation, have our not-so-girly version of "girl talk", and catch-up on the past ten years with you today.  I look forward to hanging out again.

6 glasses of water
1 banana
1 iced double-espresso
1 chicken panini on wheat, no mayo
1 serving tortilla chips & pico
Daily Caloric Intake: 840

Walking: 2 hours or more @ at least 2.5 mph probably just a little bit faster


  1. I had fun too :) And Buddha was pooped for the rest of the day, bonus! I'm sure we will do it again.
    ~Tia :)

  2. Hey -- I was stumbling around different weight blogs and came across a quite angry, sarcastic man who was complaining about you. I assume from your "jackass whisperer" header that you know about his blog -- and I just wanted to say that I hope you don't let him get to you. He's obviously quite rigid in his ideas and misguided about the science of weight loss. I was a nutrition major for several years, and I know it is entirely possible to eat less than 1000 calories and not lose weight -- especially if you've been on a severe low calorie diet for a long time, which from your first post it seems like you have.

    I haven't read your entire blog yet, but the ascerbic guy mentioned you asking for different plans. There's a really interesting book called Protein Power (sounds cheesy, I know) that has, in the past, given me amazing results. It would be quite a change in your eating habits, but I just thought I would mention it. Sorry if it's unwelcome!

  3. My first comment is gone .... maybe it's awaited moderation. Anyway, I just realized that in reading the other blog I got confused, I think it was someone else asking for a plan. Sorry!

  4. Hello Ms Pants: I am aware of the jackass to whom you refer. When I lost my first 8 lbs he called it water weight on his blog and said I would gain it back and be begging for his help. He's pissed because I rejected him, because he offered unsolicited advise in the form of insults and demeaning comments and I had the self-esteem to tell him off for it.

    He's convinced that anyone who doesn't do as he tells them will fail and the fact that I am now down 25 lbs has him riled up beyond belief (which I lost in HALF the time it took him to lose 25 lbs, I might add). I don't read his blog and, to be honest he's not important enough for me to care.

    I do have a plan, I AM losing weight regardless of what 'he' might be saying on his blog (25 lbs in 63 days!)and I'm very happy with it. If you're curious about the plan you can see my Articles of Faith here: