Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Survived Three Miles

Well last night I did three miles on the treadmill again, it's the first time I've tried it in a couple of weeks so I wasn't sure how it was going to go but I am pleased to say my legs felt great afterward.  The treadmill only does incline in increments of 10 so I did 30 degrees last night for the last mile at a slightly slower pace than the previous one.  It felt really good and I think the incline may have had a lot to do with why my thighs didn't lock up on me; it felt like it was stretching things out as I walked.

After the gym "Temptation" wanted to hit a drive-through ... of course he did.  I've learned quite a bit about the various drive-through options and I have to say that some fast food restaurants are highly preferable to others for healthy menu options.  Wendy's has an awesome apple, pecan, chicken salad that I highly recommend.  It comes with two packets of pomegranate vinaigrette but one is more than enough because the salad has chunks of apple and raisins in it that add a lot of flavor and moisture.  Jack In The Box has a decent chicken salad (avoid the chicken club though, it's shocking how much worse it is than the regular chicken salad) with a balsamic vinaigrette that's not too bad; it's very good on the health scale because they also use real chicken but it's a little bit on the bland side.  McDonalds salads blow, in my opinion, all of them.  They're not even worth the money.  In-n-Out offers absolutely nothing for healthy alternatives, much to "Temptation's" dismay because he loves that place but I refuse to eat there now.  Arby's appears to have a good selection but I can't comment on the quality because I am unwilling to pay their prices for a bowl of lettuce.  I haven't been to Carl's Jr. or BurgerKing yet so I am not sure what their options are.  TacoBell now has a separate menu board attached to their usual menu with "fresco" food options.  The soft taco's are the best deal in my opinion at only 150-160 calories a piece and are relatively tasty.  KFC has a bunless chicken sandwich where they use two pieces of grilled chicken instead of a bun but it SUCKS!  It comes with bacon on it which I pulled off and fed to the dog but honestly ... it's just more or less just dry chicken with cheese in between.  I asked for tomato and onion on it and they don't even HAVE tomato and onion.  LAME!!!

Last night we did Jack In The Box and I grabbed a 3-piece egg roll with my salad thinking "they can't be that bad right?"  HA!  When we got home and I saw the count on them (140 per tiny little egg roll) I ended up only eating two of them and put the third in the fridge which I might have for lunch today if I decide that's literally all I'm going to have for lunch.  The most important part of counting is this: you have to evaluate the count and compare it to quantity of the food.  Almost all chain restaurants now offer nutritional information on their websites so it doesn't hurt to do a little research before you leave the house if you know where you're going.  Heck, even research several places at once just so you have a fairly good idea.  140 calories may seem low if you're eating something with substance that is actually going to contribute to your not feeling hungry after you eat it ... but if it's just something small with that many calories it becomes "over priced" in my opinion.  If you try counting think of your daily caloric goal like money, you only have a certain amount of it to spend each day.  Sure you could eat a Whopper for 1,000 and be under your daily goal but that's probably about all you'll get to eat for the entire day so ask yourself ... is it worth it?  Is it enough food to keep you satisfied all day long?  Probably not.  Those egg rolls last night tasted ok and I hate to waste food which is probably why I'll eat the last one today but the amount of food and the quality of flavor is not proportionate to the number of calories making it far "too expensive" from my perspective.

6 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 egg roll
1 order Broccoli Beef
1 order Orange chicken
1/2 order Veggie Chow Mein
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,114

Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.3 mph
Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.6 mph
Treadmill: 1 mile @ 3.3 w/30% incline
Burn: 425

Today's Playlist:
Meredith Brooks: Bitch
Apocalyptica: I'm Not Jesus
The Proclaimers: I'm On My Way
Rammstein: Ich will
Will Smith: If U Can't Dance (Slide)
Bon Jovi: It's My Life (Album Version)
Rammstein: Keine Lust
Living Syndication: Limber
Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl
Cloud Cult: Lucky Today
Rob Zombie: Meet The Creeper


  1. The 'diss' against In-and-Out isn't entirely true.

    First, they only use fresh ingredients -- they don't use preservatives, freezers, or microwaves. My understanding is that they get fresh product from the farmer every morning. So, I guess from a nutritional-perspective their food is a higher-quality than you'd find at most places.

    Second, they have an unpublished menu-option called 'protein-style' as in: "I'll have a hamburger, protein-style please." Add some grilled onions by adding the 'animal-style'-option. What you will get is ground beef, tomato, and grilled-onions wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun; by default, they will put their special-sauce on it, which you may want to request they leave off -- pretty sure it's high in calories and sugar. So now you have lettuce, onions, tomato, and ground beef -- which, when you think about it, is relatively low in sugar and calories. The meat might be a bit high in fat as compared to a salad -- but I seriously doubt an *occasional* burger eaten like this would be bad for just about anyone (major heart problems aside).

    In fact, back in the day when I was doing Atkins, I ate this way at In-And-Out on a regular basis -- and lost a lost of weight... not saying Atkins is the ideal you are shooting for, just saying.

    I'm not suggesting this be your normal excursion from now on -- but an occasional trip to satisfy your better-half might now be an option for you.

  2. I knew that animal style was an unpublished menu option but I didn't know about protein style. The first time I ate at In-n-Out was when St. George finally got one of their own in 2008 and I just ordered a regular cheese burger, I thought it was boring and not worth the hype. Then I told "Temptation" my thoughts and he said "oh you have to order it animal style" ... that's when I fell in love with the double double.

    So I shoulda known that "animal style" wasn't their only unpublished menu option ... here's what I got from their nutritional website:

    Protein Style Hamburger w/onion: 240 calories; 150 calories from fat; saturated fat 4; trans fat 0; sodium 370.

    Protein Style cheese burger w/onion: 330 calories; 220 calories from fat; saturated fat 9; trans fat 0; sodium 720.

    Now those figures are with spread, the nutritional menu has entirely different numbers for ketchup/mustard instead of spread but those are on a normal burger with a bun. The only thing that I am really concerned about in those numbers is the sodium ... that seems pretty high to me no?

    On a side-note "Temptation" and I found a compromise the last time he really wanted In-n-Out: he refuses to eat at Wendy's due to a bad experience over 10 years ago so he let me get the apple pecan chicken salad at their drive through and he got the double-double from In-n-Out ... they're right next door. :)

  3. Throw that egg roll away!!! I think it's funny that people eat stuff that goes completely against their fitness/nutritional goals because they feel like they are wasting money. How much is your time and effort worth?? A hell of a lot more than a crappy egg roll. In fact, even if those egg rolls were $500 a piece, is it still worth flushing even a tiny bit of the hard work and sucess you've had down the drain over it?? You went three whole miles on the treadmill!! That's awesome!!... I'm guessing it took you an hour or so. You burned 425 calories.. in an HOUR. If you had went ahead and had that third egg roll that would have been 420 calories. That entire hour of good sweat and exercise flushed over 3 stupid egg rolls that would take all of 5 min to eat, probably make you feel slightly crappy, and provide absolutely no nutritional value to you at all.

    No, one egg roll isn't going to make a difference. But eating things that are counterproductive to your goals because of "not wanting to waste money" or my even bigger favorite " I didn't want to hurt their feelings so I ate some" is just silly. How much is your time worth, your gym membership, clothing you grow in and out of, on and on ... it cost you a hell of a lot more to actually eat those egg rolls than to just toss them. Because it isn't just this egg roll, it's changing your mindset about the value of food and choosing to use it to fuel your body properly.. not about what it costs. My very best advice to you is to make sure you have good food at home to eat and stay as far away as possible from any fast food... even the healthy options aren't all that great for you. I know your boyfriend doesn't care, but I am assuming that you do since this is your blog :o)

  4. I am a little bit confused why so many people think that eating at home is so much better than eating healthy options from restaurants. A salad is a salad anywhere. I can grill up some chicken, chop up some apples, toss in some raisins, candy my own pecans, toss the whole thing together in a salad with low-fat dressing and it's the exact same meal as a Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken salad. Like you said, how much is my time worth? It would take at least an hour to do all of that work and that's after going to the gym and taking a shower and I would have a mess to clean up after I ate.

    The problem with "good food at home" is that it must be prepared. The difference is cooking versus not cooking - I choose not cooking as often as possible. I am not domestic and I know everyone thinks that because I'm a woman I should be perfectly ok with making home-cooked healthy meals because a lot of women do but I don't, and won't if I can avoid it. I work full-time, I go to school full-time, I now spend an hour a night at the gym which calls for at least 30 minutes in the shower after and also increases how much laundry I have to do and how often. Adding time cooking and cleaning the kitchen every night is just not going to happen. I don't even really know how to cook "good food at home"; every recipe my mother passed on to me was filled with fat and grease, I tried to steam broccoli last summer and scorched it, stunk up the house for three days and had to throw one of my good pans away. I burn rice every single time I cook it no matter how hard I try not to - I even got a rice cooker and I still burn the rice.

    Canned veggies taste like crap, frozen veggies are limp and soggy, and fresh veggies must be cooked or chopped or ... something. Wendy's, on the other hand, just hands me a salad and a fork and I even get to throw the dishes in the garbage. YAY! :)

    I do know that everyone who reads this blog is in agreement that I should be eating healthy at home instead of going out night after night but I can't cook, "Temptation" can't cook, neither of us likes to clean the kitchen, and we fired the maid. We're just not "eat at home" people and I doubt that we ever will be.

  5. If you are interested, I'd be happy to put a list of super quick, easy, unscrewupable things you can make/have at home that will take you the same amt of time to prep as going to fast food and will make you feel healthy at the same time. If you're not I won't waste my time. It took me a long time to change my eating, but when I finally did I really saw some changes. You can't out exercize a crappy/lacking diet.

    Everyone has to do it in their own time and way. I just like to share what has worked for me sucessfully with people who are going through the same challenges I have faced. Kinda like a mom with her kids lol. Have a great day.. I really would be happy to make some grocery suggestions if you're intersed. :o)

  6. I am interested out of curiosity but can't guarantee that I will follow through with them so I hope you won't be offended if you don't see big changes after sharing.

    Please don't be offended by the following but I just have to say that I both agree and disagree with your perspective. I know that you can't out-exercise a crappy diet but I view a crappy diet as several thousand calories a day, cheese burgers every day, blizzards, several glasses of wine a week, cookies, donuts, soda etc. I really don't think my diet is crappy. Just because it comes from a fast food window doesn't make it crappy - a salad is a salad right?

  7. Ok.. I'll do that for you later today. No, I won't take it personally if you don't like any of it. I'm just sharing what I do myself and I don't expect that it will work for everyone or even anyone but myself.

    What you consider a crappy diet and what I do are different. I have a much different perspective at this end than I did three years ago. For me a crappy diet is regularly eating refined sugar and flour, processed foods, and yes anything that comes from a fast food resturant.. it is all highly processed crap that isn't going to fuel your body properly, yes even the salads. The salad you listed shows as 580 calories on the wendy's nutritional info. That is a HELL of a lot for a salad in my opinion. That would be a third of my daily calories (approx) Gah! Even eating any of the things that you listed on a weekly basis - ESPECIALLY when you are trying to loose weight - may not be crappy, but def not useful towards reaching your goals. I used to regularly eat two cheeseburgers with a shake for lunch.. once, twice a week! On top of a lot of other crap on a daily basis. I also had a size 20 ass. So there ya go lol.

    No a salad is not a salad lol. Don't kid yourself. I'll get that for you later.. have a great day. Thanks for being open to suggestions and taking it in the spirit it is intended.

  8. Lisa: I want to specifically let you know that, in light of this recent back and forth we're having here, the post I just added is not solely the result of our conversation or directed specifically at you. You and I disagree, that's ok; but you're not the only person I'm having this debate with so I felt I needed to make my final statements clear and in black and white for everyone to see at once.

    On the salad issue: yep 580 calories on Wendy's website for the full-size. Now I ordered the half and found it more than filling, that's 340 calories; considerably better.

    It includes 143 grams of lettuce, blue cheese crumbles, apples, and dried cranberries 110 calories); 53 grams of grilled chicken (70 calories); 17 grams of roasted pecans (110 calories); and 31 grams of dressing (60 calories).

    A cup of shredded lettuce weighs approx 55 grams (53 calories) which leaves 88 grams for apples, cranberries and blue cheese. Now I've had this salad and I would have to estimate the blue cheese about about 1/2 Tbsp which is 5 grams (18 calories); that leaves us with 78 grams. I'd estimate the cranberries at 1 Tbsp also which is 14 grams (46 calories). That leaves 69 grams of apples (36 calories). Those ingredients alone, if I put them together at home, would come out to 153 calories and I thought I was being rather frugal on the blue cheese crumbles and cranberries so already my home made salad has 43 calories more than the fast food salad.

    Now for the grilled chicken: According to the bag in my freezer 53 grams of chicken has 91 calories. That's 21 more than the fast-food chicken AND I haven't even cooked mine yet.

    The pecans come in a little baggy and can easily be left off the salad entirely so that subtracts 110 calories which is the single highest caloric ingredient in the entire salad.

    That leaves the dressing: fat free raspberry vinaigrette from Kraft has 28.2 calories making it, literally, the only benefit in the entire recipe to eating at home as opposed to buying it from Wendy's.

    An additional factor to consider is cost:
    Romain Lettuce: $2.95 (1,000 grams)
    Blue Cheese Crumbles: $3.29 (112 grams)
    Cranberries: $3.29 (168 grams)
    Apples: $0.60 (138 grams)
    Chicken: $5.99 (453 grams)
    Dressing: $3.29 (448 grams)
    Total: $19.41 (2319 grams)

    Now yes, the means home made salad is a lot cheaper but it also means that, since "Temptation" won't be eating any, I would have to single handedly eat 18 salads before the lettuce goes bad or end up throwing away food which means also throwing away money.

  9. I don't think the amounts of sodium are excessively-high when you are considering this as an *occasional* thing.

    I, for one, thing we oftentimes go a bit too far with our salt-sacrifice. Certain people with genetic pre-dispositions aside, I think most who are concerned with salt intake are generally overly-concerned.

    A little example...

    When I was a kid working at my dad's auto-body shop I used to order homestyle fries from the mom & pop's next door everyday at lunch and just drown them in fries. I mean seriously, "would you like some fries with your salt" was a *very* applicable statement. Then one day my grandmother saw it and just wigged-out on me.

    Shortly after that I became aware (sort of) of high blood pressure and learned she had had a few strokes from it. In rather short order (especially for an idiot teenager), I dropped the salt. Over a number of years I eventually learned to enjoy *ALL* food with *0* added salt.

    When I was 26 I joined the Navy and went to sea; the Navy is known for their bland-food: they don't add salt to anything when they cook. About 4 years in I started noticing I was *constantly* dehydrated, parched-mouth, sluggish, etc. I had learned to increase my water-intake but noticed the more I drink the THIRSTIER I felt! I started to wonder if I was developing diabetes.

    Finally one day I saw my ship's doc eating near me in the galley and I complained to him about my condition. He asked me 2 or 3 simple questions (like, how much water I drink, how much salt I consume, how often I pee, etc.) and with confidence declared: "you are probably dehydrated because you don't eat enough salt!" Turns out that while too much salt leads to hypertension, too little salt makes it so your body can't absorb (store) the water you drink and instead you just flush it out too quickly.

    He recommended I increase my salt a bit and see if the problem subsides. It did.


    BTW: food-nazis suck -- I sure hope I haven't been one! I for one think you are doing fantastic -- and am very proud of you!

  10. HOLY CRAP! Ok so you know I've been complaining about feeling like I'm drowning myself with only 60-ish ounces of water a day. I pee CONSTANTLY! Yesterday I woke up at 2:30 am, and 5:00 am to pee. Woke up with the alarm at 6:45 and peed. 20 minutes later peed again. Then again when I took a break at 9 am and 11 am and at 1 when I went to lunch and again at 2 when I got done with lunch and again at 4 when I got off work and again at 5:30 between the gym and the shower, then again after the shower ... no joking, I wrote them down!

    I have been seriously FREAKING out thinking I'm becoming diabetic. No shit that's really been my big worry but I keep drinking obscene amounts of water wondering why my mouth is always dry when I wake up in the morning, why my skin is always so dry in spite of water intake and lotion, etc. etc. And I'm not big on salt ... I love crap-tastic loads of pepper but rarely salt anything. Maybe that's my problem too and maybe that's why I don't feel like I can drink as much water as everyone says I should ... because I'm not absorbing any of it so my tummy always feels full of water, my pee is totally clear every single time and I have cotton mouth even right this very minute.

  11. Cliff Bars and Fiber One bars – I always try and have one of these in my purse, has saved me many times.
    Lean Cuisine – not ideal, but def better than pizza.. except for the pizza ones lol
    My favorite snack, I eat it every day – semi-frozen blueberries, one container Light Activia, Kashi cereal. Stir, eat!
    Deli Turkey lunchmeat – open fridge, eat lol
    Individual tuna packs – add a tiny bit of mayo and put on 45 calorie sliced whole grain bread. I’m not crazy about tuna, but this is super fast and full of protein.
    Double Fiber English muffins – THE BEST! Make an egg sandwich with one egg, plus however many egg whites you can stand. Only 17 cal in an egg white. Mix eggs... cook in fry pan like an omelet, flip, add to muffin. Yum! I also eat this most every day.
    Brown rice – minute rice had individual cups you just open and nuke, I also use the one found in the freezer – I think it is birds eye. Just nuke and open.
    Chicken – grilled strips and cubes. It’s precooked, just nuke and warm.. I add this to the brown rice... super fast.
    Small handful of Birdseye frozen skillet dinners. Some are pretty low calorie, I just add extra frozen veg and more chicken, maybe shrimp. No cutting involved. One pan, don’t forget to stir it :o)
    There are also a number of different frozen veg available in steamer bags... just nuke.
    Sugar free instant oatmeal. I used to eat this but have learned how to cook my own from scratch and it is way more satisfying. But until then the instant is a good way to go.
    And of course there is a huge selection of pre made salad available too.. plus some stores have pre-cut veggies you can buy in the produce area.
    Hope there is something in there you can use. I know it may not sound exciting, but it’s pretty much what I eat on a regular basis. These are also foods that are easy to count calories on. I know, because this is the same stuff I was eating when I was food journaling. Bon Apetite!

    Oh and as far as the Wendy's salad goes.. once again, however it works best for you is how you should do it. For me it meant eating out as little as possible to not at all, and just making a rule for myself that I wouldn't eat fast food. I can't say I miss it and the few times I've had it - even the healtiest options I could find - I still felt kind of gross. Keep up the good work.. you can do this.

  12. Mandy: Cliff bars and fiber one bars: not tried them but I think they may be similar to the newton's fruit crisps I've been eating. I can't find them in a store but my friends who work for an airline snag some for me every now and again. I get canned and frozen veggies from time to time but they're always so limp and soggy - I wish I could get someone to cook me up a crap load of broccoli so I can freeze it lol. I like tuna but only when it's raw and believe me, raw tuna steaks is something I know I want to pick up the next time I'm at the korean grocery store. I am making a list from what you've offered, not all of this is on it but some of it certainly is. thanks

  13. I forgot Veggie Burgers!! nuke and eat on a sandwich thin or whole grain bun.. If I'm super hungry I'll add it too my egg san for even more protein. I would check the newtons for sugar and HFCS more importantly. Try the frozen veg in the steamer bags.. much easier and you can't mess them up. I made broccoli this way and it was perfect. I only eat the tuna cause it's quick.. tuna steaks sounds like cooking lol.

  14. Lisa: This might gross you out but I was planning on eating the tuna steaks raw. ;)

    If you read labels for sugar and HFCS then you and I are just two totally different people. I don't care about sugar and HFCS; I only look at calories and portion sizes on a label and that's all. I would rather be fat than pick apart every ingredient on every label.

    My philosophy is 'don't eat it if it doesn't taste good' and I know that I don't like bananas, oatmeal, grape nuts, fiber cereals, and healthy choice frozen dinners. I don't understand the point in eating something that tastes like cardboard ... why eat it if it doesn't taste good? That's my perspective anyway. But I have lost 25 lbs with that perspective so I think I'm going to just ride it out and see how far it takes me. I don't care if it takes me a little longer to lose weight than it might take someone who eats nothing but whole foods; I've got loads of time.

    Thanks for the advice but I can see now that you're just on a completely different path than I am and that's why we don't see eye to eye.

  15. Lyns: totally agree with you regarding most everything you are doing. Just consider not totally giving up on things like bananas, either; it's my firm conviction that a big *part* of our problem (as in, the problem with the western-world's obesity and health issues) stems from being over-fed and under-nourished. You need things like bananas. I know you probably know that, and I know you are eating mostly healthy options already -- just wanted to remind you. :)

    BTW, you should really try Fiber One bars -- they are the best thing since sliced-bread that's decently-healthy for you. And they come with a bonus: You won't have a regularity-problem if you eat at least 1 a day! Hahahaha. Seriously, I found out from my doc that most people who don't eat whole foods regularly have regularity problems -- they just aren't aware of it! For example, did you know that you actually should be going #2 after almost every meal??? I mean, who actually does that??? Back in the day I was lucky if it was once every day or two.

    Fiber. Good.
    Fiber One bars. GREAT!
    Regularity. Nice.


    Oh yeah, and I think you need more salt -- but seriously get on Amazon and order a bottle of "Trace Minerals" and add to your daily regimen. It will really help a lot of the conditions you complained about above, I'm sure of it. It's not the cheapest product in the world, but you only need like 1/2-teaspoon a day (or 2 tablespoons, depending if you get the concentrated type or not).

  16. Aside from a day or two prior to "that time of the month" I do #2 every single morning at the exact same time (about 10 minutes after I wake up) ... sometimes I go twice. Can you float me a link for the trade minerals you would recommend (best bang for buck)? :) I can pick them up on pay day when I get the food scale

  17. well, like I said, it took me three years to loose this weight, it also took me 39 years to put it on. It takes time to change. You don't get where you are overnight, and honestly I think changing everything at once just usually leads to failure. Someone who never works out and eats nothing but carbs and processed crap is not going to completely change their lifestyle in a few weeks. I suppose its possible, but that thinking kept me fat for a long long time cause it was just too much to get my head around. Once I made small changes that I could live with, then I would change something else.

    If you are eating things you don't enjoy (I think you listed bananas in your other post) - quit that!!!! That is not something that you will maintain. You have to find the foods that you do like that are nutritionally sound and slowly start to incorporate them. When I first did this pretty much the only thing I ate was Lean Cuisines and some sort of power bar... basically like eating pizza and candy bars lol. And yes, I'm not a fan of healthy choice either, but lean cuisine makes some that are pretty good.

    You may not want to read lables, but I would really suggest you at least do some research on sugar and carb addiction as well as how awful HFCS is for your metabolisim. I didn't even know there was such a thing as sugar addiction lol, but after I looked into it, I saw that was me all over the place. And you don't have to pick apart every ingredient. I just know that HFCS is unnecessary and how much it screws me up.. and I don't buy stuff with that, to me it is very worth my time to see what is actually in my food, to see if it is going to help or hinder my fitness/nutritional goals. I know that you are not in this place right now. I also know that you said you wanted to be in a marathon. I'm only up to jogging 6 miles and that's on a very good day. If I were not concerned with how I was fueling my body, I'd never even make it around the track lol.

    I think it's awesome that you have lost 25 lbs and what you are doing is working. I also believe in finding a person who is doing what you want to be doing and find out how they got there. I want to be one of those crazy bitches you see running down the sidewalk in the rain in a sports bra and tiny shorts lol. Yes, I really do. So I told myself if I want to look like that I better do what they are and start running lol. Have a great day!

  18. Lisa: I've been eating banana's for potassium. It was suggested because they help prevent lactic acid build-up in muscles that causes stiffness and pain after working out. I think they're working so I've kept trying to eat them but if anyone knows other good sources of potassium, please feel free to enlighten me. :)

    I actually dislike all fruit except fruits that aren't traditionally considered fruit (tomatoes for example). Pears, apples, bananas yuck. Oranges are the WORST! Grapefruits taste ok (white ones not pink ones) but they're just too much of a pain in the @$$ to peal and eat or dig out with a spoon so I almost never buy them. I like melons ok but they're hard to find this time of year, can't stand grapes (odd I know because I LOVE wine). I was the strangest kid on the planet because I would take veggies over fruit any day. Weird, I know. Every kid I know LOVES fruit but not me.

  19. I'm not sure, but you could probably just take a supplement. Bananas are nothing but starch and sugar, plus you don't even like them lol. I never eat them, they just make me gassy lol. Really, you could not worry about the fruit. Yes, it is good for you, but it is also sugar. Which is not good for you and makes it harder for you to achieve your goals. Yes it's natural sugar wich is by far the best, but it's still unnecessary and not helpful to you at this point. You can get what you need from veggies and it would be more beneficial to you. When I got serious about my diet I cut fruit out entirely, because of the sugar. Now I have blueberries, and some dried fruit that I put in my oatmeal or to snack on when I want something sweet. But overall I don't eat much of it - the sugar in the fruit just makes me hungry lol.

    The very best way to not be sore from working out is to work out every day.. at least a little. Also Rodney Yee has an excellent AM Yoga DVD which is just stretching. Do that in the morning and you will feel loose and lean and ready to go. I've been told that stretching after your workout will really help with stiff/soreness... but I never do lol. I'm sure it's true.

  20. Hi, I know this post is from Jan. and it is now March but I just had to post a comment. I don't know if you go back to look, or are somehow motified of a new post but here goes...
    It seems to me that you are getting a lot, way to much, flack and critisism for what you choices are. I personally think that you have done great!!! I think that your approach is the most realistic in that you are trying to develop an eating pattern that you can stick with for the rest of your life.
    I personally lost a lot of weight, (90lbs) and kept it off for a number of years by not depriving myself but by eating well as much of the time as possible, controling my portions, and moving my ass!
    Do not let the comments of these people who do not know you, no matter how well intentioned they think are, get to you. You are doing fine. No, you are doing great. You are losing weight,you are getting fit, and you are doing it in a way that is sustainable for the rest of your life.
    So what if you eat nachos, or eat at a fast food restaurant, it is your choice, it is your life, and you are making informed decisions!
    I will continue to read your blog, I hope that as I continue to read I see that people have understood that you aren't losing on some fad diet that is totally unhealthy, but that you are doing the best that you can!!!

  21. Hi Bren,

    Thanks so much for the encouragement and support; and for following/reading my blog. Welcome and, I think as you progress to more recent posts (if you haven't already) you will be pleasantly surprised by the results of my desire for balance and moderation. Thanks again!