Sunday, January 2, 2011

Movin' and Shakin'

So I am writing this about about 3-4 hours later in the day than I usually write my blogs.  The reason?  Well today "Temptation" and I had some errands to run, again, to prep for the new bed.  We have a really nice iron California King sized bed frame but we've had a regular king box spring and mattress on it.  Last night we bought a California King bed so we realized we needed to get a few things done.  For one thing, we had a big wooden box that I'd custom made to take up the "extra space" in the frame that was left by the shorter mattress, that's got to go.  Without it that leaves a large hole in the headboard portion of the iron frame where the friend who gave me the frame had always meant to put a nice piece of plywood covered in leather but never got around to it.  We know from experience that, if left open, our pillows will fall through that hole as we sleep in the middle of the night which means I needed to make the plywood covered in leather headboard piece to fill the hole.

So we left the house this morning with every intention of getting breakfast but ended up going to Good Will to drop off some books and shoes that no longer fit, then to Wal-Mart for vinyl but they didn't have any, then we went to JoAnne's Fabrics for the vinyl, then Bed Bath & Beyond to see about getting Cal King sheets for the new bed but they were way more than we could afford right now.  Next we went to Big Lots to look at sheets but they didn't have any Cal Kings, so then we went to Anna's Linnens where we found some cheap jersey sheets, then to Lowe's for the plywood, then to Fresh & Easy to pick up some banana's ... all without having eaten a thing.

While at Fresh & Easy we saw these pre-made little meals with the calories right on the front.  THEY LOVE ME, THEY REALLY DO!  So we grabbed a couple of those, came home and are now eating.  When we're done I'll begin working on putting plywood, vinyl, pillows, upholstery nails, and some bolts together to make a headboard.  I'll post a picture either later tonight or tomorrow if it turns out ok.

4 glasses of water
Tomato Chicken & Whole wheat pasta
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
6 oz Peppercorn pork loin (dry)
1 banana
8 oz v8 Fusion
22 berry poppy seed crackers
1 90 calorie snickers ice cream bar
Daily Caloric Intake: 1020

Spent the entire day working on the headboard, all the shopping listed above, cutting, measuring, hammering, drilling ... you name it.  Then I had to run back out to the stores to return the 3 packs of upholstery nails we didn't end up needing as well as pick up a new stapler before I could stretch the vinyl, staple it in place, cut off the excess, and bolt the new headboard to the bed.  Although I did have help from "Temptation" with it, he will be the first to admit that it was "my project" and that I did 90% of the work and he pretty much just filled in when I needed a spare pair of hands.  Of the two of us, I'm more the "handy man" type because I learned all that kind of stuff from my dad.  I also took down the Christmas tree and packed it up for next year, bagged up the trash, put a lot of our stuff away from the San Diego trip that we piled in a corner and procrastinated for awhile all before I started on the headboard.  Then I had to clean the living room all over again after I finished the headboard.  When that was done I took all the extra blankets and sheets out of the old headboard, folded them up and bagged them for Good Will, and carried the old headboard (a big boxy type thing) down the stairs to the dumpster with "Temptation's" help.

I have no idea how to even consider the calories on today but I know, without a single little doubt in my mind, that I busted my butt today and feel every bit as good and tired as I would had I done the treadmill today.  I will continue my training for the marathon this week and have set my weekly challenge for walking 10 miles.  I am probably going to try to do 2 miles per day 5 days this week but might end up having to do 3 miles per day 3 days and a 1 mile walk on Saturday ... not really sure yet.


  1. I'm a little freaked out by the vinyl headboard. Vinyl outgasses some pretty powerful toxic fumes, the primary reason health experts recommend not using vinyl shower curtain liners.

    That Snickers bar thing sounds yum. I have to stay away though, no way would I eat just one. Somthing like that has to be "all or nothing" for me.

  2. The Snicker's bars are little single-sized 90 calorie portions. My brother said if he bought a box of them he would probably end up eating the whole box in one day. I was somewhat worried about that for myself but, to my surprise, I bought this box of snack bars in October or November and I'm still just nibbling away at them on occasion. They're a great way to curb the occasional chocolate craving without going binge happy.

  3. Wow, willpower. I could not eat just one either (yet). I won't say never ever, but currently I choose to keep that kind of stuff out of the house. A California size King will be loverly. Unfortunately the sheets are that much pricier as you move up in size - hey, kind of like some clothes - lol.

  4. Sweet what I save in bigger clothes I can spend on bigger sheets. :)