Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weigh-In #48

226.  That's ok, I know I was down to 223.5 the other day and that I spent a lot of time in the sun and drank some alcoholic beverages followed by lots of water so I know I'm carrying some water weight this morning and I'm good with it.  At least I'm finally starting to see some new all-time lows during the week before my weekends lead me to water retention. ;)

I had a blast yesterday hanging out with the girls and last night was fun spending time with Snackers too.  It was like I got the best of both worlds in a single day!  Snackers played a few games of Battleship with me on the computer last night, I dominated, and then Vladdy decided that my exercises last night were an invite to play so that was even fun too.

Snackers made duck for dinner last night; I think it's the first time I've ever had it and I was really surprised, for how tender and flavorful it was, that the calories on it were relatively reasonable!  It's not exactly a bargain meat but whoa boy is it tasty.  Chef Snackers!  He wants to have pizza tonight ... SABOTAGE I TELL YOU!!!!

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 serving asian wings
2.5 slices fit and delicious pizza
Daily Caloric Intake: 922

Playing: Ran around the yard playing with Vladdy at lunch and after supper.
Bowling: 2 games


  1. Look at that! 61 pounds down since you started almost a year ago! And your monthly pictures show the difference! Good for you!

    Duck is very tasty but has so much fat that I hate preparing and cooking it! Snackers is bold! :) It's really a great protein for not so many calories, compared to red meat. I've had it a few times at restaurants; always tasty and juice and not fatty tasting.

  2. It is a very oily meat, Snackers drained half a jar of duck fat out of the pan and then I blotted my duck with paper towels before eating it. I thought for sure, when he said he wanted to make it, that it was going to be a nightmare on my calories. He watched Chef Ann cook it on food network and decided he wanted to try it too and he did a really excellent job. She would have been proud!