Saturday, October 8, 2011

One to Avoid

We all know I'm becoming a Healthy Choice meals guru right?  And I love their Cafe Steamers series the most because you don't even have to vent the film, you just take the meal out of the box, throw it in the microwave and 4 or 5 minutes later you're ready to eat.  Now they have these 100% Natural, no preservatives options as well which ... I'll be honest I haven't combed the ingredients list to find out if the 100% Natural is a valid cause for joy or just a marketing tactic over their other meals but I've had a few of these and, for the most part, they're very tasty.  They have a portabella mushroom one that is so good it feels like I'm cheating.

But here's one to avoid, in my personal opinion.  First of all ... it's vegetarian, which doesn't bother me except that it has one of the highest caloric contents of ANY of their meals.  No joke ... so with no meat where in the hell are all of those calories coming from?  They have other pasta/rice dishes, WITH meat, that are 250 - 280 calories yet this one is a whopping 360!!!  Now again, 360 usually is considered quite good for a meal if it's satisfying so why am I bashing this box?

Well because I've gotten it twice now and both times, it totally sucked!  I bought it the second time because I couldn't remember if I'd like it the first time but as soon as I took a bite of it the memories came rushing back to me.  The self-venting system on the steamer trays (something I normally love) just doesn't work well with a pot sticker.  The edges of them get all dried out and crusty because you're not supposed to stir them half-way through the cooking time ... that's how Cafe Steamer's work.  Open 'em up, pop 'em in, pull 'em out and eat.  Also, for 360 calories this is NOT a satisfying meal to say the least.  Three pot stickers, a few tsps of rice, and a smattering of veggies does not a filling meal make.  So I ask again, where in the hell are all those calories coming from?  It's the sauce.  This super rich, super sticky, super thick sauce that is overpowering and totally could have been watered down a little or something to reduce both caloric content and nausea.

So I will repeat - I LOVE HEALTHY CHOICE CAFE STEAMERS AND OTHER MEALS ... BUT this is one that I will not recommend and will not be buying again.  Just in case any of you were wondering. :)

130 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
2 large turns at the salad bar
>>lettuce, edamame, peas, onions, cucumbers
>>broccoli, mushrooms, balsamic vinegar
1/2 chicken quesadilla
1 cup hot apple cider (sugar free)
1 chocolate bar for charity
Daily Caloric Intake: 931

Jogging: 1/4 mile (ran a lap around the park and ran to the mailbox and back.  I had to do it in pieces with breathers in between but I did it, and that's what matters!)
Walking: 1.25 miles at the bank, dinner, and football
Stadium steps: Five flights

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