Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kickin' It Up

Some of you might have noticed that some of my usual weekly habits have changed a little.  I've been running around playing with Vladdy more often; I went bowling on Monday (something I haven't done in ages!); and I ran instead of walking to the mailbox and back yesterday.  Well I'm feelin' it! lol

My arm and lower back hurt from bowling, my butt muscles are sore from I don't know what, my calves are sore from bunny hopping and running and ... I'll be honest with you, I'm finally starting to see myself as a skinnier person than I used to.  This is hard to explain but when you spend so much time being over weight you start to get used to things that won't fit or places that you can't go or things that you can't do.  It's almost like the fat version of Stockholm syndrome.

When you lose weight you don't always see it in those areas.  I mean, I look at my pictures and I see it, I watch my clothes getting smaller and I see it, every so often I look in the mirror and see it, but most of the time I go through my day subconsciously still pretending I'm 287 lbs.  I look at a chair that I am about to sit in and I have a moment of panic as I realize I'm probably not going to fit on/in it comfortably.  I see a narrow space to walk through and turn sideways and suck it in good, assuming I won't fit if I don't.

But that is gradually starting to change in many places.  Laying in the bathtub, sitting in my recliner, putting on my seat belt in the car, opening the glass slider just wide enough to slip through, etc.  I don't want to get comfortable just yet but I am starting to finally reap the psychological benefits of what I've accomplished and it's quite fun!

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 small dinner salad
>>w/fat free vinaigrette
1 bow of chili
Daily Caloric Intake: 933

Jumping up and down: several times, whenever I was standing still
Walking/Shopping: w/Snackers. Didn't buy anything, just browsed for a couple hours walking the mall

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