Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ren Fair 2011

It's finally here!  The Las Vegas Renaissance Fair 2011!  Actually, it was kind of disappointing.  I wasn't very impressed with the one last year compared to the one that they have in Cedar City, Utah every year but this year the Vegas one was even more lack luster than last year's.  The one in Cedar is a lot smaller but there is a lot more to do, and to see, and more interaction.  Here in Vegas I'd say 65% of the fair is taken up by guild tents where, if you're not a member of the guild there's nothing to see or do there.  They don't sell anything, do shows, or recruit - most of the time they're just occupied by one or two people sitting around fanning themselves.  There are the usual booths with renaissance clothing, jewelry, swords, etc.  There's the turkey legs and a few stages with belly dancers but, overall, it was just a HUGE park that was less than half full of tents and less than half of those offered something to see or do.

However, we still had fun.  Here are the highlights of our 3 hours there today:

I got fitted with a real corset and they cinched it up, and cinched it up, and cinched it up some more, and he just kept cinching, and cinching, and cinching ... wow.  It was the least expensive corset in the entire fair, also the least expensive one I've found so far, but well made and reversible so I bought it.  I've always wanted one.

Snackers rode a camel.  He's probably one of the few people in the western world that can now say he's ridden a camel.  I've never ridden a camel but opted not to go for a ride because it was $6 for a single lap around a baseball diamond at a walk while being led by someone.  So not my idea of a bargain ... if I'm gonna ride a camel I want an experience to remember.

I found out I have a slave.  I had no idea ... I wonder where he/she has been all this time?  This sign clearly says I have one.  Yep, I'm wearing a corset, a coin belt, and a cloak.  I couldn't decide what I wanted to be this year and I had everything but the corset already in my closet.  I love costumes.

And last, but not least, Snackers found heaven.  A marinated roasted turkey leg and a guiness.  What more could any man ask for?  Oh yeah, the scone with strawberries and cream that he ate as soon as he'd finished the turkey leg.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/2 veggie omlette
1 shepherd's pie
(little meat and veggie filled tarts they were selling at the fair)
1 vegetarian sub
1 large pickle
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,085

Walking: 3 hours at the Ren. Fair.
Shopping: Grocery - 1 hr.
Walking/Playing @ the dog park: 1.5 hours


  1. Looks like y'all had fun! You have an envy-worthy pear shape! I am so apple shaped, it's disgusting! Just look at the teenie tiny waist synched up to complement a near perfect hourglass! **jealous**

    Btw, the cat is Callie...very original, ya know, being a Calico and all!

  2. No way dude, I totally beat him -- rode a camel about 7 years ago! A *REAL* camel, in an *ACTUAL* camel-country: U.A.E.


  3. Bro: See, if I ride a camel I want to do it the way that you did. In an actual camel country, maybe be able to run a little, no one holding the lead.

    Misty: You can get there Misty. I know you've been working on it so just keep at it. Deep down there is an hourglass in all women, it's just a matter of finding it. :)