Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Beneficial Craving

Last night Snackers had his bowling league and I was really looking forward to playing but there weren't any openings on the teams last night so I had to sit out.  I decided that I wanted a cup of cold pressed coffee ... or something coffee flavored at the very least.  Well the casino where Snacker's bowls has a Starbucks in it but the bowling alley is on one end of the casino and the Starbucks is on the other, so I walked my happy butt allllll the way across the casino in the pursuit of coffee.

When I got to Starbucks it turns out that they don't offer cold brewed or cold pressed coffee, they just pour hot coffee over ice which is yucky because the hot coffee melts the ice and waters down the entire drink.  So I passed on that and then remembered that they had some awesome looking tiramisu at the casino's cafe the last time we ate there and that sounded yummy so I walked to the cafe.  When I got there, however, they were all out of tiramisu and the other desserts that they had just didn't look as good because I wanted something coffee flavored durnit!  That was when I remembered that there was a Ben & Jerry's back by the movie theater and they have coffee chip ice cream!!!

So I walked aaaaaaaaall the way across the casino again only to find that B&J was closed for the evening!  Here's the really funny part.  Snackers' bowling league starts at 9 but we get there 5 - 10 minutes early for practice.  B&J closed at 9 so had I gone there first, instead of Starbucks, I would have made it in time.  Defeated and disappointed I returned to the bowling alley and bought a bottle of water from the snack bar and when we got home my pedometer said I'd walked a little over a mile ... all in the pursuit of a craving that would have led to bad choices had I not been thwarted at every turn.  The diet gods had my back last night!!!

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
2 tuns w/avocado rolls
1 serving edamame
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
Daily Caloric Intake: 957

Jumping Jacks: 200
Walking: 3/4 mile
Push-ups: 50

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