Monday, October 31, 2011

Shootin' B-Ball

I love basketball.  I love watching it, I love playing it, I love the simplicity of the rules and terminology, I love the fact that the ball is large and easy to catch, I love the unique physical requirements of playing the game.  It's just a fun sport all around!  I'm a Celtics fan but, as we all probably already know, the NBA has canceled most of the season so far due to contractual disputes between the players and the league.  Boooo.

Last night I finally talked Snackers into 30 minute of play that turned into 45.  I would have even liked to have gone longer but Snackers was tired of losing.  Yep, I won.  He's an excellent softball/baseball player and, in watching him with his kids during practice, I can see that he's a pretty darn good football player too but basketball is my sport.  He doesn't suck at basketball, by any means.  He can make a turning hook shot like nobody's business - but I used to sit in WalMart and other stores as a toddler and shoot baskets under the watchful eye of my dad while my mom shopped, and I played in a church league as a teen.  Basketball is just a game Snackers hasn't practiced a lot and he tries to show off too much by doing really complicated moves.  In other words, he either lets me win or he lets his own psychology get the better of him.

The important part, however, isn't who wins or loses, it's that we spent time together being active and having fun.  We took the dogs and, at one point, Vladdy slipped his collar and ran big giant crazy circles around the court which freaked out all the kids who were playing on the other side of it.  "It's a horse!"  One kid exclaimed.  But we quickly realized that Vladdy just wanted to play with the big giant ball too and it was FUNNY watching him paw at the ball and chase it down.  It makes me want to get a soccer ball.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 serving leftover potato salad
1 fish burrito
Daily Caloric Intake: 909

Dancing to Halloween music: 2 hours between trick or treaters
Yoga: 45 mins

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