Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Case of the Aches

I've always had a hard time with aches and pains in wet weather.  My mom says that every time you break a bone you contract a little bit of arthritis in it and that's what causes the aches when the weather changes.  I'm not sure if that's a medical fact or a wives tail but it seems to be true.  Everything I've ever broken, and I've broken a lot of bones for someone my age, hurts right now.  It's not muscle pain or strain it's deep down in the bones.  I wish I could call in sick to work, climb in a hot bath, and then go back to bed under a pile of blankets today.

My hands hurt more than anything which sucks because I use a computer all day long at work so my hands are the part of me that I need the most right now.  Even worse, tonight is football practice and Tuesday night I was miserable!  I haven't found my winter clothes yet in the unpacking process so, despite being able to borrow a blanket for a friend on Tuesday night, I froze my ass off at practice and came home feeling cold all the way to the marrow.

Ok, I know what most of you are thinking right now.  Yes, I live in Vegas and yes, most of you would probably give me a whole lot of your minds for calling 64 degrees cold but I'm a desert rat!  I love the desert, I love the heat, and for me 64 is butt numbing cold!  Piper totally agrees with me too, even all bundled up under her blanket I can see her shivering ... poor little doggy.

P.S. Book update!  The book that I wrote is now, finally, available as a paperback.  I'm so excited!  I can't even begin to describe what it feels like to see something that I wrote sitting on my own bookshelf!  If you're interested in reading it and don't have an eBook reader you can get the paperback HERE!

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 antipasto salad w/pico
2 - 100 calorie snack packs
Daily Caloric Intake: 1077

Jumping in place: while microwaving lunch and at football
Walking: at football, small distances
Playing w/Vladdy


  1. I have arthritis is my hands too--I have a wierd but FABULOUS remedy. It only takes away the pain temporarily, but it makes your skin very very soft.


    Instant or regular. Cook it up and stick your hand in it (when it won't burn you). Feels gooey. Really helps.

    (This has been a public service announcement . . .)

  2. I wonder if that's the oatmeal or just the warmth. I run my hands under warm water and get a similar, temporary relief from it. If it is just the warmth, warm water might be cheaper than oatmeal. ;) lol Unless you eat the oatmeal after putting your hands in it ... or feed it to the totlets. :)