Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Better Day

Yesterday was much better than Monday.  It seems that my day of weakness led to a renewal of will power because yesterday I had to force myself to eat on a schedule again.  I had zero desire to eat pretty much all day - funny how that works isn't it?  I'm hoping today will be like yesterday again and that I can go back to eating to sustain rather than eating because of some stupid little nagging voice inside my head wanting to pig out.

I'm kind of bummed though - there for a few weeks the grocery store had the most beautiful produce.  Artichokes, corn on the cob, asparagus, fruit.  I was really enjoying it but last week and this week was the exact opposite.  It was obvious that they're still selling the same stock of produce that they were selling weeks ago because everything looked limp, dry, and withered.  If I can ever successfully teach Vladdy not to dig I'd like to plant a little garden of my own in the back yard - maybe some cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions among other things.  On the other hand, I've never been very good at keeping plants alive.  Animals tell you when they're hungry, at least mine do - and they're always right on schedule like kids so they never starve.  I'm using food as a reward to teach Vladdy that being in his kennel is a good thing so remembering to feed him twice a day is easy.

The cats will chase me (or anyone really) around the house mewing as soon as they can see the bottom of their food bowls, even if there's still food in them.  They free feed so that works out well for them and for us.  Piper also free feeds, she's done it her whole life and always maintains her girlish little figure so she doesn't necessarily let me know when her bowl is empty but she will let me know when she's ready for a refill.  Plants, on the other hand, they can't do that ... and I tend to starve them to death on accident.  I've killed more plants than any one person should have a right to murder.  It's a shame really because I love plants but, apparently, I'm not responsible enough to own them. lol

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 slice of garlic bread
1 slice of pizza (we had company for supper)
Daily Caloric Intake: 857

Jumping up and down: 100 times
Jumping jacks: 100
Running: ran to the mailbox and back
Cleaning: cleaned the guest bathroom and vacuumed.


  1. To keep our dogs and cats out of my flower beds (or, in your case, vegetables) I lay rose canes or some blackberry or raspberry canes among them. The thorns will keep your little varmints away. You might also try container gardening in large pots. You could even set the pots on cement blocks or something to keep them higher and out of reach - you could also add some pieces of stickery canes on top of the dirt there as well.

  2. hey those are some really smart suggestions! Thanks!