Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cool but Expensive

Yesterday Snackers sent me a text saying that he wanted to go to something called Blood Village that he'd heard about on the radio here in Henderson and asked me to check out pricing.  Their website was pretty sweet.  It said they had two haunted houses and there was a page that mentioned reserving booth space inside the village so I'm thinking this is going to be some kind of haunted community with little stores selling cool stuff and maybe people running around trying to scare everyone and only $15 per person for full admission.  Good deal right?  It was at the Henderson Pavillion which is a very large venue too, which made me even more excited.

Well we got there and it ended up being a lot smaller than we expected - about 1/4 of the parking lot was all.  We probably should have turned around right there and called it a night but we paid the $30 admission anyway.  Turns out there weren't any booths at all, just two haunted houses.  I have to hand it to the people who put the whole thing together - they really utilized the small amount of space that they had to its full advantage.  The haunted house were about three times longer than any I've ever been in before and FILLED with some of the best and most unique special effects and animatronics (lots of things I've never even seen before) but they were very short on live actors.  It wasn't a guided tour so we could go as fast or as slow as we wanted through them so there were some instances where we pretty much just stood in one spot and looked around.  The one haunted house was 3D so they gave us these paper glasses to wear and when we walked in we were just in awe.  It's impossible to even describe - but there were entire long sections that were completely devoid of human interaction.

All in all I got the impression that the people running the place had a lot of really amazing, unique ideas but they lacked the full funding to see them through.  It's a bit of a shame but maybe they'll be better next year.

150 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fish burrito
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 chicken sandwich
>>w/lettuce, tomato, onion
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,021

Walking: 3.25 miles (football, grocery shopping)
Sprinting: 0.25 miles (w/vladdy)
Stadium steps: 4 flights

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