Friday, October 7, 2011

Cat Antics

In previous posts I've mentioned my cats Casper and Kody along with a few of their personal little quirks.  I have to be honest and say that before moving in with Snackers I'd never had any desire to own a cat.  I'd had friends that had cats and it seemed to me that most cats lacked any sort of identifiable personality; the ones I'd known simply laid around watching people and sleeping from what I'd seen.  I'm realizing that when cats do have a personality, and they do, they have some of the strangest personalities in the entire animal kingdom!  In fact, I think that all cats are OCD because it seems like they all have something that you can expect them to do.

For examples: I had a friend who's cat liked to rub her face on the faces of humans (Misty, I can't remember your cats name but you know I'm talking about her here).  It was cute at first but she was a big time shedder so it got irritating after a little while but she was this huge, adorable, super soft calico and it was really hard to say no to her.  Once she started face rubbing, it seemed like she could go for hours if you didn't put a stop to it.

I have another friend who's cat (Frank: the cat's name) likes to drink from the faucet on her kitchen sink.  Just about every time she turns it on, he materializes out of nowhere to get his laps on.  That same cat also LOVES fish food, it's his favorite treat in the whole wide world.

Casper and Kody are both obsessed with the bath tub.  Any time Snackers or I take a bath, our cats will be there the minute we turn the water on, sitting on the edge of the tub.  Casper dips his feet in the tub and then licks the water off of them - and he's a lefty I might add.  Kody will hunch down and drink right from the bath water.  OBSESSED I tell you.  Kody also likes to lay on top of the fridge, hang his head over the front and look at you upside down as you walk by.  Casper likes to be held by people that are sitting in the bathroom going potty.  He'll come in and rub on your ankles and mew until you pick him up.  He also likes to be petted just as you're laying down to go to sleep and if you ignore him he'll nibble your armpits and, if you're a guy, pull your chest hairs out with his teeth until he gets what he wants.  Kody gives foot massages when you go to bed.  He'll rub his face on your feet for five or ten minutes at a time, alternating between feet and it actually feels quite nice.

What are some of your cat's antics?

140 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
7 baby carrots
2 tsps peanut butter
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 small dinner salad
2 servings garlic shrimp
Daily Caloric Intake: 827
p.s. The last two days my water intake was much higher than what I posted but I forgot to update it before posting.  I drank over 140 oz of water yesterday.  WOW!

Jumping up and down: while cooking lunch and smoking
Running: ran to the mailbox and back
Walking: 1.65 miles, Snackers and I haunted the kayak section at the sporting goods store, again, then walked around looking at everything else, then buzzed through the mall looking for breast cancer awareness pins for him and the other coaches to wear in tomorrow's game.

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