Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bra talk

WARNING: If you are a guy, or girl, that gets uncomfortable when women talk about their bras, skip this post. :)

When I first started to lose weight I warned Snackers that I would probably lose it in my bra before losing it anywhere else, because that's how weight loss has always happened for me in the past. I started this blog wearing a 42C and thought, for sure, that I would see my cup size reduce before I saw any change around my rib cage.

Now, for those of you men still reading, here's how bra sizes work. The number in a bra size is the diameter around the rib cage and the letter is the cup size. So I expected to drop from a C to a B when I started losing weight.

Yesterday I decided I couldn't get away with wearing my old bras any longer. They just wouldn't stay comfortably around my rib cage when I moved around and exercised. So I went shopping. I was pretty certain I'd lost at least one size in my rib cage, maybe two, but I wasn't sure about the cup size so I grabbed a 38C and crossed my fingers as I headed for the dressing room. Another side note: bras, like pants, are sized in twos: 36, 38, 40 etc. And most bras have three or four sets of hooks in the back so you can get some size variance from them. Well, as it turns out, the 38 fit perfectly on the tightest hook which means, as I lose weight, there's no room left for it to go smaller. The cups, on the other hand, were perfect!

So I bought a 36C and I'm stoked! It fits perfect on the loosest hook so as I lose weight I have two more hooks that I can use to keep it fitting for awhile BUT I haven't lose ANY cup size! How awesome is that?!

130 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 glass of champagne
3 margaritas
1/4 serving of nachos
5 oz roasted duck breast (homemade by Snackers)
1 cup roasted red potatoes (also homemade)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,136

Walking/Shopping: Snackers and I swung through two health food stores to browse and kill time.
Walking: (3-ish hours) Art in the park was today!  It was hot and we were sweaty but it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  What a blast!
Weighted walking: Put my 10 lb ankle weights on again tonight and wore them around the house after Art in the Park.
Weight Exercise: Tippy-toe lifts, jumping up and down, lunges, and knee kicks with my ankle weights on.

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  1. I know you're super excited to not have lost cup size, and I honestly don't mean to burst your bubble, but if you go from a 42 to a 36 (which is AWESOME btw!) the lower you go in the band, the cup gets smaller proportionately, for example I can wear a 38 G which is my actual size, but I can pretty easily also wear a 40 F, even though the F is smaller, since it's a 40, the cup is bigger than a 38 F would be. (aka a 42 C has a bigger cup than a 36 C)

    Just something to keep in mind if you can't find a 36 C a 38 B would be pretty close in size range... (the band sizes also change proportionately, like, a 38 G is WAY bigger in the band than a 38 C)(I work for a "certain" plus size retailer that you may know and can literally say, "I Do this for a living" ) :P Of course all bras are not created equal so this doesn't always work but if you ever can't find your size there are USUALLY other comparable sizes you can work with. So really am just giving bra advice. I love our balconette. It's fab! It's all I'll wear.

    I've gone from a 44 H to a 38 G, and I can not WAIT to get down to a DDD, which is still a good two sizes away, but I doubt I'll EVER get smaller than a DDD, It's just not doing much budging in that area.

    Good news is that weight loss is weight loss no matter where it comes from! ;) You're doing good. I've been struggling lately, today feels like a good day though. Congrats on the new bra size! I know how exciting going down is, your band size is TINY! :)