Friday, October 28, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Today is Snackers' birthday but he had yesterday off work so I took yesterday off work also and we went to celebrate.  First we went to two different sporting goods stores to shop for his birthday present, he wanted fishing stuff and he wanted to pick it out so that's what I got him.  It took for-ev-er!  We finally got everything that we needed and then came home to pack up the coolers with waters, snacks, and bait - then headed off to Lake Mead.

We got a tip from a bait shop along the way for a secluded little cove on the other side of the lake, not much of a tip as it turns out.  We found this great little spot but realized, after casting, that the entire cove was filled with shallow weeds.  After about an hour of cast-and-tug we started walking the bank looking for better spots and ended up going through three different coves.  The walk was a mixture of two terrains: soft beach-like sand and rocky ledges so it was pretty much a cross between walking on the beach and hiking.  Very exhausting for some already tired and sore legs.  I had one bite but neither of us caught anything.

We were out there for about 5 hours, then packed up as fast as we could and headed for football practice where Snackers' team surprised him with a round of Happy Birthday and a cake.  I had a little slice - it was yummy.  After that we ran home to drop off the cake and feed the dogs, then headed to the casino for a late supper and to catch the end of the best world series game ever.  I don't have a team preference in the WS, but the game's dynamics were baseball at their finest.  After that we came home and went to bed.  All-in-all a very good and productive day.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 serving leftover goulash
1 chicken sandwich
1 sliver Snackers' second birthday cake
Daily Caloric Intake: 964

Fitocracy is motivational - check out this workout!
Jumping Jacks: 130
Renegade Push-ups: 20 reps @ 10 lbs.
Side Bicep curl: 50 reps @ 10 lbs each arm.
Front Bicep curl: 50 reps @ 10 lbs each arm.
Over-the-shoulder pullover: 50 reps @ 10 lbs each arm.
Butterfly press: 50 reps @ 10 lbs each arm.
Dumbbell vertical lift: 50 reps @ 10 lbs each arm.
Crunches: 50
Calf Raises: (standing on the edge of the coffee table, extended up and down): 20 reps holding 5 lbs.
Weighted Squats #1: 5 reps @ 40 lbs (tried doing it with a full bag of dog food)
Weighted Squats #2: 20 reps @ 10 lbs.
Bench Press: 75 reps at 10 lbs each arm.
Deadlift: 10 reps @ 20 lbs.
Hamstring stretch: 3 reps of 30 seconds per leg.


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