Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weigh-In #38

Today's weight is *insert drum roll here* .... 228.0 - so I "gained" a half of a pound in the last week.  Pshaw!  No way that's a fat gain.  You know how when you weigh in sometimes you look back at your week and you know you didn't do so well and so maybe you'll have to pay for it but you hope that you don't?  This wasn't one of those weeks for me.  Ok, I took two days off, but I ate responsibly all week and I worked my butt off every other day this week so I'm good with this weigh-in and it feels good to be able to say that.  Before when I was upsy-downsy like this I was all pissed off and irritated and frustrated and part of that was because deep down I was feeling a little bit guilty but this entire move has been guilt free.  How many women will dig a big long drainage trench in their back yard, with a shovel, in the rain, while their man watches from a lawn chair?  Nope ... I got nuthin' to feel guilty about.

I decided to do some blog maintenance this morning and removed a few blogs from my PR list that haven't had a new post in over a month.  If yours was one of the blogs that I removed and you want me to put it back please let me know and I would be happy to do so.  I also added a new blog to the list and wanted to take the opportunity to remind all of you that I would be happy to add anyone's blog to the PR list on this blog, simply supply your blog URL in your next comment.

I actually posted that I unpacked the bedroom and master bathroom last night right after supper, before actually doing the unpacking.  As it turns out the bedroom / closet took longer than I had thought it was going to because Snackers fell asleep and I didn't have the heart to wake him up to help because he's been sick.  I did get the bedroom done.  My clothes are put away and you can now see the floor - it's AWESOME!!!!  It is SUCH a beautiful bedroom, wanna see?  Well you're gonna have to wait until the curtains arrive in the mail which should be sometime this week.  I also still want to get some sheet stays and a bed skirt ... then you can see.  I saved a crap load of money by piecing out my own bed set.  Bed-in-a-bags are so expensive and the thread count on the sheets always seem to suck!  I bought a comforter that I liked on sale for $35, some 400 TC sheets (not on sale) for $40, and three random pillows for $20.  So assuming the bed skirt doesn't cost more than $10 - $15 I'll have my own DIY bed-in-a-bag for about $120 less than the one that I liked online.  Tell me what you think:
My silver and black bed on a red wall

7 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 serving leftover shepherds pie
1 rainbow roll
1 california roll
1 serving edimame
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,293

1 flight of stairs
Shopping: Light, grocery


  1. When I see the pic of your bedroom, I'm immediately reminded of my first bedroom out of college. Red, black, silver. We called it my 'whoredom'........ totally inappropriate I know. But, still funny as hell. Sorry, that's all I could think of seriously.

  2. I love the color combination you have going in the bedroom. Just keep taking it slowly and do one room at a time. You'll be able to enjoy it much more. I still have a huge mess at home but the living room is coming along nicely and I'm enjoying it so much more because I'm taking my time to make it perfect. :)