Monday, August 29, 2011

Weigh-In #42

I'm so totally fed-up.  232.  I'm going back to an 800 calorie diet and I dare anyone to squak about it.

I walked 13 miles ++ miles, did sprints, rode a horse, and a crap-load of other physical stuff and GAINED WEIGHT AGAIN!!!  This is utter bullshit.  I'm not buying the "water retention / swelling" excuse anymore because if I were losing any kind of fat I would be losing at least SOME poundage even with swelling and water retention.  No WAY am I retaining more and more water every week to compensate for fat loss.  The simple fact is I'm not losing fat, period.  I may be up and down due to swelling and retention but given that I CANNOT seem to get below 227.5 to save my life, I am clearly not losing any fat and I am so utterly frustrated and angry!!!

My options are limited here.  I don't have access to a pool, with PF I can't run/sprint/jog any more than what I did this week, with the heat I can barely manage 3 miles in a day before I'm completely exhausted, I canceled my gym membership because I was out walking instead of using it, and I am getting absolutely nowhere, fast.

Something has got to give ... this isn't working and doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result in the definition of insanity.  I am tired of being frustrated and irritated with my results while doing nothing to change them.

100 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1/2 serving sunflower seeds
1 serving greek salad (cook this, not that)
3 oz baked fries
1/2 cup leftover beef w/ broccoli
1 cup leftover rice
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,013

Bogarted by Snackers . . . Grrrrrrrr


  1. This may not be a welcomed suggestion! Just a warning. I think your calories counts may be off. For example, I think the other day (hotdogs, eggroll, and wonton day!) the count should have been higher. I have seen different calorie contours that vary widely in their calorie estimates. I have noticed this a lower calories total that is much lower what I would have expected when I read your blog. Maybe your extremely low calories intake days that everyone flipped out about was somewhat higher (a healthy amount), and when you began eating more to appease people it sent your calories into a "maintenance" zone. That being said, can you let the readers know what program you are using for hour calories count? Or how about posting pictures of you meals for a day and let us research the calorie content of them. You may be surprised at the variety of estimates based on what site is used for a resource. You are doing great! Keep ot up!

  2. you should take a look at this website.. after you do that click daily caloric needs and after that click calorie intake to lose weight.. just read through that.. if you up your calories and increase your exercise you WILL lose weight... ive gone from 248 at age 16 to 144lbs age 26 now. all done by diet/exercise. since april ive actually dropped my last 30lbs and trust me you gotta eat more and exercise less. hope this helps.. might as well try it out for a month.. it cant hurt right? plus you can enjoy eating alittle bit more. :)

  3. your body is getting use to you eating so few calories and that is why you are not losing weight. you should eat around 1500 per day and get in one hour of moderate/hard exercise 5 days per week.

  4. SO sorry you are having a hard time. I was going to tell you that when my mom get's down to about that same weight, she has to either cut back to 800 calories, or get a dr. to give her thyroid meds. Funny thing is they all say her thyroids are fine. But that's the only way she can lose weight.

  5. The majority of my calorie counts don't come from a count estimator. I use to add them up but I got the hot dog counts directly from Weinerschnitzel's website on their nutritional information chart and I got the egg roll and wonton counts directly off of the package that they came in. The counts for literally everything that I make at home comes either from the box, or from a recipe book that provides portion size and nutritional information for each recipe (Like Cook This Not That, Hungry Girl, and The Comfort Food Diet Cookbook).

    When I do have to look up the count for something (sushi, for example, is a toughy to calculate) I use (Lance Armstrong's website). Most of the time their counts are identical to but their library is much larger.

    Most of this information is in my Articles of Faith post. I highly recommend it to all new readers.

  6. I don't think dropping temporarily to 800 is a bad thing... how many calories have you been eating and for how long???

    Might be time for a switch.
    Your body will get used to most anything.

    But don't live at 800 forever. A few weeks, then start inching back up again.


  7. I don't blame you one bit for being angry. Who wouldn't be? I feel like the weight just has to come off. Haven't you done this before? Hung on to weight and then it comes off again? Maybe you shouldn't weigh so often and these ups and ups will be balanced by a big down before you weigh again. I am mad too. :-) Hang in there. Are you constipated? (trying to make you smile, how am I doing?)

  8. Hi lady, I sure everyone has advice to give you and you are probably getting bombarded with peoples suggestions - I hope mine help.

    Since June I have lost 30 lbs with healthy eating and exercise, I still have 20 more to go! I have done boot camps before and gained muscle and strength but still remained soft. I wondered for awhile what was going on and became frustrated because there was no change. I realized my diet was to blame, here are some simple suggestions I have for you after looking at a handful of your posts.

    * sub peanut butter for almond butter
    * stay away from greasy or fried foods (fries, eggrolls,
    fatty meats, etc.)
    * when you have pasta, go for a wheat and a light sauce or some vinegar and oil - stay away from cheese filled pastas, and creamy sauces ( i know this ones tough)
    * what kind of creamer are you using? Try 2% milk (which is what i use) or skim milk. Also I use truvia its an awesome sugar substitute and actually tastes like it.
    *also try switching it up with some green tea. i know i love my coffee too but there are some amazing health benefits to tea, I like Yerba Matte its a Chilean green tea and has a good amount of caffeine. Green tea is also good for your metabolism and helps promote weight loss.
    * I love hot dogs especially in the summer but the processed meat and bun can be bad for you. Eliminate the processed meat and look for all beef franks. Also look for skinless franks, taking the skin away increases the nutrition value so much. I like to eat them with Hinze's reduced sugar ketchup and a brown or Dijon mustard
    * For your potassium problem try incorporating some pumpkin seeds into your snacks. I noticed you enjoy sunflower seeds, pumpkin are a little more calories, but offer different nutrients than sunflower seeds do.
    * when you select your meats try to pick as fresh and lean as possible the less processed the better. Also avoid eating the rind on any meats especially deli, that is where most of the bad nutrition lies.
    * cut out your delicious french fries and as many carbs as possible. I have been substituting bib or boston lettuce instead of tortillas and if i really need a sandwich i have been using sandwich thins.
    * Try substituting your fiber one bar with 2 table spoons of oats (steel cut). I eat oats every day in greek yogurt or a gallete (a french biscuit thing) for breakfast and it fills me up better than my fiber one or special k bars did.
    *for snacks try eating fat free dairy, greek yogurts, sugar free jello or pudding, celery (its 4 calories and takes 6 to burn), etc.

    I hope these tips help you. Also Jer said that she told you about the Dunkan Diet that she has been doing. I have been doing it and with this diet and exercise that is how I have been loosing my weight, you should google it and if you have any questions let me know.