Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday & Sunday

Wow, so I wrote a nice big post for Saturday and Sunday and then saved it, shut down my computer, and went about my day.  When I got home and logged back in, however, it was gone.  THANKS BLOGGER!  So I'll try to write a brief version.  I messed up on Friday's workout with one too few miles and 10 too many sprints.  Oh well.  Woke up Saturday morning, spent some time with Snackers before he left for work and then started on my final for IT 205.  Before I realized it Snackers was walking back in the door, it was 4 p.m. and I'd spent the ENTIRE DAY working on my final without food, water, or even getting up to go to the bathroom.  I spent another 45 minutes still finishing up the final and when I stood up I was hurting so bad I thought I was going to pass out.  My PF was killing me and as I limped toward the living room I felt a sharp, shooting pain in my tail bone, slightly on the right side, and up into my lower back.  I find it so irritating that my body is causing so many problems in my effort to lose weight.

We went to dinner, SUSHI HEAVEN, and the shooting pain up my hip/back happened three or four more times so I decided that trying to walk five miles was probably a bad idea.  Maybe my three-week plan is too ambitious after the two weeks of hell I put myself through getting into this house, I dunno.  We opted to go see the last Harry Potter movie instead because I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd and Snackers was willing to humor me.

This morning I woke up in so much PF pain that I couldn't walk, literally.  I wanted to cry.  I crawled to the living room and tried the PF stretches I found on Google but they did nothing, then I tried Ki's golf ball trick.  It provided instant, shocking, blessed, and absolute relief in just two minutes but then I decided to clean the kitchen and was hurting again in no time.  Clearly all the tile floors in this new house are going to be a problem.  I'm going to have to get some of those cushy mats they use behind retail registers and put them in the kitchen.

Back to the golf ball, then we cashed our checks (I got a phat refund check from the title company), and went grocery shopping.  We found some awesome curtains at WalMart, of all places, for the living room for just $10 each so we just couldn't pass them up at that price.  When we got home we put away the groceries and then I picked up two weeks worth of dog poop in the back yard, washed my hands, and started dinner.  While supper was cooking I hung the new curtains in the living room, put all of my tools away and fed the dogs.  I'm hurting again - so bad I can't even find the right words.  This PF crap might actually be worse than when I had inflamed tendonitis in my shoulder (tennis elbow, but in my shoulder).  Maybe not, at least PF only hurts when I stand up/walk.  Tendonitis hurts 24/7.

PICTURE DAY!  I don't have my trusty white door anymore where I've taken all of the previous pictures and the front door in this house is in a kind of curved hallway so, as you can see, it's not a good angle.  I will probably just pick a wall next month but here it is anywho.

November on the left, July on the right, Today in the middle.

Saturday's Food:
5 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
4 pieces tuna nigiri
1/2 Rainbow Roll
1.5 tuna rolls
1 cup tuna poke
1 cup edamame
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,052

Saturday Activity:
Very little, some walking.

Today's Food:
8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
3 cups green tea
1 turkey sandwich
2 cups homemade stew (from comfort food cookbook)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,271

Cleaning: Cleaned the kitchen
Cleaning: Picked up dog poop
Shopping: 2 hours / putting away groceries
Hung curtains in the living room


  1. try a can or water bottle instead of a golf ball.. its more stable and helps more. running is not a good idea to do while you are having alot of pain. you really need to stay off your foot as much as you can till the pain goes away. then once it goes away or is bearable take it easy on your foot. start off slow. its best to do things things such as swimming, biking and things that involve as little pressure as possible. also ice your heel.. i use a lima bean frozen bag and just do it while im watching tv for about 15 mins or so. that should help alot.

  2. Look at you - trim and tan in the latest pic! You are rockin' the hell out of this! CONGRATS!

  3. Anonymous: I am icing it now. It is shocking how much the frozen spinach hurts (just the cold), especially considering it wasn't really hurting much to begin with this morning. Is that just because of the tendon stress?

    April: Thanks so much. I felt a little bumbed that there is clearly absolutely no difference between this month and last month including not even a single pound loss but you're right, I certainly have gotten some sun. I also had to finally give in and get new pants - the other ones were just getting way too loose.

  4. I keep a water bottle in the freezer at all times. The shape is perfect to ease PF pain. I roll on it several times a week while watching the news. Also, I am never without arch support. If I am just around the house I have my Birkenstocks on. For me no arch support = lots of pain! Oh, the picture looks great!