Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heat Advisory

People are so strange sometimes.  In Las Vegas it is perfectly normal to have temperatures consistently over 110 from late June through mid September - but this year has been unusually cool.  It's just been the last few days that we've really started to see our normal temperatures and what do the officials do?  They make a huge deal out of it and call for a heat advisory.  Um ... ok.  It's not like 113 degrees in late August is abnormal - in fact it's the most perfectly normal weather we've had all year but you'd think we lived in Alaska with how many people are acting.  I guess everyone just got too comfy with the cooler temps this year.

While I was walking last night, sure I was sweating it up pretty good and yeah, I added a bit to the tan on my shoulders and arms but it really didn't feel swelteringly, hard-to-breathe hot like I remember from last year.  So I wonder, is that because I've lost so much weight and, therefore, personal insulation, or am I just adapting to the heat?  At any rate, I will confess that it's hard to want to get up and go walking in 100+ temps and maybe that's why I've had such a hard time with motivation lately.  I'll admit I'm looking forward to the first signs of fall, even though I spent all of winter looking forward to summer.

The thing is, people often spend the winter wishing it were summer and the summer wishing it were winter.  I have a theory on that.  People are just seasonally confused.  They spend winter wishing for spring and summer wishing for fall - because those are always everyone's favorite times of year (if you're fortunate enough to live in a place that actually has four seasons, some places don't you know).  I personally can't wait for Halloween.  I want to decorate the house up bigger than I've ever decorated for a holiday before in my life and play the soundtrack from Nightmare before Christmas all night every night.  It is my all-time favorite holiday!  I haven't figured out what I'm going to be this year.  I do the witch thing almost every year and although I do have the most killer witches hat and cloak ever (with my glasses and some drawn-on crow's feet I could do a very convincing Professor McGonagall) I'm kind of wanting something different this year ... maybe a little more flattering.  Any suggestions?

160 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 Cup of meatloaf
1 serving peanut butter
1 chicken veggie wrap
1/2 oz sunflower seeds
Daily Caloric Intake: 949

Walking: 2.5 miles (I had to cut my walk short because I had to pee and both porta potties were out of toilet paper so I just sat down and held it.)

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