Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scary Moment

So last night Snackers and I are laying on the sofa having some much needed and, lately, rare quality time together watching tv when we heard three loud bangs right outside our front door.  First one, then a very short pause and then two more in rapid succession.  I bolted upright and Snackers looked at me and said "Those were gunshots!"  Both dogs started barking instantly which only freaked me out more so I ran to the slider, locked it and started to shut the blinds just as Snackers was trying to go out it.  When he realized it was locked he went to the front door, unlocked it, and went outside, toward the sound of gunshots?!  WHO DOES THAT?!

I was like 'What in the hell are you doing?!  You don't go toward the sound of gunfire!'  But the street was empty, the entire neighborhood as far as we could see in any direction was completely still.  Yeah ok well I'm still a small town girl so I'm gonna call 911 regardless.  I mean, for all we knew the shots came from inside our neighbor's house.  It could have been a domestic dispute or a home invasion ... better safe than sorry right?

Well as it turns out, I wasn't the only one to make the call.  I watched out the window until I saw three cop cars pull up and park right outside our area and then I went out, only to discover that everyone from the entire family from right next door to the guy three houses down and everyone in between were all outside wondering what was going on.  So that rules out neighbor home invasion - whew.

The officers went house-by-house getting the same story, three bangs, no one saw a damn thing.  Then one of the officers notices something on the sidewalk across the street.  I knew she'd found something because she was shining her flashlight in one spot for awhile, then whistled to get the other cops attention (both were carrying assault rifles, by the way!) and the two of them stood over something on the sidewalk, looked in the gutter, checked out the bumper of a truck right by the gutter, shined their lights in the windows of the truck and then stood outside the person's house flashing their light in the windows to get the guys attention so that he would come outside.  It was like they were afraid to go up to his door or something ... I was trippin'!  Lo and behold, however, she informed him that they found remnants of fireworks on the sidewalk ... WHAT?!  FIREWORKS?!

Ok now I'm no stranger to the sound of gunfire and Snackers and I are both relatively familiar with fireworks of all kinds.  We have a buddy that gets these huge rolls of firecrackers just about every fourth of July and we BOTH thought that the bangs sounded more like gun fire than fire works.  They were so loud and distinct and more of a POP than a CRACK but ... clearly no one had been shot since we were all standing outside so I suppose fireworks probably does make the most sense.  I felt kind of dumb and Snackers was teasing me because I called the police over fireworks but I'll tell you what, cops don't show up in three's with assault rifles over just one "shots fired" call so I clearly wasn't the only one who dialed 911!

But then ... get this, shortly after we came inside and settled down Snackers spontaneously got up and went out to the garage, only to return with three baseball bats which he strategically placed throughout the house.  HA!  He won't admit it but that scared him too.  I've been meaning to get a gun, simply for home defense.  I've done plenty of practice and target shooting so I am not uncomfortable with guns at all but I just haven't taken the time to go through the permit process.  I will though, eventually.  We're in a really quiet, clean, sweet little neighborhood though so aside from the fear I felt from last night's events I was straight up shocked - I mean this isn't exactly the place for nightly drive-by's or anything.  Still, bad things do happen to good people and it's better to be safe than sorry. *insert your own idiom here if desired*

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 donut
1 healthy choice lunch
1.5 cups grilled meat (mixture pork, chicken, beef)
>>w/pico and hot sauce
1 tbsp refried beans
1 raspberry beer
2 tbsps peanut butter

Daily Caloric Intake: 1,238

Finals, spent the entire first part of the day creating a power point presentation for IT 264
Walked to the mailbox to check the mail
Met up with friends at a bowling alley after school, then headed to another friend's house for dinner and to watch football.


  1. Weird Story. Are you by any chance in Bedford Park, IL? I was staying at the Marriot there yesterday and we heard the same thing...super loud...thought it was gun shots and stayed in for the night :) Maybe some kind of weird firework flash!

  2. Nope we're in a quiet little corner of Henderson, NV. Any idea what kind of fireworks they were because I've never heard a fire cracker that sounded like that.

  3. No...still not sure they I was hoping by some force of irony you would appease me. LOL!