Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well I had big plans for last night, I was going to unpack the master bathroom, clean the kitchen, and tidy up the cords for the cable box and playstation in the living room but I had to go over to the apartment to do my final walk through right after work.  The manager wrote on my paperwork that they get a bid from a specific carpet company that they use on all move outs, so pending that company's bid regarding the carpet, everything else looked great and there would be no additional charges.

The up-side of this is that this manager was actually manager #3 after we moved in and when I turned in my paperwork refusing to pay rent until certain items were fixed, she was the recipient of that paperwork.  I stood in the office in front of several potential tenants and ranted about the year of hell I'd had there dealing with the two managers before her and she actually did get some of the things done that I requested but then she was replaced.  She is back again so I think that because I was there during the walk through she just glanced it over and called it good because she knew I'd already had the worst possible experiences there, and that I'd put up a fight if she tried to get nit-picky.

I am not worried about the carpet bid, Snackers did all of the floors himself and he did a fantastic job of them.  They looked brand new in spite of the fact that dozens of pet stains from before we moved in had wicked to the surface while we were living there.  He said if this other company does try to bid it high he'll write me receipts for the cleaning he did when we first moved in, as well as the two cleanings he did while we lived there and this last cleaning and on those receipts he can enter contractor notes so he'll write in there that, in his professional opinion from his first visit, there were soil stains in the pad which would come back over time.

After the walk through we ran to WalMart because Snackers needs new clothes for work (tax deduction!) and we needed a tiny list of random filler groceries like milk, onions, and bread.  When we got home I brought in the trash cans while Snackers unloaded the car and then after the groceries were put away and I'd had a shower I laid down for just a few minutes to check email and log calories ... unfortunately I never got up.  I fell asleep on the chaise again and Snackers left me that way until almost midnight when he decided that he was ready to go to bed.  Whoops.

I haven't been sleeping so well in the new house yet, it always takes me time to adjust to a new environment before I can really sleep comfortably in it.  That's why I never sleep well on vacations and visits with family, even at my moms despite the fact that I grew up in her house.  I'm probably going to have to do a whole lot of "catch up" sleeping for awhile until I adjust.  It will help once we get the curtains up in the master bedroom.

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 Fiber One bar
1 Healthy Choice lunch
1 home-made turkey sandwich
>>w/olive oil mayo, muenster, and tomato
1 small ice cream cone
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,239

Walking: I'm not sure how far I went, I took the dogs to check the mail and then wandered the neighborhood aimlessly, got a little bit lost, and lost track of my route so I can't adequately Google it like I usually do but I was out for about 45 minutes so probably a decent little bit of activity, certainly nothing exhausting.


  1. Pick up some Melatonin at a vitamin/health food shop. Melatonin is the natural hormone that our body releases when it's time to get sleepy. One pill should help you sleep better. Unless you suffer from chronic insomnia, which I haven't read you say you do.

    Good thing Snackers can give you a receipt if the apt place tries to charge you to clean the carpets/floors after it was already done. Makes you feel super good that you've got your own place now, huh? :)

  2. I don't normally have chronic insomnia but I have had severe sleep trouble for the past few years since I first started going through premature menopause. My mom gave me about two weeks worth of melatonin to try but they didn't do anything to help. A full night of sleep without waking up once is a 'few times a year' luxury for me now.