Thursday, August 11, 2011


Wow, what a difference a walk can make!!!  Snackers (yep, we're working on it very, very carefully) left for football and I left for a walk.  I headed down to our new little park, without Vladdy for this first time because I wanted to kind of scope things out, and because Vladdy was being a brat last night and I wasn't about to reward him for it.  So the little park is less than a quarter of a mile walk from the house and it has this joggers path that runs allllll the way around the outside of it.  I actually tried to count the steps last night on the path to find out how long it is but I kept running into friendly, chatty people and losing my count.  I know that I walked more than 3 miles because every time I would lose my count I would just start over at the nearest hundred (I count hundreds on my left hand and thousands on my right but everything in between is simply in my head).

I met a guy with a German Shepherd puppy that was SO CUTE!  We were both doing laps around the park but in opposite directions so the first time we passed each other I just said "cute puppy" as they jogged by.  When I passed them again on the other side of the park they were walking and the puppy's tongue was lolling out the side of his mouth so I said "It looks like you did it" of course the guy wanted to know what I meant, and I meant he managed to exhaust the puppy ... something I strive to do with Vladdy but only rarely succeed with (and then I have to carry his ass home).  I also met a nice older man with a min pin and a mutt who seemed a little "off" but wanted to talk about getting his female min pin spayed and not having the money so I told him to look into the Bob Barker Bus because it's free.

After my laps I did some stretches in the grass, then checked the mail and was coming home just as Snackers was leaving for work.  Apparently he'd come home from football and when I wasn't there and didn't have my phone on me (I didn't take my phone because I didn't have a pocket and I sweat too much to put it in my bra when I'm walking) he started to worry, especially because I'd left Vladdy home so he couldn't figure out why I would go for a walk without Vlad.  I calmed him down and explained why I didn't take my phone or Vlad.  He didn't think I had keys but those I can put in my bra so I showed him and he calmed down and left for work.  I took a hot bath and read up on the last chapter for my IT 205 class (finals week) and then watched some Star Trek Voyager on Netflix before going to bed.  I felt pretty darn good last night!  I'm glad I'm back to the program.

OH the program, by the way, is:

Monday: 3 miles and 10 sprints
Tuesday: 3 miles and 20 minutes of stretching
Wednesday: 2 miles and 20 sprints
Thursday: 3 miles and 20 minutes of stretching
Friday: 3 miles and 10 sprints
Saturday: 1 mile, 30 sprints and 20 minutes of stretching

Sunday: Open

8 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
1 fiber one bar
1 healthy choice lunch
1 fish burrito
8 oz green tea ginger ale
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,071

Walking: 2 miles
Sprints: 20
Filling Holes: Yeah so Vladdy dug three HUGE holes under the patio in the back yard and I filled them.  His paws are so huge and so webbed though, that he throws the dirt in this huge spray pattern so there isn't a little mound of dirt than I can just push back into the hole ... it's almost like it vanishes!  Thankfully our yard has pre-existing mounds of dirt so I moved a few of those into the holes with the shovel and obtained a 2 inch gash on my hand from a giant splinter in the process.  YAY!

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  1. Your progress is just amazing, I was looking at the sidebar of pics again and just thinking - wow. I need to start taking pics, congrats to you for how much work you've put in so far. The sky is the limit, sister!