Sunday, August 28, 2011

Giddy-up (Pictures)

Boy oh boy, full day.  Ok, so I got a $45 gift card from BestBuy's reward points program so I traded them to Snackers for cash because he's going to want the latest Madden game here in a day or two.  I spent the cash on compression pants because now that my thighs aren't as fat, they're a lot more jello-ey than they used to be and they have started really hurting after I go walking (like, friction pain, not muscle pain) and while looking for those we found this saweet water belt that was on clearance so I got that to carry water, my phone etc. (Vladdy has already ruined the back-pack we got for him to carry water in).

So then we hit the dog park and did some laps and ran around having fun with the dogs and I decided to pick Vladdy up on my shoulders like I used to do when he was a smaller dog, just for shits and giggles.  Look at those creepy eyes!
Mom carrying Vladdy-pants
Also, we got the beat on some super cheap local discounts for horseback riding so we scheduled that up last night for this morning ... that's right, I ticked yet another item off my goal list this morning!!!!  I set the alarm for 6:35 but rolled out of bed 10 minutes early like a kid on Christmas morning.  Snackers woke up and instantly screamed "YEEE-HAW!".  I no longer have proper horseback riding attire but I did the best that I could with what I had and helped Snackers make smart choices (as in, just say no to saddle rash) and he wore the hat my dad (an old cowboy himself) gave him when we first started dating.  He's practically kept that hat encased in glass so I was surprised that he wore it but it looked really good on him.  We had fun even though they didn't let us do much more than walk, we trotted a few times for short distances and managed a mini-lope for a stride or two but it was still fun and they gave us an extra hour for free so that was cool.  Have a look at the piccies!

Snackers and his hand-me-down hat

Me on Jewell and Snackers on Popsicle

For a first-timer, Snackers was a real natural!
This wasn't even close to my first time on a horse, I grew up on them, but it has been many years and my left knee was screaming when we got off because they insisted on making my stirrups shorter than I usually like them to be.  It was Snackers' first time though and he was a real natural, I was so proud!!  They put him on a lazy horse that didn't want to go and was impervious to kicking but he flicked the reigns on the horses neck like a pro and that horsey woke right up and got her canter on.  He needs to stand in his stirrups a little more (his cheeks are sore) but a few more rides and he'll be a pro.

120 oz of water
1 cup of coffee w/creamer
2 hot dogs
6 pretzel bites w/salt
>>no butter
2 wontons
2 eggrolls
1 serving beef & broccoli
12 oz green tea & ginger ale
Daily Caloric Intake: 1,161

Horseback riding: 2 hours
Bowling: 1 game
Window Shopping: 2 - 3 hours

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